How Do Parts Of You Relate To ‘Process’?

By Kalayna Colibri

Sometimes parts of you are more used to ‘the work’ more so than the reward. And at other times, parts of you may want to skip ahead to the reward without doing ‘the work’.

Energies right now and lately have been inviting us all to feel our relationship to personal process. Is the tendency to hold it with self-punishing energies and an intensity that often feels heavy, or is there a frequency of looking at the processes of others, wishing to only be where they are now without having to walk out your own steps?

I feel like one of the most challenging pieces here is self-embracement, which translates to a seeing and feeling of your parts on all levels. Sometimes Metasoul timeline bleedthroughs happen too, adding an existential element to all of this… and when you add that with some conditioning that love and deep inner healing and movements cannot happen without shame spirals and long-lasting phases of deep suffering and pain, then you have the perfect cocktail for parts of you to try and avoid process altogether.

The invitation to feel and heal is one that allows for all of this and more to come up, held by love. It’s an invitation into a more yin-feeling space of embracing instead of stifling and encouraging healing within instead of forcing it, much like a mother who is encouraging her child to start walking.

Learning to relate to your healing process differently is as important as the healing itself… it’s the choice of the sort of womb you’d like to bake in before your continual rebirth into someone new, even if these shifts feel subtle in the moment.

Much love to you as your journey unfolds with feeling all of this and so much more… and as you continue your own embracement of your process in these newly emerging ways from within. ❤


We offer powerful and illuminating Bridging Sessions that offer all of this and more for you to continue to feel into and heal too…❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 35, emoto-spiritual teacher, WayShower, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

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