Feeling The Existential Part Of You To Heal Beyond Medication

I felt to share a response I gave to someone around the use of medication to alleviate deep depression and even thoughts of suicide. There is a lot that has been done to help many with this crippling and tragic dynamic inside, yet it is a way to get on rather than truly go IN and get to the deep roots of this very existential situation. I honor what medication has meant to those that have needed it, I had my own. If the desire is there to be curious and courageous then that is the first step in living a life of authentic feeling and joy:

“You are tapping into some deep existential territory. In my personal opinion, psychology has a hard time grappling with this existential quandary, so drugs are prescribed as a runaround. I don’t feel it as evil per se, just the only way to provide relief and a sense of control. But ultimately we need to reconcile this within ourselves so that we can feel what is the root in our souls around this.

The particular story is different for everyone, and we all have our own bone to pick with God. A fear, a rejection, persecution, abandonment, etc. We are to feel what our relationship is to this feeling if we want to ‘get back to God’, so to speak. If we truly believe or even want to believe that God is Love and that It/He/She exists in all things and has never abandoned us, then there is a story there. A reason for this feeling of being tried, tested, or played with. It is up to us to ask the questions, hold the space, and go into the murky territory that is this sacredly difficult place.

I believe that true awakening is a challenge but not one that we are in alone or outside of God’s Love. I feel this burden of proof from God needed by a part of you. Feeling our Higher Self and tapping into its own knowingness is what can bring us the much-needed space to go into this journey if we are willing and ready.”

Gabriel Heartman

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash


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