Metasoul & Akashic Records Guided Meditation – DAY 10: 33 DAYS DEEPEN W/JELELLE AWEN (VIDEO)

DAY TEN: DEEPEN 33 Day Video Series – Metasoul & Akashic Records Guided Meditation

This is day ten of my 33 day series called Deepen. In this video today, I talk about the Metasoul, which is your individuated soul source in a high ‘up there’ dimensional frequency that split off from the larger soul groups or monads who split off from Divine Source. Your Metasoul (which you do not share with any one else) then fragmented off into limitless timelines and lifetimes….from Ancient Egypt to Atlantis to galactic.

Connecting with your Metasoul aspects in these other timelines allows for quantum healing of karmic traumas and patterns and also receiving of activations and gifts from those aspects in higher timelines. Connecting through establishing relationships with these aspects goes deeper than just a past life regression feeling sense of dropping into the trauma in a one time session or soul retrieval. An ongoing relationship with the Metasoul aspects lead by YOU actually allows for a shifting of the outcome of their timeline as none are ‘set in stone’ or actually completed or finished.

In this video, Archangel Metatron and Goddess Sophia journey with you to the mid-fourth dimension where the akashic library is located, holding all experiences of all Metasouls across all timelines. You locate your Metasoul records and begin to get a sense for a timeline that may be currently ‘bleeding through’ to yours. This conscious sense of bleed through allows you to actually connect with and eventually heal this timeline in a conscious and compassionate way. Your Gatekeeper is an aspect of your Metasoul that provides direct access to these timelines as well and much easier navigation of them, which you will connect with soon in an upcoming video.

We then deepen this connection with your Metasoul aspects and create important bridges to them that lead to more unification of your Metasoul through 1:1 sessions (as I mention below).

Thank you for joining me on this tenth day of 33….as we move into Deepening energies together… beloved part of us at a time!

More about parts/Metasoul aspects here:

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Jelelle Awen
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Healing Karma And Integrating Selves From Other Lifetimes

By Jelelle Awen


“You are not wrong. Nothing you can do is wrong. Nothing you can be is wrong.” So says my heart to yours. So says my sense of Divine Source to your sense of Divine Source. So says my higher self to the parts of you that feel like you are wrong or have done something wrong.

Karmic wounds and binds, soul entanglements, and the playout of soul themes and patterns over and over can make you feel ‘wrong’ or that you have done ‘wrong’ actions. Yet, still, even in these things or scenes that feel intense and where you have been accused of wrong…you are NOT. You may have done things that are not polarized to love, especially in other lifetimes when the consciousness was much lower and during a dark night of your soul phase. You may have explored grounds of influencing others or being influenced yourself to do things and be things that vibrate at a lower frequency of fear and even hate. You may have caused harm to others or allowed harm to be done to you.

As souls, our higher selves remember that we CHOOSE these explorations to grow, to transform, to understand more about the polarities of life, and to ultimately return to the love essence that we ARE. To heal these karmic wounds and to understand the soul patterns is to LOVE ALL that you have been and done and all fractals of you from your soul group (which I call Metasoul and has also been called Oversoul and Monad), all expressions of you, parallel selves of you spread across many eras and periods. To heal these karmic patterns is to integrate these soul fractals with LOVE, to embrace them into your heart where forgiveness lives and breathes.

In SoulFullHeart, we explore this karmic ground through an aspect differentiation process during sessions with one of us (Raphael Awen,Gabriel Heartman, Leena Colibri and myself) as a space holding facilitator. We teach you to open up portals of exploration into these other lifetimes through meditative creative visualization journeys. This is primarily accessed through the Akashic records yet can also be a simple doorway meditation process too. We can help you to raise your vibrational frequency, activate your seven main and ascension chakras, and connect with guides who can assist with this process of accessing your ‘Metasoul line.’

You step through the portal or doorway into the ‘scenes’ of other lifetimes which we help you access and remember through your own deepening connection with your higher self. Your intuition guides you to where you need to focus. Usually there are impulses and interests to certain time periods or eras. There are draws to watch certain movies from specific time periods or about aliens or space exploration. Dreams can reveal the next places that the soul needs to go through images and memories. Your star being selves (Archturian, Pleidian, and so many more) begin to get your attention through offering channeled messages from others to you or through activation of light language (or star language).

