Resisting The Natural Flow Of Change

The new worlds that await us are patiently calling to us even as a part of us is so longing for that new world AND feeling like it will never come at the same time.

Part of us can use the feeling of hopelessness and despair as an anchor to hold back the natural flow of change that life and the universe is bringing.

In the first years of our lives, we marched through one huge change right after the other, with no time or open hearted other there to really feel what we were feeling through all of that. This leaves parts of us very resistant to change now as adults. For parts of us, change just isn’t safe.

Problem is, life is too big to not change, and even if we resist change and slow it down, change is ultimately unstoppable. This can leave parts of us so overworked, stressed and even angry at life, or the universe, or God, while our life looks stranger and stranger as we resist and pretzel ourselves to its natural flow.

The entire universe is feeling you as you feel this challenge. You’re not the only one. In fact, you are feeling exactly what everyone and everything in the entire universe is feeling. That’s why it’s so big to feel. There’s TONS of it to go around.

In a session with a woman yesterday, we got to feel together and begin a real time conversation with the Inner Protector part of her who’s been tasked with holding and managing this HUGE undertaking navigating change. A big heartfelt ‘thank you’ was felt and expressed from her to this part of her that was anything but perfunctory or polite talk. A transactable feeling wave went through me and her and her Inner Protector at her words of gratitude for its role and work.

Until we find and feel the parts of ourselves who are in this push pull relationship to change, there is only the part themselves striving valiantly to manage change. Everything changes when these parts of you feel your relationship with them, your curiosity, your opening heart, your desire for real relationship.

You may not have known of this inner family inside of you, but they know you and long for your attention.

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