Are You In The Void Phase?

By Jelelle Awen

The void phase and space….the space ‘left behind’ when your soul wakes up inside of your 3D life and your consciousness shifts into fourth dimensional (4D) and you make choices to align with your soul frequency. I feel 4D as a consciousness phase of much sorting through, learning and re-education about the ‘real’ world from the one you’ve been taught. It is a phase of seeing the false matrix and understanding WHY it has been chosen and feeling its impact on your reality and unplugging from it. 4D waters your ‘rebel’ and the void is what happens as you push away from 3D.

The void is the space that happens when you let go of something you don’t want in order to let in more of what you do……but the something new hasn’t come quite yet or not consistently. In this void, you are no longer very often the 3D version of who you used to be and yet you are not yet your 5D/higher self coming into your body version that you most want to be either. You are in transition and in between, moving back and forth between the ‘worlds’, and riding the waves of consciousness states related to this.

The void space is what arises as your higher self and soul lead you through the awakening process of deconstruction, dismantling what has been to allow what wants to BE to arise into your life. In this process of deconstruction, you are letting go of 3D beliefs and ideas. You are sloughing off conditionings that no longer fit. This can be a VERY painful process at times as so many parts of you are identified with and attached to these 3D energies. The emotional body purges out all you’ve ingested as you detach.

Of course parts of you are attached to 3D because they have HAD to be in order to survive in the dense 3D experiment that you signed up for to grow and to learn. This attachment to 3D frequencies can especially be felt in ‘long-term relationships’ that have run out of resonant ground, yet continue on from mostly past energies and associations. These relationships can provide an anchor into 3D that feels safe and good to parts of you (especially younger aspects such as the Inner Child and Inner Teenager) as these are the dominant energies that have needed them.

The void comes from completing relationships like this, from moving on from 3D-based careers and businesses, from leaving familiar geographies, from shifting livelihood means. The impact of these choices is your process for quite awhile…the mourning, the negotiating, the eventual letting go. The letting go and more letting go as feelings of isolation, rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, disconnect all come UP from your emotional body to be felt with each movement.

So, then, what is meant to come and FILL this void and this space that has been freed up from all this letting go? When SO MUCH has been let go of…….then WHAT?

This has come up in sessions over the years with those souls who have so courageously given up and completed what hasn’t felt like them as they integrate their soul awakenings into their world. And, then, the ‘now what?’ comes up as a pressing question because they may feel the completion of the lone wolf phase and their cozy cave existence that they have so needed to be in while they went through this 4D deconstruction. However, remaining too long in the void while feeling loneliness or blocked by anxiety about moving on or existential tensions (fear to move into surrender of the Divine) or stuck in scarcity or lack (which comes naturally as you let go especially of 3D secure money earning) may keep you stuck or capped in your growth if it continues on without inner negotiation.

I’m sharing about this as I feel many souls may be at this place in the moment. I WAS at this place of void many times in my awakening journey where ‘now what?’ was the pressing question. Some souls may be here after many years of letting go and the ‘being in two worlds’ reality. Surrendering into what love wants to bring you now and where it wants to bring you comes from negotiation and feeling with the parts of you that are afraid, stuck, tense, anxious about moving out of the void and into the NEW.

Ultimately, we are invited to let go IN ORDER to then let in. Love wants to come and fill this void now. Love wants to move you into your highest reality in all moments. Love wants to fill the void that you’ve created by your soul choices. Love in the form of sacred union relationships with a mate, with sacred friendships, with commUNITY. Love wants to fill the void in the form of service of love in the soul purpose form that you are meant to offer it and then receive abundance in exchange for offering it. Love wants to fill the void in the form of sharing your gifts with the world in the ways you are called to and letting in gifts in return. In the form of giving love and receiving love in transactions that serve love.

Moving into receiving mode AND sharing mode is the next place beyond the void where you are FILLING up again….only, this time, with the most nourishing frequencies of LOVE!!