This goes along beautifully with your emotional pain body healing process too. They weave together wonderfully as every parallel self has pain to heal and move and often this pain connects to your current life patterns and play outs. You then form a relationship with this other aspect of yourself, this parallel self, this Metasoul brother or sister from the same soul group, and in that relationship gifts are exchanged, wounds are healed, and energy is released. Then, integration happens and you organically move on to the next and next. It is limitless healing and transformation with limitless possibilities released.

This way of feeling and healing karma is so effective and efficient that you can move hundreds of lifetimes worth of patterns and issues quite rapidly. The intention and holding love is what moves it. The forming of a relationship with it is what moves it. The curiosity about the soul patterns is what moves it. The supportive space holding with an open hearted facilitator is what moves it. This is quantum healing of karma that allows for truly leaving it behind to arise into the new…. freed from the anchor of the karma and unhealed unworthiness, guilt, shame, disconnect.

“You are not wrong. You are perfect as a love expression from Divine Source. All of you have done is perceived and held with love.” And so it is.

Read more here about the SoulFullHeart Heart and Soul Healing And Ascension process:…

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Everyone Is A Channel: Conversations With Archangel Metatron

By Jelelle Awen

Flower Of Life

We are sitting in the courtyard in front of the Akashic Library. The courtyard is surrounded by trees, grass, and flowers. Everything is incased in a golden light, the perfect lighting that I recognize from higher dimensional frequencies as the visible light spectrum expands beyond what we experience in third dimensional or 3D reality. Archangel Metatron is ‘sitting’ next to me yet I still can’t look directly at him for too long as his frequency is so high and intense.

He is pure white light. He is presenting himself to me in his grandfather form, long white hair and long white beard. He knows that it is comforting to me and easier for me to take in his teachings when he is in this form. What his actual form is (way up in the 12th dimension) feels like would be impossible for me to even imagine or resonate with.

He wants me to be as current and transparent as possible in sharing with you what he is teaching me. The floods of information and teachings coming from Archangel Metatron are quite full in the moment. He wants me to claim it as him and to be more comfortable with offering myself as a channel of his and where my teachings are originated from as an aspect of my higher self embodiment process.

“Everyone is a channel,” he says to me as we ‘sit’ on a bench in front of a particular stunning tree that looks like an Oak tree but doesn’t feel like one as it is emanating a very strong rainbow colored aura. “Every soul has the capacity to channel and bring forward energies of higher dimensional beings such as archangels, spirit guides, ascended teacher frequencies. You are ALL sourced from It, so of course you can channel It.”

“I have about five questions that I want to ask you about that, Metatron, but I’ll start with this one. What do you mean when you say that we are sourced from It?”

He shows me an image of the Flower Of Life (image attached to this post), sacred geometry, for which I am becoming more familiar recently. He communicates to me in the form of shapes sometimes and especially during energy healing can use triangles, tetrahedrons, or his cube to move through my auric field to clear it out.

“The Flower Of Life is found in all major religions in the world in some form, the story of creation. Google it if you need to know more about its history,” he says, with humor in his voice. One of Metatron’s favorite expressions seems to be, “Google it!” He seems to find the Internet an amusing and amazing source of information and so it is.

“Anyway, the Flower of Life shows how everything originates from the center point. This center point has been called the Void, the Nondual, Big Bang, many others things. I like to call it Divine Source. Divine Source is All That Is Ever Has Been and Ever Will Be. And it is also No-Thing At All. It is Infinite Love, Infinite Awareness, and Infinite Possibilities.”

“I can feel the resonance here as this is what I have been feeling for awhile that each of us ARE Infinite Love in our essence and that awakening is about remembering this,” I say.

“Yes,” he nods at me in happy agreement. “You’ve had an intuition about this provided to you by your higher self and connecting with higher dimensional guides like me. You’ve had tastes of this Infinite Love essence in moments as you raise your vibrational frequency and mostly because of your work to heal your emotional pain body. The emotional pain body, which is created out of traumas experienced in third dimensional or 3D reality, is the biggest drag on your and everyone’s consciousness ascension.”

I’m starting to feel dizzy with all the questions I have and also because what he is offering validates my own focus and the work I offer to others through SoulFullHeart. Before I can respond or ask a question, he continues on:

“Let’s go back to the Flower of Life and my origin story, shall we? So, Divine Source is the source of all existence, which you can see demonstrated graphically in the Flower Of Life. Its energy pulses and surges in a very high dimensional space, you could call it the 13th dimension if you wish. I like the number 13 for many reasons, so we’ll use that. You can feel Divine Source, yet you cannot have a relationship with it as it has no duality or relationality.”

