Energy Update: Higher Heart Collective And Personal Healing

By Jelelle Awen
The geomagnetics are picking up…..Body toxicities may flush up again too from these…..flu-like, migraines/headaches, etc. as the cells clean out the memories of sickness and disease and any deathstyles that you may have chosen in the past. You may have felt them in the night and found that you couldn’t sleep too deeply. Like a hum moving through or a buzz….lighting up the cells, stirring up DNA, activating crystals. I was awake around 2:00am feeling like I had eaten sugar or drank caffeine, even though I had not. I listened to soothing music and eventually drifted back to sleep again.
I also felt a sadness move through my Higher Heart that felt connected to the emotional body pieces that I have been feeling more with women in sessions lately. Now that we are a couple months into regular, weekly sessions together, there is an opportunity to feel through the tender places connected with core woundings that just SO need love and attention and have often been layered over by Protectors. Getting to these deeper places is a relief and offers such a big release and I always feel honored to witness, hold space, and offer my heart/soul to serve these movements.
Also, I was digesting a touching movement with Raphael Awen and Gabriel Heartman yesterday that I helped bridge to as we connected to the sacred masculine Metasoul frequency. These two beautiful men who have been in my life longer than any others are leading and exploring NEW frequencies of sacred masculine based in vulnerability AND strength that arises from within and in brotherhood together. They are truly kings of the heart and soul, which was so evidenced in their experience of THREE timelines overlaying each other in which they connected to Metasoul brothers of theirs (similar to past lives only happening in the Now and from the same soul source yet NOT them).
The three of us went to these battlefields and invited the putting down of arms, weapons, and battling….which these brave Metasoul brothers accepted and are now in recovery. It was beautiful!! So much more I could share about this yet it feels likely that they will write about it soon. I highly recommend either of them as space holders if you are a man looking to expand your soul and even more deeply heal your heart to embody your sacred masculinity!
Tonight (April 19th) is when the windstream carrying pure sun codes from the widening coronal holes to make us WHOLE will really be coming in….to probably be felt more strongly even tomorrow. I feel as if those of us ahead of the curve in ascension feel these energies on the tip or leading edge of them, before they really ‘land’ in the atmosphere where they are then received and experienced more collectively.
April 20th feels important though….offering more of a collective infusion and activation to be felt by more souls than ever. Consciously felt. Some souls will still see and experience this at a 3D level, yet more will be asking if there is something deeper going on. The cries of the world ARE loud and getting louder, yet more hearts and souls are awakening within themselves to answer these cries and to respond to them with love and compassion.
More rumbling activities are happening in political disclosure (as it moves from 3D into 4D transitional phase) so this may be connected. These energies offer activations of choice points based in serving love and moving the ascension process onward….whatever that means in each particular situation.
MUCH love to you from my heart and soul to YOURS as we journey into those places previously feeling dark and unknown that become familiar and beloved through the light of our love!
Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Energy Update: Activation Of The Higher Heart And Healing The Healer

By Jelelle Awen


Heating UP, Amping UP…..I have described these energy influxes we have been experiencing as being like a ‘pressure cooker of LOVE’ turned to its highest setting. This seems to be increasing in the last few weeks and as we head into August, an intense month with a lot of activity on the cosmic level. All these energies are putting the pressure on, in a good way, for you to have realizations, come to choice points, and make changes related to your OWN healing as being the priority of your life in order to serve love. The pressure actually comes from INside, from the soul and higher self frequencies coming into the body and igniting the higher heart. This embodiment process creates a pressure inside, a revelation of what needs to be healed….that leads to the changes on the outside.

Igniting the higher heart, the cosmic heart….this is the GRAND awakening and cutting edge of the ascension process. The higher heart is your healing heart on a personal level that then can connect into the unity heart or collective heart as it becomes more healthy. A very important aspect of this healing of your heart on the personal AND the collective level is through accessing your emotional body. Your emotional body contains so much undigested pain and woundings (often mostly NOT conscious to you yet perhaps hugely expressing in your life), which lowers your overall frequency and esp. lowers your heart beacon or frequency. Your heart frequency allows for intimacy, vulnerability, gratitude, and TRUE compassion for self and for others. The higher it vibrates, the more you can BE these things with yourself and with others and towards the WORLD.

Healing the heart is healing the emotional body, which has been largely ignored in most spiritual practices. Mainstream psychology and psychiatry mostly ‘drug and numb’ or ‘talk and block’ in response to the emotional body woundings and how they express. In SoulFullHeart, we connect with the wounded frequencies as parts of you and offer a deeply compassionate and loving way to BE with these aspects of yourself very directly and with feeling tones, not through the mind. As you respond in love (with the support of your SFH facilitator) to whatever fear is within you and your emotional body, so does it heal and move. This healing happens organically and beautifully over time as your soul self/higher self coming into your body holds space for this process. Parts of you don’t need ‘anti-feeling’ drugs; they don’t need numbing and distractions; they don’t need to analyzed without feeling…..what you most NEED is love and the capacity to BE there for yourself and to feel yourself and be felt by others who have done this parts work too on the heart and soul levels. Go here to read more about parts work, sessions with a SFH facilitator, etc:

I met for a session yesterday with a beautiful soul/facilitant yesterday who has been an energy healer/angelic channel for others for many years. It became very clear to us that while she has offered loving and soothing energies (such beautiful gentle presence!) to others and with animals too, part of her has been blocking her from offering these healing energies TO herself. Everyone else has been the beneficiary of her soul gifts and soul self OTHER than her. We felt together how important it is for her to offer energy healing to herself, meditate and connect with guides and her own parts, and be her own space holder around this every day.

I believe this is very common for healers/teachers and relates to the Inner Protector who is concerned and resistant to you feeling your own pain. It is OK to offer these gifts to others (it brings in money, it feeds a self image as a ‘healer’, it is good work and service), yet to focus on yourself is often a missing gap. You can feel and see signs of this gap if you are struggling to financially provide for yourself through offering your soul gifts, if you are in toxic or push-pull relationships with others, if your physical body suffers from disease or illness….and in many other ways.

These high vibe frequencies are supporting the ‘healing the healer’ phase for those who are stepping into and claiming their purpose to serve love here. The beautiful piece here is that the more self healing that happens through a process like parts work, the MORE pure love you can then offer to others. If that process of self love doesn’t happen, you are actually SHARING your lower vibrational, unfelt and undigested energies and emotions with the people that you are serving! I feel it is a BIG responsibility of ANY healer to go within and do their ‘inner work’ (to me, that would need to include parts work to truly be effective) to continue to qualify to offer healing with others. This especially relates to their emotional maturity and health of their emotional body which, again, has been mostly left out or bypassed in spirituality.

It is a phase of not bypassing anymore what is in need of our love. To recognize and relate with yourself FIRST, offering the love and support to YOU that parts of you have so been aching and craving before. You may even be ‘giving to get’…meaning giving others the love and healing that YOU are so needing actually. The Divine love and light energies are raising your capacities to provide this love and for the primary receiver of it to be YOU.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about space holding sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at