Beauty Beyond Measure

By  Raphael Awen

Beauty beyond compare.

It overloads our senses and we don’t know what to do with it.

Somehow beauty often triggers an impulse to do something.

But there is nothing to do with beauty really, as far as achieving the beauty is concerned, where beauty has already taken care of all of the doing.

Beauty simply wants to enter into being and it wants to do that with you. Beauty wants to experience you as you in turn experience it. Before before beauty, in a face-off kind of show-off.

We’re often stuck to show up for that, and somehow, knowing that we’re not quite getting it, we do the next best thing.

We photograph it.

Somehow, we know that there’s so much more here to feel than we can feel in the moment. Hopefully, we can capture some of that beauty, preserve it for the partaking of later. We take in what we can physically in real time, and the rest, we delay into a recording, an impression upon a light sensor, stored away in pixels of digital memory, for the later time of our choosing.

Strangely then, at that moment of our choosing, the image re-presents the beauty and re-presences the beauty, and the senses that were on overload in the real time experience can now somehow take in the light codes incrementally, and be changed by them nonetheless, …and possibly even more than the less of when the photons actually made their recording that formed the graphic image, …and the original overwhelm now gets to be transmuted into all the time and space needed to fully digest what couldn’t be earlier.

Memory is like that. The image along with the imagination is often all that’s needed to feel what couldn’t be felt while in the presence of such overwhelming beauty. Feeling unlocks the beauty. The beauty is now multiplied in the heart as it is combined with time and presence.

The beauty gets to complete the path it wanted to walk with us. It gets to transmit its message in whatever ways and times that we can receive it, coinciding with our need.

Beauty gets to let go into you and I, again and a-gain, a shared gain of multiplied experience, reverence and bounty.

What images are waiting and wanting to be replayed in your imagination, the imagium of transmutation where light codes complete their trajectory and deliver to you their payload?

Yes, you have lots of imaginating to play with don’t you?

A little back story to this photo:

Here in my sunset hour walks in our village this past week, looking left and right into the tiny lanes that usually get walked right on by, I was struck by a flower pot of gorgeous sunflowers.

But between me and it was a locked gate. I hoped to encounter the owner and be ready to utilize my few words of endearing, but well botched Portuguese to gain access to the courtyard containing the well tended golden flower.

But even at sunset on a couple occasions, there was no one to be found. Lots of people elsewhere, but none here.

I did however find my landlord, Paulo, sitting 2 doors down at the bar along with Jorge, the bar owner, and moments later, I found myself following Jorge, key to the locked gate in hand.

George looked on as I photographed. I told him I’d be ‘cinco minutos’ to which he nodded, smiled, but stayed out watching me. I fumbled with focus lock and exposure adjustments, straight on and angled views, burst mode, macro mode, etc on my new iPhone 13 camera, but surely the essence of the flower itself was muted by all these urgencies at hand.

So I too, am not much further ahead than you in the experience of this flower. I didn’t even touch it, or smell it, or just put the camera away and take it in, I realize now.

Maybe together we can decipher its codes and reveal the mystery of what it still wants to say to us?

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Beauty Undefined


This poem found me this morning from my writing folder that I wanted to share. It was in response to a post Leena Colibri had written about Beauty. It inspired me to feel into my own relationship to it and how it has been more of an externalized taking in of what is in front of me. As we begin to let in that what we “see” on the outside is a reflection of what we feel on the inside, a new relationship to ourselves begins to emerge. We are the beauty we perceive. I included a picture of Sleeping Beauty as it felt to signify our awakening to this reality.

You are held in the eyes of one

As a precious reminder of what it means to be alive

You are the colors of the dancing rays of light

Swimming in the ocean of our holographic kaleidoscope

The sounds of musical vibrations

Swirling through the vestiges of our soul’s remembrance

The verses of interwoven letters and spaces

Capturing the depths of our soaring triumphs and blood-stained tragedies

Your outward expression reverberates through my body

And into the insatiable desire of my heart to feel you

Your brilliance and profundity

Your momentary lapse of reason and thought

Send me to another time where there is no time but that ever-enchanted moment

A place where space is filled with a feeling that there is always something beyond

Beyond the machinations, the distractions, the fabrications

Beyond the tight, the drained, the void

You are a soft caress on my weathered skin

A gentle whisper when all felt lost

A infinite stare into the twinkling starscape of your compassion

You are a reflection of all I wanted to Be

Until I realized you were me and I was you all along

In all its effervescent tendrils of perfect imperfection

The moment you let go of all you were conditioned to Be

You are what Is…. Beauty Undefined

Sequoia Heartman is a writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Feeling And Surrendering To Our Beauty

by Leena Colibri



To surrender to the beautiful, is to recognize that what we are is beauty embodied. We are the captors and creators of beautiful things, images, works, and deeds. We are the receivers and conduits of inspiration. What we are motivated to do with the beauty we download every day is entirely up to us and unfortunately, all too often many of us miss the opportunity to express it and be it.

There is so much confusion about what truly makes someone or something beautiful. There can be no final answer to that question. It’s not always about symmetry and perfection, but instead sometimes it’s about asymmetry placed in perfectly imperfect ways. There is no getting away from being a work in progress – a project underway. There is no way to not be the beauty we are called to be. And there is no way in which life doesn’t support that in each of us. Beauty in itself is not and does not have a final answer.

Beauty is a constant journey and one which we have taken to in ways that grossly undermine its reality. We over-focus on small facets of it without taking in the whole picture of what it actually feels like. Perhaps this is why we like art. It can be a way to let something unseen, unheard, unknown, come sneaking in under our well-constructed filters and doorways and surprise us with emotions we maybe thought we’d buried long ago.

Inside myself, I feel a deepening desire to see, hold and appreciate my own beauty and the myriad ways in which it expresses or is withdrawn. We can hold back what we have to offer and be in this world, or we can light our flames and inhabit it like this moment is the only one that matters, for from this moment springs forth a renewed chance to create something beautiful from our hearts, our minds, our mouths, and our lives. Each page I’ve written in earnest struggle to understand a new wave of emotional reaction or fear or even love has become another creation to take into this mosaic of the beauty within me.

Our journey as a species in this very moment is spring-loaded for bounteous beauty. There is so much to let ourselves feel in the goodness of our sacred human hearts as we pass through this corridor and find our next doorway into more truth. The exposure of ourselves and the systems that have held us is the way in to a greater level of beautification. We were never not beautiful to begin with and now we are coming to remember that again.

To truly awaken our hearts and souls is this process I’ve described, or so it feels to me in this moment. With so much incredible pain to feel, heal and let go of, we no longer have much choice but to rediscover our own beauty and consciously create more beauty from it in whatever ways we feel we need and desire to. The payoff is already underway as we continue our ascension into higher dimensions of being and a greater, more authentic sense of love. The choice is renewed in every single second: help to create beauty from our own beauty, or continue pouring concrete over the walls we’ve built against it.


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at