This is a video I did talking about the void space:


Jelelle Awen is a Parts Work/Metasoul & Galactic Aspects/Sacred Union Teacher & Facilitator, and Ascension Guide. She is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life awakening/healing process and community. She has written four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit for more information about bridging and ongoing sessions virtually over zoom and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, events/retreats, videos, books, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Understanding Why You May Settle, Shrink And Stay Safe: Connecting With Your Inner Protector

By Jelelle Awen

That which you settle for is that which you will draw MORE of. When parts of you settle, you are telling the Universe that what you currently have and are experiencing is enough for you. Even if another part of you (your higher self coming into your consciousness) feels desires and passions for more…more love, more intimacy, more fulfillment, more soul passion expression…..if you are settling in ANY area of life for less than that, you will draw more of it until all parts of you are truly done with less and lack.

This can be confusing to navigate until you can acknowledge that there are different parts of you that want different things, have mixed feelings and resistances, and are in often direct polarity to each other. To just say that ‘you’ want something and have a desire for more is actually only half of the picture (or less as often parts make up most of our conscious personalities until they are differentiated.)

One part of you (usually what we call in SoulFullHeart the Inner Protector) is ‘in charge’ of keeping you safe and out of harm and from getting hurt. The Inner Protector has been tasked with this since you were a young child as you were too innocent, pure, and vulnerable for the 3D world and the harsh and polarizing energies here. If you also experienced abusive frequencies as a child, then the Inner Protector had to be on ‘double duty’ to protect you. This Protector is reticent and fearful for you to have MORE love in your life as you might lose it and suffer more hurt. Really, it relates to you like a reluctant, over worked teenager would, tasked with watching over a bunch of kids (you). It doesn’t much care what your desires are for change and transformation, as it’s main goal is to keep you safe (despite yourself, it would say.)

The Protector is just FINE with settling, especially in relationships, as to want more is just too risky. Another way this settling of the Protector can show up is in withdrawing from social and relationships completely and being in a lone wolf phase. This can be a sacred phase of reboot when you are pulling out of 3D relationships, especially, but lingering too long here then leads to suffering which leads to isolation, acute loneliness, despair, and even suicidal feelings from other parts of you that NEED connection with others. It seems crazy, but the Protector would rather you (and other parts of you) feel ALL these emotions then to risk you getting hurt again in relationships, especially if there is ACTUAL soul resonance in them. Even if your heart and soul are awakening and aching for more love, more intimacy, to serve love, etc., your Protector (and other parts too) can be countering these desires going out to the Universe by keeping you stuck and settling OR isolated and alone (which is still a form of settling actually.)

I am sharing about this from my own experience of my Inner Protector and how this energy shows up…and also from seeing and feeling this dynamic in many other people over the years in sessions. The key to moving this in order to DRAW the more that your Awakening Self wants is through negotiation with your Protector. To feel and hear and get WHY they are concerned, scared, and resistant to this movement. There are always good reasons for this protection, usually stemming from undigested childhood trauma yet, also, from other lifetimes. Just because you cannot consciously remember (or maybe don’t want to remember) these traumatic incidents and events doesn’t mean that don’t impact your daily life in the now. These traumas and karma dramas remain stuck there and energizing STRONGLY, even if you are not consciously as aware of them. To offer compassion to these woundings and the parts that hold them is what moves them through the increasing awareness and consciousness and separation too.

We’ve spent the last couple of months in SoulFullHeart designing and creating a specific process to navigate this ground with you through weekly sessions with one of us (me, Raphael, Gabriel or Kalayna) to get to know your 3D self that is still anchored to 3D life through these undigest emotional places to begin negotiation with them in order to shift into MORE love in all areas of your life. We also connect with your Inner Protector, Inner Teenager, Inner Mother/Father, Inner Punisher/Critic, and Inner Child. Plus, there is a 4D self/soul awakening path and process that opens out after that the 3D self focused one where we go into all kinds of fascinating and interesting places within your Metasoul to heal on a quantum level LIFETIMES worth while you receive the gifts of soul consciousness expansions.

