Super Blue Blood Moon Divine Feminine Energies Invite A Sacred, Feeling, Inward Day

by Kalayna Colibri

I can feel the pull of this very auspicious Super Blue Blood Moon and words are going to be very hard today! I am choosing to write now, from the energy bursts inside right now, so that I can ride these waves today and be with what wants to arise inside of me, too.

The waves of light and love from this particular lunar event are potent and ever-present. I feel them pressing into the fields of all who are ready for them and some who aren’t too. Making a nest inside of you for Her vibrations to come through seems to be the invitation for the day today. Maybe a restless night while this event is going on can be avoided if space is made for the fluctuations and movements inside during the day today. This is what it feels like. A get ready to get loved sort of feeling. And the love that comes from Her, from the Divine Mother, is not one that penetrates in the same way as the Divine Father’s love frequencies. Her love is just as powerful but seeps in, absorbs in through the chakras and all of the bodies. It is an alchemical osmosis and it creates evokes the rumbles inside that are needing to rumble and the feelings that have been there below the surface anyways. She is helping us clean house as much as we are ready for. And what you ready for may surprise you today.

Something about this moon seems to be encouraging transparency, too. You can’t hide from it, really… and above all, you can’t really hide from yourself, least of all anybody else. Perhaps there are parts of you that have tried to stay hidden, sometimes in plain sight and other times behind some sort of wall inside. Perhaps there are shadows and light too that come from your being, from your heart and soul and all it has endured, faced, led, walked out, been part of, or co-created for good or ill. You may feel some existential waves come through today, your Metasoul Aspects leaking through the veil inside. You may feel some intense memories surface, held by parts of you that perhaps you thought you had already healed. These could be new layers with new information for you to digest, or they could be echoes. Either way, it is a day for feeling and making space for feeling, whatever comes up and however it chooses to surface in your co-created inner reality.

The illumination of this Super Blue Blood Moon is a special elixir for the heart and soul… one that is meant to guide and support, not to punish or overthrow and throwdown. It is important to remember the love that is here for you, wanting to birth itself more and more within you. Those inner seeds of service of this love want to begin to sprout in good, well-tilled soil within. Today is as good as any day to work towards this, be with this, hold kindness and self-love as the light shines in on the darker, hidden places within. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Being Cautious About Moon Energies

By Jelelle Awen


I feel this sense of curiosity about the moon, and, also, hesitancy as well. This Super moon gives me the sense of a giant beacon being turned on and a sense of uneasiness comes up with that. There are many people who feel that the moon is much more than what we have thought it to be, that it is actually a space ship, that it is actually a broadcast center that helps to keep the matrix grid activated around the earth’s hemisphere that serves as a prison for humans in which outside forces feed off of our lower vibrational frequencies….David Icke in particular is a resource to learn more about this and Bernhard Guenther as well.

I don’t have nor am I offering clarity about what the moon actually is, yet, I do feel that drawing energies directly from it in order to cleanse or purify or illuminate (as many seem to be doing) doesn’t feel like the healthiest course of process to me. There is an assumption about moon energies being positive based on primarily older paradigms of moon worship, etc. Yet, in that assumptive place, I feel like there is a chance of drawing in negative entities or bringing them closer into your field by accessing this intense energy.

I most want to just bring in the question about the purity of the moon’s energies so that each person could feel into for themselves and see what their heart intuition is about and go from there. I do feel my guides are agreeing with this as I’m writing it and offering for people to access energy from only white or pure energy sources in which they can trust where they are coming from. My instinct is to energetically protect myself and not delve too deep into inner emotional places in the moment until the sky is dark and the moon more hidden.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.

How To Energetically Clean A Home, Website, and Any Space

By Jelelle Awen



Do you notice how you are drawn to certain spaces and repelled by others? They could be nearly identical in décor and location, but the energy within them either repeals you or draws you in.

Why are some restaurants full of people and another one with equal quality of food and location sits empty? The energy inside the restaurant that is projected by the people who work there and the customers either draws people in or it pushes them away. Why do some places just give off ‘bad’ energy and others seem like a beacon of good energy?

We are all sensitive to energy, whether we are conscious of it or not, because we are all made up of energy and are not actual solid matter even though our very narrow of visible light spectrum reflects us as being solid. If we could widen our spectrum of visible light, we would see that we are made up of tendrils or tentacles of mostly white energy that look similar to fiber optic cables.

Since we are made up energy this means that the energy contained in spaces, and that includes virtual places such as websites, deeply impacts us. Usually this is an unconscious or subconscious reaction, although for those of us who have ‘woken up’ to our energy sensitivity, we are very aware of this and track it carefully. We avoid places that don’t feel energetically good to us and move toward those that do. We also transform spaces by clearing and cleaning out old energy and keep them cleaned out on a regular basis.

