Recreating HIStory: Day 3- Atlas Loved

In my journeys inward I have connected with several different archetypes. Kings, knights, soldiers, warriors, artists, magicians, and many others that we all know about. These archetypes can be related to on a personal level as a part or an aspect of us that holds the specific emotional tone. In my last blog post, I connected with multiple warrior/soldier timelines, taking them from the battlefield and redirecting them to the lovefield of New Camelot.

There has been one archetype that has stood out quite a bit in my life and that has been Atlas. His story is one of rebellion against Zeus, and his consequence of holding up the heavens. It is the image of Atlas that holds the frequency of what feels so embedded in the male collective. It is also representative of the masculine in women as well. There is the energy of burden, consequence, responsibility, shame, guilt, control, and lack thereof. He seems to reflect the underbelly of what our inner protectors really feel when they get a chance to actually be felt.

As men, our inner Atlas has taken on numerous duties and obligations in the name of providing, repentance, and distraction. He bears the weight of our light and our shadow. He is a Titan that has been quarantined and sequestered as a result of his transgressions. These can show up in 3D life experiences and those in the metasoul. A deep sense of wrongdoing from a great inner punisher. He is destined to serve out his eternity in debt.

This service of debt is a karmic burden that weighs down the soul of man in his greatest expression in the service of love. Love for himself, for others, and the divinity within. He is in conflict with himself as he IS the stars and the cosmos. Atlas has been in this semi-frozen state for a very long time. He longs to be felt and released into our huMan heart. He embodies strength, courage, passion, and resilience without suffering in its purest form.

See him inside you. Imagine where he lies in your heart. Maybe hidden away in a far-off land or maybe front, center, and undeniable. Look into his eyes and let him into your heart. What does he say to you? What does he not say to you? Maybe he just needs you to be present in his Jesus Christ Pose. Your willingness to be there and feel is what helps him to let go. To give you his fears and his reasons. There is something so powerfully beautiful about this ‘broken’ man.

Feel him as separate from you, yet a part of you just the same. He can put down the World he has created in the name of Love. The World that was never his to begin with but was assumed over time. Be with the tears, the pain, the guilt, the fear. Let the flood of your love and the Love of the Heavens reign down upon him, and hold the axis upon which his shoulders once rested. Fold him into the bosom of your feminine and begin the healing of so much Time.

In his recovery he will arise as the center of all that you had forgotten was You all along. Let that be a sacred healing that extends to all the hearts and souls of men everywhere. He will need to reconcile with his Punisher, but for now, he needs to let in all that he received from your courage and grace. Atlas no longer shrugged. Atlas loved.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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