We provide you with specific writing and reading processes to engage with every week, so you can lean into that with a sense for you (and parts of you) that you are being held by something and headed somewhere. I am very proud of this process as it is the result of 15 years of personal dedication to awakening and specifically emotional body healing integration with spirituality. Also, it was created out of witnessing hundreds of people engage in this kind of parts work emotional body integration process over the years. I know of no other program or process like it as it is truly unique and progressive. You can read more about the process and our free intro session here:

Here is more to read about parts and Metasoul aspects too:

To change ANYTHING on the outside first begins from the transformation on the inside. It cannot change otherwise. The strong ascension energies that are available right now are here to support and hold space for this inner journey. To make it safe and filled with lots of love to GO where it has previously felt too frightening, foggy, or unknown to go inside of ourselves….at the emotional body level AND the soul. With this inner connection with parts of yourself, you find that you are no longer settling in ANY areas of your life. A sense of MORE is how you feel inside as you feel new flows of self love open out from within.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond.

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Moving From The Isolation Of The Void Space And Into Being Filled Up With Love

By Jelelle Awen


Then, there is the void. It feels like many souls will be in this as consciousness continues to shift and change. Maybe you are in this now or, at least, in moments? The void is the space in between the dips of necessary purgings and clearings and the peaks of feeling connected to Divine love, All That Is, the sense of your Higher Self kNOWingness. The void is the place that is the ‘during’…….the AFTER of the old and yet BEFORE the new has fully come in.

I was reminded of the void yesterday and how deep it can feel and BE. My heart went out with compassion toward the walking out of this phase as I felt it during session space with a beautiful, brave soul who is navigating this ground and asking me to support her to discover what arises on the other side of it. I could feel a resonant experience of it for myself too and for how it feels like the void will become more and more the collective experience too as we move from 3D consciousness to higher.

How lonely this void can feel. How isolating. How crazy making. It can seem to get bigger and bigger, never ending, a chasm that you can’t possibly jump over. It can feel like there will not be something on the other side of it again. Nothing to land in, nothing that will rise up to meet you.

Parts of you may feel so lost in this void. It feels like living in an empty house. It feels like looking in a mirror and seeing NO reflection there. You may feel like you truly have NO IDEA who you are anymore.

This void grows in your life as you awaken, as your soul frequencies rumble through you. As you are vacating the previous 3D life that parts of you, your 3D self, built up so carefully. You are purposely tearing down, pushing away, letting go. Things are slipping/cracking/completing. The previously nourishing relationships running out of ground and feel more and more shallow until they just fade away. These relationships once ‘told’ you who you were and you may find that you can’t locate yourself that way anymore. Another person’s ideas of who you are no longer offer the outlines that they once did.

The void is when compelling careers and jobs (even the spiritually-based ones) are no longer able to be responded to and the new means of livelihood based on soul purpose expression have not been connected to yet. You may be financially ‘broke’ as you break away from money earning energies that don’t fit anymore. No self identify or self image is able to be propped up by the doing or showing up for the role anymore, so there is a drifting confusion about claiming a soul purpose expression. There are moments of feeling that you want to serve and share, yet a persisting lack of clarity about HOW and in what way.

It can feel like the void will last ‘forever’, yet, it is ultimately temporary. As you rewire your entire life, there is a necessary ‘lights out’ phase. If you are truly letting go of what doesn’t serve your soul, love WILL eventually come in to fill the space UP again. Love wants to do this. Love comes in to fill the void in the form of soul family connections that offer a deeper intimacy and realness, a true reSOULnance. Love comes in the form of self intimacy that grows as you embrace what is authentically you and no longer resist ANY aspects of yourself, responding to love all that is within you. Love comes in the form of synchroniticies and opportunities and resonances that you learn to trust, following with less doubt.

Love wants to light you UP again. Love wants to fill the voids. Let it INTO your life again in whatever ways and means it is inviting you to. Trust your opening upper heart to guide you through and out of the lostness. Trust your soul to find the way through. Trust love to show you the way to the NEW where the spaces are filling in, arising into Infinite Possibilities in every moment.

Jelelle Awen
We offer through SoulFullHeart a free intro session to experience our process….a heartline to navigate the void, moving through and to the other side of it.