Spoiler Alert: It’s The Journey That Counts

*** Spoiler Alert ***
At the end of your story, YOU WIN! You win a hundred and ten percent, hands down! ‍‍
**** Double Spoiler Alert ****
You actually already know this.

**** Triple Spoiler Alert ****
The reason ‘it’s the journey that counts, not the destination’ is because the end is already finished, complete. All that matters or has relevance now is the journey – feeling all there is to feel, seeing all there is to see!

You are in fact so perfect, and so much so, that you, knowing your fullness and completeness came here to try on being messed up, to experience lack and loss, even forgetfulness of your origin and essence.

You came here for the journey. You came here to be curious and open hearted to every part of you who hasn’t yet gotten the memo on all of this. That’s all there is to the whole entire friggin’ deal!! This is how the game is played.

What could be funner than waking up from the dream of amnesia. Wow, it was only a dream. You are ‘God as God can be’, always were, always will be!

Go figure!!!


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