BIG Solar Waves, Kundalini Activations, Lemurian/Atlantis Bleed Throughs: Energy Update W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

Strong solar (SOULar) pulses and waves coming in during this March, 2018 as the Ascension process continues to increase and amplify. SoulFullHeart Co-creator, facilitator, and teacher Jelelle Awen offers in this video (click above) an energy update sharing her sense of how these waves may be impacting you on an emotional, physical, and Metasoul/Higher Self level. She shares about recent experiences of Kundalini energy surges and connection/bleed through with her Metasoul Aspect from the Lemurian Timeline.

Jelelle also walks you through a simple check-in of your energy flow through your feet chakra and using selenite to clean and clear too. Jelelle emphasizes that these energies are a GIFT, even as they can feel quite intense to let in and adjust to. They are meant to raise your consciousness, your experience of yourself AS love.

She also mentions that she’ll be provided regular updates about the energies in these next days of March, plus a free Unity Meditation call that she is doing on Wednesday, March 21st. She is also now offering one on one session with her called a Bridging Session where she feels and digests your ascension process so far, where you are at now (energy, emotional body, etc.) and the manifestation of your highest timeline.

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Energy UPgrades Inviting Surrender To Incoming Love Codes

by Kalayna Colibri

Today was certainly an Energy Bath sort of day! Wow… the day began for me today with my usual Monday morning routine of waking up early (3:30am) to teach English online. I could feel tiredness from a ‘lack of sleep’, yet intuitively, on a level other than the physical, it felt like more. I hadn’t felt tiredness of that sort for quite a while, I believe because doing dedicated inner work with your parts really tunes you into new ways of feeling what’s underneath anything physical going on for you.

I couldn’t feel any emotional rumblings, except some irritability from the ‘tiredness’, so checking in with my parts was brief and didn’t need to go any deeper. I felt guided instead to turn to Youtube, which has become a beloved source (really!) of some amazing music with consciously-added frequencies. I found a piece that vibrated in a 5D love frequency and decided to lay down, crystals and stones laid upon my body in various places, close my eyes, and see where it took me.

The music I was listening to can be found here:

I remember feeling myself easing into the mattress beneath me, my body getting heavier as I lay in savasana, surrendering deeper to the frequencies and where they wanted to take me. Then, a fuzzy feeling came over my limbs, wrapping itself around my entire body. I wondered if this was the frequency of the music itself coming into me. I felt as if I was being asked to lay aside my individuality for a moment or two, not to lose it, but to let it rest. Then I saw my Arcturian Metasoul Aspect, Ohna. She held my hand for a minute and assured me and parts of me that this was a time to surrender to some upgrades, some things I would not understand consciously. She couldn’t explain much to me about the process today with these energies, just that surrendering as I was doing in that moment was all that was necessary.

Then… suddenly I woke up and an hour had gone by when it felt like only a minute! Woah! I felt the tiredness in my body had moved through, not because I had ‘napped’, but because I had actually ‘gone’ somewhere with less density, less atmospheric pressure, and come back with some renewal and integration.

My feeling is that this all is coming from the incoming Equinox gateway, which is upon us quite soon now! It’s a feeling in moments like being a weathervane caught in between two very strong cross-winds… the higher frequencies coming in, inviting us UPward, are trying to give us air as the lower frequencies continue to let go and move out – a process that seems to have much less physical symptoms attached to it if we are in a process of deepening self-love and an ongoing process of really going within. It’s one thing to intend the healing we desire to be on the other side of already, and another thing entirely to walk it out. Walking it out means taking care of yourself and everything, every part of you and your inner world, as well as your physical body and your spiritual growth. And, in turn, this means that there is a humble and real letting in of the energies like the ones today, which can feel intense yet carry very specific love codes that want us to be WELL, and will support us in whatever ways they need to for us to truly find and claim our wellness and loved-up-ness within. 

If you’d like to ride these Equinox waves with myself and my beloveds in SoulFullHeart, Raphael and Jelelle Awen are hosting a Free March Equinox New Earth Activations Unity Meditation Call on March 21st @ 2:22pm CST online over Zoom. Please join us! 

Love to you on this and all high-energy days!


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Light Body And Expanded Aura During SoulFullHeart Energy Sessions (Photo)

By Jelelle Awen


This was interesting to me when I saw this photo taken of me offering energy healing to Gabriel Heartman recently. I’m back lit by the window behind me, yet, also I believe this photo captures the ‘here, not here’ state that we are experiencing more and more as the ascension process moves forward. Esp. when I am offering energy healing through our SoulFullHeart process, I am consciously calling in Metasoul/other lifetime aspects to ‘help’ me in collaboration with the soul I am offering it to. These frequencies illuminate my light body and aura, as reflected in this photo.

