SoulFullHeart Museletter: Aug 28, 2022

It’s always perfect timing to work with your chakras, feel them deeper, continue to clear them, and tap into what they have to offer you about your personal process and the integration of Ascension codes.

Featured this week is a chakra meditation and sound healing video from Jelelle Awen, featuring her beloved sound bowls. This video is a compilation of ALL the individual chakra meditation and sound healing videos she released during this past week. It’s a powerful transmission and attunement to let in!

Raphael and Jelelle will be leading a group call over Zoom on September 11th, focused on healing the persecution wound inside and out. If you’d like more information on this and other upcoming group calls, visit

There are many new writings and audio blogs to take in this week, featuring personal sharings, digestions of current energies, poetry, and more.

There are also some brand new videos from Jelelle, featuring sound healing meditations to open up your chakras individually. These are some of the videos that were put together for the longer video featured this week. There’s also a new video from Gabriel where he digests some pieces about connecting to your Root Chakra and the importance of doing so in nature.

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Much love from all of us!

~ the SoulFullHeart Community

Higher Heart and Supermoon Activation Guided Meditation – Day 31: 33 Days Metamorphosis W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

In today’s video, Day 31 of this 33 Day Metamorphosis series, I guide you in a meditation to bring in the frequencies of the Blood Blue Supermoon Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 – the first one in 150 years. I guide you through in the moment integration of these codes into your chakras and especially your higher heart. The higher heart chakra is an important one connected to Unity Consciousness and ascension to fifth dimensional consciousness.

I speak light language that feels to be from my Lemurian Metasoul aspect named Rae-Na. I linger in the higher heart to guide you in feeling your higher heart; how open it is or closed; what its pains are; what is aches/desires are. The higher heart activation leads to unification with all aspects of yourself connecting in love, compassion, curiosity, ambassadorship.

I also offer about the shifting from primarily processing energy through your third chakra (personal will) and to processing from your Higher Heart (service of love self). Archangel Metatron comes in to represent the Divine Masculine (the sun). Goddess Sophia and Mother Gaia come in to represent the Divine Feminine (the moon and the earth.)

Thank you for joining me on this thirty-first day of 33….as we move into Metamorphosis energies together… beloved part of us at a time!

Here is a playlist of all the videos in this series:

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Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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Go Within And Remember The Love That You ARE

By Jelelle Awen


Everything impacts your vibrational frequency; sounds, smells, foods, and especially the energy of others. Our 3D self (ego/mind fusion) has layered you over with densities, literal protection shields, so that you cannot feel how impacted you are by all these things. In this layered over place, you cannot feel how your vibrational frequency is going down. Or if it is going up.

The only way to feel this is to go within, to reconnect to your inner energy system, to your emotional body, to your 3D self (and other aspects). The ‘you’ that goes within is the version that is splitting off, differentiating from the 3D self and being infused with energies from your higher 5D self or Divine self. Your higher self is always with you, waiting to arise, like a seed in your consciousness that is waiting for the water of good energy and good love to vibrate more.

Your higher self may be mostly outside of you. It may feel like when you connect with it that it feels like you are reaching for something outside of you, similar to how it can feel to connect with guides, ascended teachers, and the Divine. And, that’s OK because the important piece is that these energies, while feeling outside of you, can still infuse you with frequencies that you need to raise your base tone. They offer you light codes to activate your light body to arise and start glowing, to begin the transition from carbon-based body to crystalline-christ consciousness body.

Eventually, then, you realize that your higher self is within you and IS you more and more. As are the guides that you have ‘channeled’ or looked to others to provide the messages of their channeled guides. Validation from outside of us, people who are embracing their higher self wisdoms and personal experiences, can be very helpful. It can light up things that need to be lit up. Support from others who have journeyed in places we want to go deeper can be very helpful to, along with a community to resonate with, like we offer in SoulFullHeart.

And, then, you return to you, back inside where the power is, where the Universe is, and where the only source of Love that you can ALWAYS count on is. Going within, exploring within, learning about what is within…..the message is the same in so many different forms and yet, when you are too much your 3D self, you may find many ways to not do this and not to begin this. Looking outward may be easier than looking within for your 3D self.

Try this, right now. Pause from facebook for a moment. Close your eyes. Become present to the moment. Become present to yourself. Feel what you are feeling. Check in. Feel where your energy is at. Feel any other people that have entered your ‘field’ while you have been online, as it is a virtual ‘room’ containing many energies that you absorb like a sponge.

Feel your heart, is it open or more closed? Why?

Breath in, Breath out. Feel the world that is YOU that is waiting for your exploration of it. Stay in this inner focused space for as long as you need to and as long as you like.

Here is a guided meditation from me that helps with cleaning, protecting, and activating your chakras. Or you can just use it as practice to go within, be in more yin stillness, and to track your energy.

Go in, go in, go in, daily at least, a few times a day ideally, for as ‘long’ as it takes if possible. Create the space in your life for you. Let go of that which does not support this going within process.

Create the space for Love and to remember yourself as the essence of Infinite Love that you ARE.

Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher, Divine guide-scribe, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information and inspiration.