Practical Ascension: 7 Key Areas Of Life- Spiritual Growth Process

In this video, SoulFullHeart Facilitator Gabriel Heartman interviews SoulFullHeart Co-creator Raphael Awen about his personal journey through his spiritual growth and how it affected his practical life in regards to all other areas. His journey exemplifies the transition of each of the 3D, 4D, and 5D selves in relation to spirit uality.

As a young adult, Raphael deeply immersed himself into the Christian faith as his expression of divine service. As he began to see and feel a disintegrity among those he had so felt were leaders, there was a thinning out of all that a part of him had held as the infallible word of God. This led to a letting go of the religion but not to a deeper spirituality. He was also led to draw boundaries with those that were a deep part of his social circle along with a marriage and daughters that were not curious about this epic change of faith.

A new journey of spiritual and emotional awakening and expansion of consciousness ensued with his participation in a group called EBE where he met Jelelle Awen. This experience along with the departure from this group brought Raphael to feel a call to lead something new in co-creation with Jelelle that offered something completely unique to what other spiritualities offered. A new relationship to God within, along with an ever expanding universe of guides and metasouls that have inspired his continued spiritual growth, all mark a path that is dotted with practical sacred choices.  

I felt these words by Raphael really summed up what practical spiritual ascension means for us has human beings: “Life is duality and choice, and the drama and the stories are all about traction points. What do you feel about that? What is moving in you? Are you tempted to the stasis? Life is not about stasis. We can work really hard at maintaining it but life pops you out at the other end.”

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