“Divine Source decided at some point that it wanted to experience different fractals of itself and, also, that it was bored,” he says. “Maybe not bored, but definitely I get the feeling that It wanted something to witness and live through. It wanted to get to know itself through a different expression than Its vast Infinite Love-ness. So, it created some first degree fractals of itself. These are the archangels, like me. Archangels are ‘tasked’ with holding back the intense energy frequencies of Divine Source. We act as pillars to contain the energy, hold it back for it would ‘wipe out’ all of creation if it came through. It is both great destroyer and great creator.”

“Ok, I see how that is represented on the Tree of Life as the first circle there,” I offer, pointing to the Tree of Life image that has appeared before us in the air.

“Divine Source then split off all Beings from the Archangels, just like the Flower Of Life shows. It is not a linear splitting off but rather a circling outwards, like shown here. In addition to the Archangels existence in the 12th dimension, we also respond to the heart cries and needs of all the fractals that split off after us. We can be in all places at all times as time and space are not real for us. We archangels are also what you been calling the Metasouls. Of course, I love that name, Metasoul, as it contains part of MY name and also because it perfectly captures the energy.”

What he is offering rumbles through me. Already, being a healer and teacher, I can feel how this perspective could serve people in their ascension process.

“Yes!” he exclaims. “You are already feeling the ramifications of what I am offering. Since all human beings originate from the 13 archangel Metasouls, you are fractals or projections from us. Therefore, you can learn a lot by identifying which archangel you most resonate with, connecting with us directly, and claiming your Metasoul origins connected to one of us. EVERY sentient being comes from one of the 13 Archangel Metasouls as every being comes from Divine Source. There may be others that could be considered archangels but let’s stick with 13 because, again, I like that number. Angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, are all higher dimensional fractals off of the 13 archangel Metasouls.”

“How does the higher self fit into this picture?” I ask.

“Your higher self is another fractal, a higher dimensional one, usually from the sixth dimension. It vibrates at a higher frequency from the 3D one that you live in and experience life from every day. Your higher self is a soul fractal deposit that you left in a higher dimension to guide you in your way. One key aspect of the ascension process is about raising your vibrational frequency to eventually embody your higher self consciously within your human body.”

“Ok, yes, I have been aware of that one for awhile now. I’m sure there is a connection here, but since you tend to be non-linear, I want to bring it back to the point for which we started, which was about channeling.”

“Yes, of course! Thank you for keeping me ‘on task’, Jelelle! Many souls have the capacity to channel higher being consciousness and ‘hear’ the messages. As I said, this is nothing special since ALL beings come from the Archangels and Divine Source ultimately. Yet, often, the person channeling these energies has to go unconscious to bring the energies through. Or their channeled messages sound and feel strange, not human like, and fewer of the relational tones of warmth and compassion. This is because their higher self is not embodied inside of them. Their human-based bridge to the higher dimensions, which is through a healthy heart, is blocked and clogged from pains and traumas.”

“You said earlier, Metatron, that healing the 3D emotional pain body is key to embodiment of the higher self because that raises the vibrational frequency enough for the higher self to come in. This is also what allows the channeling of higher dimensional beings and hearing their voice (clairaudience) and seeing them (clairvoyance), yes?”

“Yes, but also the integration of your Metasoul fractals (those fractals that split off from the same Archangel source) that exist across spans and eras of ‘time’ helps with raising vibrational frequency and embodiment of the higher self. As you have felt for awhile, Jelelle, it is both the healing of the heart AND the soul which leads to ascension, enlightenment, transformation, healing….whatever you want to call it.”

“This is the work we are doing in SoulFullHeart, yes, and you have been expanding that out lately with access to Metasoul portals in the Akashic library that we can access to connect with our soul legacy and other lifetimes. But that feels like a topic for another writing.”

“Yes,” he says, smiling his bright, bright LOVE grin at me. “There is much more to offer about the story of creation, the connection to Archangels, and Metasoul healing, but we’ll let what I’ve offered today go in for now. We don’t want to blow any fuses, do we?”

I am starting to feel a familiar pressure at the top of my head and third eye/forehead area which usually means that I am at the full point in terms of letting in new consciousness frequencies and ideas… does feel a bit like ‘blowing a fuse’ but in a good way.

We smile at each other as he begins to fade from my vision and I start to drift into the deeper sleep that allows for integration of these ideas into my BEing to be formed later into words to share with others.

To be continued…..


Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, channeler, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.






