Restless Energies Within And Moving Into New Timelines Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually

by Kalayna Colibri

moving on


Forgotten, long-lost items are found once again. Finally coming around to cleaning those nooks and crannies where dust and old energies have gotten stuck. Moving on from one space and into another is a process for sure, one that happens with many emotional reactions as we let go of one phase and embrace another. There are physical body reactions too as we enter a new space where old energy needs to be cleared and we feel the clearing too of our ‘old’ space that once held our energy to the brim and beyond. It is a shakedown of sorts, loosening up and releasing something that no longer fits us on a deeper level, though in many cases parts of us may still have attachments to what we moving on from. Sometimes this ‘letting go’ is and needs to be an ongoing process for a while, or a process that ebbs and flows, may seem to be over, but eventually comes back around again. On a soul level, it is natural to want to move on from one place to another, especially as we discover and desire to be in more of our soul bigness, purpose, and power.

This journey of packing up, leaving behind, exploring the new, is something we’re all experiencing now in different waves and on different levels. Some of us are stepping into the new, having many reactions we can’t quite seem to sort through, and then retracting, trying to go back into an old space that has now expired for us in many ways. The picture that comes, is of a growing toddler trying to wear his or her baby clothes again because they were so comfortable once upon a time! This is such a tough process and letting go is never quite as easy as some make it sound, especially if you’ve signed up to truly feel yourself in every moment along the way.

These last two weeks have been full of movement for me personally and this movement process has taken place on a personal, soul, and even physical level. It has been a phase that started with saying ‘yes’ to several new possibilities, trusting that they would take me somewhere new and good, despite the challenge of inhabiting this. Sure enough too, after the ‘yes’ came reactions and a part of me wanting to contract and maybe collapse it all in a way, though she also felt how this would all open out eventually, even with her level of tension. This is a part of me I got to reunite with, actually,  like something that got buried under the bed or dresser so long ago that you only find it when you’re moving somewhere new! She surfaced and I could feel her reactions with her and as the dust settles around the ‘new’ still, I am continuing to feel her around it all – her fears, her joys, and her vision of possibilities too. It has also been a couple weeks of letting go of certain connections with other people which is probably the hardest aspect of this phase to be with.

I feel as if we’re living in a restless, boisterous phase globally in the moment and it does feel challenging to find our stillness within while walking it all out. It is an exciting time while so much is being revealed to us and inside of that are also some hard-to-swallow truths. It is a time where we are being energized to really create the new as we go and not wait for permission from outside of us to take the steps we need to in order to really be in this. It is a time of trust in life, ourselves and the Divine, which is, of course, a process in and of itself while we learn what real trust even is… making it so important to take as much personal space as necessary, to breathe and digest and check-in with what we’re feeling on every level of our being.

If you’re feeling the energy of needing to create new timelines and being in your creativity in whatever capacity comes to you, you’re so not alone and the restlessness is actually there to serve you. It would be hard to not feel restless right now and it may come in waves for you, as it seems to be doing for me. We can all rest assured though, that we ARE being moved to something new that we are co-creating constantly, consciously and unconsciously, and this is becoming revealed to us more and more in each moment we say ‘yes’ and claim the next step.



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Where You Choose To Live Is A Reflection Of Your Inner Emotional And Spiritual Health

Sunshine Coast, BC
Sunshine Coast, BC

On one level, it was just a day helping a friend and  member of our SoulFullHeart community move from one geography to another. Yet, on the deeper level of heart and soul meaning, it represented a significant shift in her process and was the result of two years of inner emotional and spiritual healing work through embracing the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. The physical move from the lower mainland, BC to here on the Sunshine Coast, BC was not a big one: only a forty minute ferry ride. But, emotionally, it was a momentous one in terms of what she needed to negotiate and navigate inside of herself  with parts of herself to be able to embrace a new geography outside of the “grids’ of the city. We celebrated this move with her for what it represented for her and that another member of our conscious community would be living closer to us.

I have felt for many years now a great significance in where I choose to live…not just the physical structure, but the surrounding geography as well and the “energy” of it. Being attuned to energetic frequencies is not a special attainment, it is a natural awareness that many people have densified or denied because of their cultural and family conditioning. Yet, once you become sensitive to the energy frequencies of a place, you filter every location through this awareness. As this sensitivity deepens through working with your parts and deconstructing your false self, you become unable to digest certain toxic energy frequencies that you could previously tolerate.

If you want to get a sense of where you are at in terms of emotional consciousness, feel into the energy of the geography that you live in. Is it porous or denser? Porous means that it provides breathing and aeration, a feeling of movement and spaciousness. Density means that it feels more crowded (whether literally with people or not although usually the more people, the denser it feels), less movement, a feeling of being suppressed and a ceiling of despair…the air literally feels “thicker”. I felt this yesterday when we were in a surrounding area of the city with strip malls, housing developments, and crowded roads. I felt myself breathing much easier once we were back here on the sunshine coast, where trees outnumber buildings and people, and the shoreline is a constant presence.

I have had phases in my life where I’ve needed to be in the heart of the city and with people surrounding me……it felt right to where my process was at and I could negotiate this with my soul as long as there was a park or woods that I could visit regularly (usually daily) to get a sense of aeration and porosity. This was enough for me until it wasn’t and I could feel yesterday that I would be surprised if I could live in a denser geography at this point or away from the ocean, which provides a necessary cleansing whenever I need it.

If you are unhappy in your current geography, I’m offering that moving to one that makes you feel yourself more and as if you can breathe could significantly serve you. Yet, I’m also inviting you to feel the parts of you that don’t want to move and why and how your current geography reflects your inner emotional and spiritual health. I feel that many false selves in people have become comfortable and therefore stuck in their present geographies. They may give themselves ‘permission” to go on vacations to places where they feel more porous and relaxed (the Sunshine Coast being one of them), but they can’t claim these places as their homes because their hearts can’t resonate there all the time and their false self is attached to job, family, etc which keeps them therefore tied to their present place.

As I wrote about in this blog entry “If You’re Miserable In Paradise,” it isn’t about choosing a paradise place to live as your emotional wounding and spiritual congestion will “follow” you there. It’s about creating an inner healthy heart and soul home so that wherever you choose to live will reflect that.

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