Healing From Divine Separation 3D Experience To Return To Wholeness

By Jelelle Awen 

3D reality has been the ‘worst case scenario’ in many ways for parts of you. It can feel like the worst of pain. The worst of fear. The worst of suffering. The worst of density. And this current lifetime is just one of MANY 3D timeline experiences that your soul is moving through in this Now.

The ‘worst’ experience for parts of you is the pain of experiencing the original separation from Divine source and Divine love. This separation severs you at the existential level in a DEEP way that impacts how parts of you then react to and respond to EVERYTHING in your life.

This ‘worst’ experience of Divine separation creates a fragmenting of the self that seems to happen right at the moment of birth. The ‘light’ is separated from the ‘dark’. The experience of this-life birth triggers the original separation wound trauma out of the Divine. Protective parts of you are created to guard against the amplification of this pain, out of survival, out of response to the sudden SHOCK of density.

Your innocence/purity/love essence is preserved and often ‘put away’ by these protective parts of you. They don’t really have any other choice but to do this as it is the only means to survive 3D reality. These protective energies form shields/blocks/barriers to interfacing with reality in a more porous way. They are looking out for the next sources and causes of pain with often acute levels of anxiety/distrust and control.

As I’ve explored the healing of this Divine separation wound within myself for many years and with others in session space, it is about taking a purposeful healing journey to the ‘core’ source rather than trying to solve or fix or medicate the triggering reactions to current situations and circumstances. Journeying to the moment of separation in this life (usually right at our physical birth) with LOTS of light and love with your Higher Self energies coming into your body allows a bridging to heal the trauma created there. Journeying even to the moment of the your individuated soul consciousness birthed out of the Divine allows for profound healing on the quantum level too (which I have also done in sessions and with myself.) 

Protective parts of us can begin to rest on projecting things as the worst case scenario as they feel more connection to Divine trust again. As they connect to your soul’s bigger REASON for choosing 3D reality and the explorations that it offers. As they remember how it was the Divine’s curiosity of experiencing an ‘other’ that led to the separation and not because you are ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘evil.’ They can rest from guarding the precious inner child so that the inner child can transform into the magical, star seed essence again, bringing many multidimensional gifts in that transmutation.

Your perspective and experience of life can transition to the BEST case scenario in ALL moments, in which everything you are experiencing feels like it is offered for and by love. It can feel like whatever crucible of growth you are given through the current situation or circumstance (however challenging) is held with Divine support and guidance. It can feel like YOU are the essence of love returning to that expression again within your human body as all parts of you unify again…..which is the best scenario of them all. 


Jelelle Awen

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Clearing 3D Everything And Drawing NEW Earth Support Systems

By Jelelle Awen

BIG clearings moving through of 3D everything that may be limiting, that may be taking up space, that may be keeping DNA sleepy, that keeps the veils in place. 3D everything is what we’ve walked and talked and been conditioned to for this timeline and many others. 3D was the dial we set on our consciousness and it likes to stubbornly stick there. It is sticky because its very substance is about being STUCK….or at least the perception of being stuck, as energy is actually always moving, shifting, and changing.

This 3Dness has been in our every living cell. Ingrained and maintained by circumstances and situations that support its heart beat and life blood flowing. The 3D support system takes quite a lot of energy to maintain…this is what we are realizing more and more. As a collective culture, it takes tremendous group consensus to keep 3D in place as the predominant reality, especially as Gaia ascends beyond it. It seems to take alliances with some fear-based Star BEings to create 3D control matrixes and programs that can keep so many from awakening. These star BEings just represent an aspect of each of us, trying on this role of suppressor and 3D drug dealer.

To maintain the lower frequencies of extreme dualism, polarization, limit and lack, competition, overmasculinization….actually takes MUCH more energy than the NATURAL ones of unification, compassion, abundance, peace, balance of feminine-masculine. Because LOVE is the most abundant energy that there IS and makes up everything…..what is based NOT on love takes quite a bit of work and effort to keep going.

The ‘good news’ in this is that it becomes easier to see and feel the 3D support system inside of you as the effort that it is. You start to recognize the signs of the wear and tear of it. It feels like tiredness, lostness, hang overs, confusion. You can feel the pull and drag, the bringing down and the buying in that it requires. 3D doesn’t ever really rest or accept or surrender. It is working on, convincing, tugging, mugging, selling, pushing, convincing, drugging, controlling. You can feel this inside of you, AS parts of your 3D formed self that have formed to fit these energies because it has been necessary for survival.

An awakening YOU is arising though. Your Sacred Human Self. Your Divine Human Self. It is feeling, clearing and healing energies from all this 3D living. It is drawing situations and experiences that offer a differing picture and sense from 3D. It is bringing higher consciousness, multidimensional aspects of your Metasoul into your awareness. It is offering NEW mirrors of your bigness in these aspects of you as angel, guide, and the Divine.

As this higher vibrational YOU can negotiate consciously with your 3D Self, you can start to VERY lovingly let go of the support systems that it has needed to survive here. We feel these 3D Self energies express as specific parts or subpersonalities (which you could call Ego aspects) such as the Inner Protector, Inner Teenager, Inner Punisher, Inner Mother/Father, etc. You can start to take these parts of you off of 3D life support. This may feel like death in many moments as the transition happens from the previous to the New. The death is only of that which wasn’t really you so that the New can be born. More about parts/Metasoul aspects here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

As HIGH frequencies of love and light continue to move the dial up to 4D and higher through your every living cell, your Sacred Human Self can help your 3D Self recognize what choices are based in undigested wounding, what behaviors are founded in fear, and what reactions are coming from 3D conditioning. This can become a very conscious process that is held and supported by MUCH love from and with the Divine. We offer support for this process in SoulFullHeart through individual supportive space holding sessions, group calls and sessions, and community connection…..we are serving to create NEW support systems that are based on NEW EARTH in this now.

As you let go of the previous 3D-based support systems, the NEW ones come from Gaia in a huge way (offering MUCH needed grounding of all the higher influxes of light) as an ascending ‘home’ frequency that is already encoded into your DNA. The NEW ones come from within as the energy of support and ‘withness’ replaces any ‘againstness’ from one part of you to another. Collaboration and cooperation is experienced from inside, drawing the same energy frequencies from and with others. Ultimately, the most powerful support systems originate from within, fueled by self love, and connected to your Divine “I AM” nature that IS Love arising out of 3D consciousness and much beyond.


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