Importance Of Heart-Based Awakening: Meditation Visits With ArchAngel Metatron

By Jelelle Awen

“Only From The Heart Can You Touch The Sky,” Rumi

The light is so bright I feel like I need to squint my eyes, even though they are already closed. The light is coming from him, it IS him, and it seems to invite me to remember that it is always what I am made from and of too. It’s been four months since I briefly connected with Metatron, an archangel from the higher 11th dimension. At the time, I hadn’t even fully remembered his name or what his purpose and gifts are to others. I hadn’t remembered yet what a gift he has been to my soul and how deep our connection goes.

This time I am crying, I feel the love that he is, and I can see his facial features too where last time I could only hear his voice. He looks like a thinner santa claus. He looks like the traditional God picture with a white beard and long, flowing white hair. There is nothing stern or formidable about him, even as he is very powerful and vibrating at an extremely high frequency.

We are meeting in the Akashic Records, a place in the astral plane that has the look and feel of a very bright, spacious, and beautiful library. The Akashic Records is so familiar to me, I feel comfortable there. There are arched windows on my left, twenty feet high at least and there doesn’t seem to be a ceiling in the traditional sense. There are ‘files’ or books for every soul stored in there, along with all the wisdoms and knowledge of both the collective conscious and unconscious. I’ll share more in the future about accessing the akashic records and your own file, walking through the portals to access your Metasoul brothers and sisters.

Metatron wanted to meet me here as it is a halfway point in vibrational frequency between where he normally dwells (too high for me in the moment) and where my frequency is at most times (hovering between 4D and 5D). I can feel the intense recalibration, detox, and upgrade process that I have been in the last months and how my frequency is much higher now to be able to connect with him. Yet, still, the tears come without body reaction at all, no runny nose, just waves of reunion, soul recognition, letting in love that is pressing against places in my heart that are still learning to let it in.

Metatron tells me that he appreciates my tears. He says that he loves my heart. I step through a portal or doorway that he opens for me of one of my other lifetimes in Atlantis where I was very focused on studying the mysteries, working with intense energies of the Earth and the cosmos. I was not much in my heart it feels like even as I was working with vey strong energies. I already know from my own soul legacy exploration that my soul theme has been around healing my heart, embodying my emotional reality and relationity as a priority this life over my spiritual development. This was my primary focus for many years even as spiritual awakenings, connection with guides and the Divine, energy healings still happened. I am here this life to heal my heart and to open up and integrate the soul consciousness from this heart enlovened place.

This has not always been an easy journey with an intense dark night of the soul period when I left a spiritual group which deeply felt like and was my soul family and my soul passion work. Many times in my life I have turned away from intense development of my soul gifts in order to go back into my heart, into my 3D pain body, into my emotional wounding. This time, I am taking my heart with me as I ascend and I am inviting others to do the same.

A moving and transformative process rolled out next with Metatron that I am still digesting today, yet that deserves its own space in another writing.

I feel a lot of support from Etheral Beings and our higher selves to bring this message to you today. The message is to not leave your heart behind in your awakening journey. You cannot really anyway. The hurts and pains remain and they show up primarily in relationships with others. I feel this is why so many healers and spiritual teachers struggle in their personal lives to embody and transact what they can access in the spiritual domains. Often this leads to a dis-integrity around what they are projecting from their leading edge of being and what their actual daily life is like from their trailing edge (where the wounding is.) This transaction is blocked by aspects of them that are still protecting them, protecting their heart, caught up in moments of trauma from childhood and from other lifetimes.

You can clear the channels to remember and integrate your soul gifts and even soul purpose, yet if you do not have access to your heart consciousness (which only becomes available as you go into and heal your shadow, your subconscious, and aspects of yourself) then you are not able to infuse it with the deepest gifts of your humanity, your compassion, your sensitivity, and most importantly, your vulnerability.

I have created SoulFullHeart with my soul mate Raphael as a reflection of my focus on my heart first and the gifts it has given me of experiencing life from a place of really feeling it, really being relational with others, and in such a meaningful and nourishing relationship with him. SoulFullHeart leads to many soul awakenings and is quite catalytic and effective at it because of the way it starts with the heart first, works with the protection that it is there, and offers self empowerment for you to lead the way.

In denying the heart, you may soar higher in the skies of the soul, yet you will experience more light then heat and somewhere, deep inside, the pain goes on screaming for your attention. To remember our essence as Infinite Love is to embrace that which has been formed from fear, all aspects of ourselves, and our heart most deeply of all.

 Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.