Gaia Codes Quick Guided Meditation W/Raphael & Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

Gaia Codes Quick Guided Meditation – This video was filmed on a hike with us, Raphael and Jelelle Awen, at the Roche Cove Regional Park, near Victoria, BC. It was one of the most beautiful hikes that we have ever been on. We hiked up to a vista point on the side of Mount Ash (how appropriate is THAT name right now with these 12/12 completion gateway codes) and were inspired to film there.

We talk in this video about our group transmission call over Zoom this Saturday, December 14th at 10:00am PDT to digest the last decade, complete that cycle, and prepare for 2020. You can join us live for the two hour call or receive the recording for $15 CAD. More info here:… or here:

At three minutes in, Jelelle provides a quick guided meditation to connect you with the expansive and enchanting tree, water, sky and sun codes flowing through me to you, bringing them into your Personal Sun chakra down through to your root chakra. Gaia and sun codes can help a lot with integration and digestion of energy influxes, passageways such as the 12/12, geomagnetic storms, etc. INjoy this blessed moment brought to you by Mother Gaia and Father Sun!

Note: There is some noise from the wind around us as the element of air wanted to presence itself along with Earth, Water, and Fire (in those amazing rainbow sun rays!)

We also mentioned in this video Jelelle’s 20 Day Daily Video Series called Deepen 2020 that she’ll be offering starting on January 1st, 2020. Daily teachings and guided meditations with me and the SoulFullHeart community will be shared every day for 20 days here on FB and on the SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Jelelle’s previous 33 Day video series Deepen 2019 and Metamorphosis 2018 can be found here:

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YOU Are The Event: New Earth Teachings And Activation Guided Meditation (video)

By Jelelle Awen

YOU are the event you’ve been waiting for! In this audio recording of our wonderful live group call from yesterday, we teach and share about the ‘event’ and invite you to feel how you are New Earth Now and the ‘event’ is your ongoing embracement and choice of love, embodiment of your sacred humanity, and what may be going on for parts of you related to peak events such as this.

In this video, I talk about the guidance/transmission I received about the ‘event’ as connected to the ongoing process, plus my deepening connection with Gaia frequencies, tuning into an ascending home frequency as an experience of New Earth Now. Here is the writing that I mention in the video:…/you-are-the-event-youve-be…/

Then, SoulFullHeart co-creator and teacher Raphael shares about his recent profound and beautiful movement of his Gatekeeper aspect ascending to New Earth/5D frequencies as tied to the overall ascension process. You can read more about gatekeepers here:

SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel and Kalayna then both share about the current ascension energies, integration of these energies to activate their highest timeline service of love, and their perspectives on the ‘event.’

At 41 minutes, Raphael and I then lead a guided meditation to connect you with Divine Feminine and Masculine frequencies through Archangel Metatron and Mother Gaia. You receive activations from the current New Earth energies. You connect with Gaia Codes through the sunset, ocean waves, river, and gaze into a still water pool to ‘see’ your highest timeline. YUMMY frequencies!

The touching personal sharings that followed from the group participants have been edited out for privacy reasons.

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New Earth NOW!


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