This Creative, Love-Flowing Time Of Day!

by Kalayna Colibri


Early morning is my favourite ‘time’ of day… this time of creative flow even though I’m still sleepy and full of ‘work’ with my online job. My life is incredible, it really is. There were so many years when I couldn’t imagine that I would be living this way, yet I so wanted to. I couldn’t possibly have envisioned exactly how this would go or what this life lived in service of love would look and feel like. There was always a fantasy of living amongst others who shared my level of consciousness and challenged me to keep expanding it. Retreats and spiritual conferences were great but not enough – I needed and wanted to make spirituality my life.

This time of day (early morning) is also when my beloveds in my community of SoulFullHeart and I start dialoguing over Google Hangouts. We live in the same building, more or less, yet this is our way of staying in touch and also being in our own sacred spaces. The love exchange is there underneath all correspondence, even if reactions are being shared and processed or guidance is being held and given as to where we need to go next inside of ourselves and inside of our relationships to one another. It’s something I could try and describe to you, yet it’s just a unique experience that extends well beyond ideas of ‘unconditional’ love. We love each other deeply but are so willing to let go, let be, let arise, without unfair expectations, at least after this much time and process and this many phases together. We are a close-knit group but we have done a lot of personal work to have this level of intimacy. My place in this community has had its ups and downs and times of turning sideways too. Every single minute of tension and exhilaration has been so worth it though, to be able to transact love in this way, and to FEEL so much love for myself AND for them! There is nothing I can compare this to. It is the closest thing to ‘Golden Earth’ I have ever experienced in THIS life, where love is the container, the contender, the artist and the canvas too.

I’m being moved to share this experience in this moment, because of love overflow I feel from nourishing time with Jelelle yesterday, feeling the love and care from Raphael as he helps me clean, paint and fix-up my new suite I’m moving into soon (same building, just a bit bigger for my dog and I), and the ongoing love I feel between Gabriel and I, my best soul friend who I have been through so much with. I am brimming over with gratitude and love for them and for ME too… so much so that tears are coming. I have been intensely immersed in a new chapter for myself, training and doing practicums for a new online job that will pay better and have better hours than my current one. And it’s all happening in the name and flow of love and serving love too, as this means more money to share with my community and more space in my day to serve facilitants and also through my creativity, wherever it wants to take me.

It has taken a lot of process to really see, feel and let in what I have in SoulFullHeart – the work itself, my parts, the people, and most of all the LOVE. Gratitude and appreciation of been a long time coming, and this genuine, heartfelt flow of it that I can now feel is one that truly brings tears and the warmest feeling in my heart that I have ever experienced. It is a true feeling of being held by the Divine, by my own heart and self-love and also by the love I am IN with OTHERS. There is nothing that compares to commUNITY. At least nothing I’ve experienced or can speak from!

There is nothing I want more than to share this with more people. To have more of you jump in with us, though of course this is challenging… the hardest part is the awakenings within, the stirrings of arising process, realizations that you have much to heal as a human AND a soul and that it ALL changes you and your life in big ways, though the changes may feel subtle at first in some cases. Yet, it is so worth it and that worth and reward can only be experienced personally. ❤

We are holding another group call over Zoom (online) tomorrow at 11:11 am CST (Mexico City) if you’d like to join us. You’ll be able to immerse with us for 2 full hours and even be given the space to share if you wish. Silence is okay too. It’s a lot to take in. We are a lot to take in. This ‘new’ frequency of LOVE is a lot to take in! Here is the link to the event if you are interested in learning  more: //


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Premise 8: Union With Others Arises Through Heart And Soul Resonance


By Raphael Awen

Good morning, and Welcome to day 8 of the 21 day SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises Tour.

Today we make a fools attempt at beholding the spectacular, and then trying to describe it.

We’re attempting to use words to describe the undescribable.

Maybe this whole Premises tour is a fools game. It feels vulnerable to share with the world a claim to seeing something others haven’t yet seen. It may lead to experiencing more with others or it may just lead to hurt and rejection. But isn’t that the essence of vulnerability; a willingness to be hurt, to feel hurt?

But hurt always takes us somewhere eventually…

For me, it’s been a long road, but that road is now about how I’ve started a club, given it a name, and like every club, there’s a few rules to belonging. Here though the rules are not about sustaining a sense of superiority, but rather about sustaining a fire for this new something. And they’re not rules in the sense of what is allowed or not allowed, but instead about a looking glass, without which this something new cannot be seen. Others may see it as I see it, which would be wonderful and validating, or they may not even raise an eyebrow, which would hurt.