This session was with support from Archangel Metatron and Morgaine (high priestess in Avalon)…they BEcome me and I BEcome them, as a pipeline of Divine energies. This session involved some portal closing work as Gabriel has been working with his Soul Guardian and other aspects too. The whole time, I am connecting with and in negotiation with the aspects of the person as well….I am transparent about what I am doing, what I/we are seeing and feeling, making sure it is ok with the soul’s Inner Protector or Soul Guardian aspect esp. I believe this is what creates lasting results in SoulFullHeart energy healing, it doesn’t just ‘bounce off’…. because it is consciously negotiated with the soul and the aspects…and because I am a cleaner channel of Divine love with the parts work I have done myself.

Would love to do and offer more of this and we’ve started meeting weekly as a community for me to train everyone (as Raphael Awen and Kalayna Colibriare participating here) as this opens out for me with continual integration of Metasoul gifts around this and downloads after many years of studying, offering energy work. Some energy work can be offered remotely during SoulFullHeart sessions, yet hands on is best for our kind of energy healing. Here is more about our SoulFullHeart process we offer remotely (and locally if you live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) through weekly

Jelelle Awen

Remote And In Person Energy Facilitation Sessions With Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen


Surrendering to guidance (both inside and from guides) is such an interesting thing sometimes. I follow my sense of something, deeply lean into it, let go of whatever is needed to inhabit more of who I am, and then… shifts again! About a month ago, I was ‘guided’ and felt to not do individual space holding SoulFullHeart sessions anymore. I have held space for people for many years, going back to when I was a business-life coach about 15 years ago. Service can be a beautiful, amazing thing and the moments of breakthrough and facilitating someone into remembrance can be very profound.

Yet, I felt guided to let it go for a phase and focus on the bigger picture of SoulFullHeart (what we called in my coaching days, “Be the entrepreneur, not the technician ‘doing the work.”) This focus has meant responding to my Divine muse through writing articles, developing our events like the group call on the 14th, working on our new book with Raphael, designing and creating the SoulFullHeart facilitation process with Sequoia, et al, doing a lot of work on our website and this blog, and going deeply into my own ongoing and intense ascension and body upgrade process. It has felt FULL for sure in the best way.

Yet, now, I’ve received guidance to offer individual energy sessions – both remotely and here locally in Puerto Vallarta – to those who are interested. I have been offering energy healing in conjunction with SoulFullHeart sessions and during them for many years, yet this specific focus on teaching and empowering others in one session is new. During this session (which may turn into 2 or 3 if the need and desire is there), I will collaborate with your higher self and healing angel to focus on your energy body. I will be transparent about what I am ‘doing’ and also teach you about cleaning/activating/protecting your chakras and your aura, cutting cords and karmic binds, meeting your healing angel and perhaps higher self, locating and perhaps removing implants and objects, and overall raising your vibrational frequency. Minimum donation is very affordable, especially compared to what many energy healing practitioners charge.

An energy session(s) with me are the perfect addition to your SoulFullHeart process when the timing feels right as I still HIGHLY recommend engaging in the SoulFullHeart process with a facilitator (Raphael, Sequoia, or Leena) as the individualized space holding and process itself is so effective, catalytic, revealing, and goes deep in the best ways, in addition to the wonderful community that comes along with it! I am continuing as a SoulFullHeart group facilitator for our group calls and group sessions here in PV. You can read more about SFH sessions here:

Please read more about my energy session offering here and I look forward to connecting with you in a personalized setting focused on YOU and empowering the remembrance of your soul’s energy healing gifts.

Jelelle Awen is an 5D ascension teacher, writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


Being Cautious About Moon Energies

By Jelelle Awen


I feel this sense of curiosity about the moon, and, also, hesitancy as well. This Super moon gives me the sense of a giant beacon being turned on and a sense of uneasiness comes up with that. There are many people who feel that the moon is much more than what we have thought it to be, that it is actually a space ship, that it is actually a broadcast center that helps to keep the matrix grid activated around the earth’s hemisphere that serves as a prison for humans in which outside forces feed off of our lower vibrational frequencies….David Icke in particular is a resource to learn more about this and Bernhard Guenther as well.

I don’t have nor am I offering clarity about what the moon actually is, yet, I do feel that drawing energies directly from it in order to cleanse or purify or illuminate (as many seem to be doing) doesn’t feel like the healthiest course of process to me. There is an assumption about moon energies being positive based on primarily older paradigms of moon worship, etc. Yet, in that assumptive place, I feel like there is a chance of drawing in negative entities or bringing them closer into your field by accessing this intense energy.

I most want to just bring in the question about the purity of the moon’s energies so that each person could feel into for themselves and see what their heart intuition is about and go from there. I do feel my guides are agreeing with this as I’m writing it and offering for people to access energy from only white or pure energy sources in which they can trust where they are coming from. My instinct is to energetically protect myself and not delve too deep into inner emotional places in the moment until the sky is dark and the moon more hidden.

Jelelle Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.