I became aware of my energetic sensitivity to spaces many years ago and since then, I have consciously interacted with the spaces that I live in and visit on an energetic level. We recently moved into a new apartment and the previous tenant was someone who seemed desperate for money and would lie and manipulate to get what he wanted. When we went to ‘see’ the apartment, it was difficult to feel that it was desirable even though it had features that we wanted, because this person’s energy filled the whole space. Most people would have walked away from it because of the energy that occupied it. I could feel that it was going to require a few days of concentrated effort to clear the space but that the ‘bones’ of it were exactly what we wanted. Beyond the decorative changes that we plan to make (new paint, beautiful things on the wall, plants), I knew that it was the energetic cleaning of the space that would make the most difference in its livability and desirability.

Energetically cleaning your house, space you are visiting, or even websites that you visit or run is not difficult at all. The first step is becoming conscious of how energy affects you in these spaces. What does ‘good energy’ feel like to you and what places represent that? What does ‘negative energy’ feel like to you and what places represent that? Certainly if you are a non-violent vegan then visiting a butcher’s shop or a website about meat would not hold good energy for you. You would probably consciously avoid things like this but, sometimes, we are subconsciously being drawn or repealed by energy and aren’t aware of it. Bringing it into our awareness is the first step.

Then, engaging in a simple visualization during meditation can move the negative energy out and clear the space. If it is your home, visualize a white glowing orb of energy in each corner of your house. Activate the orb with energy that you pull from the white energy that is all around you at all times. Move it through your seventh or crown chakra and pulse it into the orbs. Visualize the orbs collecting all the gray or black energy in the space and then shooting it up and out into outer space. Or you can imagine the orbs with grounding cords connecting to the core of the earth and the negative energy is moving out of them.

Engage in this visualization process every morning for the space that you live in and especially in the space that you work in every day. A big aspect of the antsy feeling that we get at the end of a work week (especially if we work in a building with florescent lighting in cubicles) is because of the accumulated energy that has built up and is being off gassed by people all the time. Most people are completely unaware of the energy that they give off in person and especially through email, facebook, or other virtual communication. People who are conscious of their energy then ‘take care’ of their energy every day through cleansing it in their chakras. I share here a simple cleaning and protection meditation for chakras.

Using sage or other cleansing herb can be very helpful in moving energy out of a space. Here in Mexico, there is a wonderful product called Copal, that is resin from a tree, and burning it or sage regularly can make a big difference. You can take the stick of incense or sage stick and wave it around the room, visualizing as you do the smoke moving the energy out of the room with it. You can combine the white orb visualization and the cleansing smoke one if you want.

When you go into a public place or visit someone’s house and you want to clean the energy, just visualize (even with your eyes open) a white tornado swirling around the room, swooping up all the dark energies, and then moving away with them. You can do this in seconds without anyone even noticing and it can make a big difference to how much you enjoy yourself. I especially do this if I am entering a busy public store (such as a grocery store), public transporation, or a restaurant and especially if I can feel that the space has never been energetically cleaned by anyone.

The same approach applies with any website or facebook page that you are visiting online. Most pages have never been energetically cleaned because most people don’t think of them as places even though they are as real as physical places. I think of websites and facebook timelines as being the same as visiting the room of someone’s house. I am very particular about which website pages that I visit for this reason as the energy can linger for awhile even if I clean it first. To clean a website, visualize a white energy swirl moving through every page of the website and every post on the facebook page. This can be a fast and efficient swirl that collects the accumulated energy and deposits it away.

I clean my facebook page and the SoulFullHeart website and this blog nearly every day. We get positive comments from people about the good energy of our websites and facebook pages and I think this is one of the reasons why. Remember that every person who has taken in your posts or websites has had an emotional reaction (usually subconscious) of some kind to them which off gases as an energetic response. Even if they are mostly positive, this still builds up over time and can make it ‘very crowded’ in a virtual space. The worst feeling websites to me are those that draw a lot of comments from the general public about topics that are highly charged such as politics, religion, etc. Parts of people can be cruel, aggressive, and very ‘kicking’ in these forums and usually no one has cleaned out this energy and so it draws more of the same.

I want to finish this with some signs for you to start tracking in yourself so that you can become more conscious of how energy in spaces is impacting you. We often manifest energetic reactions in our physical bodies since it is our etheric or subtle body (including our chakras) which is actually most interfacing with our external environment. Body reactions such as headaches, light headedness, allergies, cold or flu symptoms, and nausea can indicate that we have been impacted by negative energies. Headaches in particular can mean this as it is the third eye or sixth chakra and the pineal gland that is so sensitive to energies.

Tracking our reactions to energies and being conscious about cleaning the energy of spaces that you live and visit allows us to be much more consciously discerning about the energies that we want to be around because we don’t want to have to do a bunch of clearing! Doing this regularly can clear up our capacity to let in the joy, goodness, and love all around us.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.