But this hurt is a pregnant hurt, leading to more, not less.

Leading with vulnerability on your own defined and chosen path, while fully owning your truth, no matter how different or resonant with mine, is something I feel we are utterly already One in. You and I, if we are to grow, must now choose, and make ourselves vulnerable to our choice. In that, I feel a deep Oneness with you, even if our chosen paths are far apart.

Ultimately, we’re in the same fools club, no matter how different we look and feel, and no matter how much we even may be repelled by one another. We are already One, and it is because of this inseparable Oneness that we can safely fully explore our paths, even if divergent, knowing that in the end, we all converge on the same prize.

I like knowing I’m a winner before I even start out. It fires me to give it all I have, to live out loud, and be at rest at the same time.

Now, let’s take a look at today’s premise called the Union With Others Premise:

“Union with others arises through heart and soul resonance in non-codependent relationships, relating through parts reality processing within monogamous romantic union, and within SoulFullHeart Community.”

Union, though it is something we all already are at core, it is also something that arises experientially for us or simply doesn’t. Heart and soul resonance is what draws us together or repels us from being drawn. That’s the simple truth of any relationship whether healthy or unhealthy. Healthy and alive union, like the kind we are wired for in our potential and that SoulFullHeart reaches for, is a never-ending, deepening reality that is sustained by resonance. Where do we get that kind of resonance that will support this?

My truth is that while people have not discovered their subpersonalities in a rigorous commitment, these living beings inside of them, are quite literally, a mess of parts. I can feel in someone a resonance over here and a strong kick over there. I can feel a potential I am drawn to along with a dissonance that tells me to keep a safe distance. This is because we all have wounded beings inside of us who until they are discovered and healed can only trade in pain and hurt. It’s all they know. To these parts of us, they often turn to the presently popular ‘all love and light’ variety that is about transcending real pain, rather than healing it.

We are simply not ‘all love and light.’ I’m not, I can tell you that much for sure. And I feel a ton healthier just saying that. My love consists of light and shadow. I am too big a soul to exist only in the light.

Now we get to truly enter non-codependent ground. You are responsible for your own growth and letting in what is love in your life and saying no to what isn’t. No one gets a ‘stay in your life card’ for ever, or even for a moment unless they are willing to serve real and honest love, and the wrestling matches that will be part of that. Only as we come to the self-to-self love we described in yesterday’s premise can we get very far in transactionally healthy self-to-other love. Ending codependence begins inside of us. We end the wars inside and peace then reigns outside.

In romance, SoulFullHeart offers a monogamy picture. I must admit, my second chakra has gotten excited about the idea of a time to come in our evolution when we could have healthy poly-amorous sexual bonds, the idea of multiple lovers, but then I promptly lost my erection at the idea of being one of several men contending for one woman. It feels true that only monogamy can hold the rigours of having heart open and vulnerable love, heart, soul and body. There is a way that in relating deeply to one woman, that I am in relationship with ALL women. True sex, fully with one, is sex with all. That I trust will satisfy any polyamorous leanings in me for now.

Another big piece we see in this premise is that the kind of Union w are talking about happens in community. None of us were wounded in a box and none of us heal in a box. By community, we mean doing life together more and more in an arising way that serves our individual growth. Being ‘apart from you’ moves to being ‘a part of you’ as we find ways to go deeper into life together as a true heart and soul family.

I’m not so sure that I succeeded in showing you the spectacular as I said at the outset of today’s tour. Maybe, it wasn’t mine to show you that in words today. I was only meant to show you the utter folly of trying to show you that. Maybe, it’s for you to see through your own sovereign being, resonating with my sovereign being however that happens for you. Only you can see your own when it reveals itself to you.

I hope I pointed you in a direction of your own truth. It’s only your own truth that would draw you in resonance to see mine, and then we could share that magical ‘holy shit’ spectacular moment. Yes, even the shit is holy. I say that with reverence for the depths of the pain we’ve all experienced.

So, welcome to my club where only sovereigns can belong, where only autonomous souls who possess enough of themselves to join that possession to a community, where love flows only by personal ‘want to,’ when and how it does.

I’m going back to this deep rest I feel inside today that just can’t get too worked up trying to get anyone to see something that isn’t already natively in them.

Again, I welcome and look for your words of feedback. I hold myself to account for how this landed in you. And if you would like to read the other writings on our premises here.

Raphael Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.