1:1 Powerful and Inspirational Virtual Sessions and Group Call Series As Support During This Transition!

By Jelelle and Raphael Awen

Now is a catalytic time of transition and change in the 3D world. This is offering opportunities for souls that have been on awakening and healing journeys (and even in service to others) to move into their Next Levels in ALL areas of life. I am seeing in sessions that all the ‘prep’ work, all that GOOD work that souls have done in healing themselves over years and even lifetimes, is able to be leveraged and harvested right now to move them into deeper embodiment of their higher timeline.

This transition is also a powerful death and rebirth crucible/growth ground for ALL of us. What wants to be changed, what needs to be felt and looked at, what needs to be shifted….is coming UP for revelation as life goes quiet on the ‘outside.’

The 3D parts of you that have needed to be anchored to that frequency and plugged into the 3D Matrix to survive may be struggling with this transition, challenged to feel the NEW that is coming and not trusting how they can truly make it through this. In a 1:1 session, we can bridge to them to allow for more acceptance and ease within you and with the Divine.

The inner masculine may need support as well if caught up in anxiety and understandable tensions about money earning unknowns and livelihood concerns. And I am seeing too that lifetimes/timelines of starving, collapse, and other scenario experiences are being triggered for people and bleeding through right now…which we can also feel into and connect with.

Access to both the this-life and other lifetimes traumas/pains/sufferings opens up the space for love to come in, the New energies to come in, and these parts/soul aspects of you to anchor into a brand NEW reality rather than looping or being stuck in traumas.

I recommend this writing as an overview of the SoulFullHeart Quantum Healing process that I offer through 1:1 sessions with women over Zoom and Raphael Awen does as well with both women and men for $100 CAD for a very full 90 minutes (which is about $69 USD in the moment). soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

I, Jelelle, do recommend meeting with Raphael for a 1:1 session if you haven’t before…he can offer a ton of support to the inner masculine right now navigating through the practical areas of life in addition to his unique Divine Masculine frequency for the inner feminine to let in! More info here or PM us about sessions: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions

Raphael and I will also be offering a six week group call series Free To Be: Navigating The 3D Matrix to New Earth Transition starting every Wednesday for six weeks with the first one on April 1st at 10:00am PDT with connecting to your 3D Self. You can attend live and you’ll receive the recordings too. It is by donation, so you can give what you are able at this point. You also get access to our private SoulFullHeart group on Facebook!

Hope you can join us for a valuable exploration into the inner worlds during this time and also experience the Quantum Field of Oneness that we will access during the calls to support us ALL! More info here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/freetobe

We’ve all waited so long for this, whether we knew it or not. Business as usual has been dead for a long time and coasting on sheer fumes and inertia and denial. We each get to embrace our deepest soul calling and purpose, walk it out now step by practical step, and lead each part of ourselves out of suppression and into the light of day, and then our energy is a bridge that offers that to others! Trains for your new earth, Golden Earth are departing NOW.

We are HERE for you during this time of vast change on all levels and have been preparing for this next phase in humanity’s Ascension for many years now!! Settled into our sacred union bond, our community, and our service of love purpose, we can transmit those energies of love, trust, and Divine surrender to and with parts of you that need that right now!

You can LEAN INTO us even as you discover more and more the capacity to do that for and with yourself and all parts of you that need you.

Jelelle and Raphael

Here are some guided meditations by me to offer a sense of what a session is like: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

“It was a very powerful session indeed! I was quite hyper before we started going inwards. A lot had been building up over eons. I have already recommended you to several other women. You are so beautiful to work with Jelelle, so skilled, wise, calm and quite a mother Mary energy I felt. Amazing results already in body and energy shifting. And fast service. I couldn’t be more happy than I AM now. Thank you for all you are!” words from Birgitte, after our first 1:1 bridging session last week

“So many tears and so much gratitude! I am so blessed to work with you both. The session with Raphael was just amazing today and I also was just now listening to the group transmission from February too. Just blown away by it! SO VERY VERY GRATEFUL to you both!” Tassel, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

More testimonials here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/testimonials

Photo of us taken by Kalayna Solais the other day in our local park by the sea…letting in the new codes and transformation going on of our world!

Moving From The Isolation Of The Void Space And Into Being Filled Up With Love

By Jelelle Awen


Then, there is the void. It feels like many souls will be in this as consciousness continues to shift and change. Maybe you are in this now or, at least, in moments? The void is the space in between the dips of necessary purgings and clearings and the peaks of feeling connected to Divine love, All That Is, the sense of your Higher Self kNOWingness. The void is the place that is the ‘during’…….the AFTER of the old and yet BEFORE the new has fully come in.

I was reminded of the void yesterday and how deep it can feel and BE. My heart went out with compassion toward the walking out of this phase as I felt it during session space with a beautiful, brave soul who is navigating this ground and asking me to support her to discover what arises on the other side of it. I could feel a resonant experience of it for myself too and for how it feels like the void will become more and more the collective experience too as we move from 3D consciousness to higher.

How lonely this void can feel. How isolating. How crazy making. It can seem to get bigger and bigger, never ending, a chasm that you can’t possibly jump over. It can feel like there will not be something on the other side of it again. Nothing to land in, nothing that will rise up to meet you.

Parts of you may feel so lost in this void. It feels like living in an empty house. It feels like looking in a mirror and seeing NO reflection there. You may feel like you truly have NO IDEA who you are anymore.

This void grows in your life as you awaken, as your soul frequencies rumble through you. As you are vacating the previous 3D life that parts of you, your 3D self, built up so carefully. You are purposely tearing down, pushing away, letting go. Things are slipping/cracking/completing. The previously nourishing relationships running out of ground and feel more and more shallow until they just fade away. These relationships once ‘told’ you who you were and you may find that you can’t locate yourself that way anymore. Another person’s ideas of who you are no longer offer the outlines that they once did.

The void is when compelling careers and jobs (even the spiritually-based ones) are no longer able to be responded to and the new means of livelihood based on soul purpose expression have not been connected to yet. You may be financially ‘broke’ as you break away from money earning energies that don’t fit anymore. No self identify or self image is able to be propped up by the doing or showing up for the role anymore, so there is a drifting confusion about claiming a soul purpose expression. There are moments of feeling that you want to serve and share, yet a persisting lack of clarity about HOW and in what way.

It can feel like the void will last ‘forever’, yet, it is ultimately temporary. As you rewire your entire life, there is a necessary ‘lights out’ phase. If you are truly letting go of what doesn’t serve your soul, love WILL eventually come in to fill the space UP again. Love wants to do this. Love comes in to fill the void in the form of soul family connections that offer a deeper intimacy and realness, a true reSOULnance. Love comes in the form of self intimacy that grows as you embrace what is authentically you and no longer resist ANY aspects of yourself, responding to love all that is within you. Love comes in the form of synchroniticies and opportunities and resonances that you learn to trust, following with less doubt.

Love wants to light you UP again. Love wants to fill the voids. Let it INTO your life again in whatever ways and means it is inviting you to. Trust your opening upper heart to guide you through and out of the lostness. Trust your soul to find the way through. Trust love to show you the way to the NEW where the spaces are filling in, arising into Infinite Possibilities in every moment.

Jelelle Awen
We offer through SoulFullHeart a free intro session to experience our process….a heartline to navigate the void, moving through and to the other side of it.