Letting In The Fullness Of Love On My Birthday

By Raphael

Thank you everyone for the amazing birthday wishes, today on social media! I’m with my beloved, Jelelle, for a few days away on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We’re taking in a ton of nature and feeling its nurture. You can see photos of our trip on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/raphaelawen1

IMG_3703 (1)

I feel such a deep invitation to really let in the fullness of love that so surrounds each of us, but yet that requires our negotiation and navigation to participate in.

These coastal areas have a deep feeling of death and rebirth, here where land meets sea. The rock looks lava like and carries a feeling of being born out of calamity, which makes feeling the loss of Lemuria very apparent. Then the sun and the very resilient trees and plants offer deep reconnections with Lemuria and even deeper connections with the soul source that we all share and not only originated from (past tense) but origin from in every moment.

I was moved to tears hugging what’s said to be an 800 year old tree, as I felt it channel to me a big bear hug and deep reassurance of being loved and rooted in love.


Gaia is us and we are her!

We’re off today to go visit Long Beach here a few miles north today and take in the vast sandy beaches to see what they want to tell us.

Much love overflow,


Soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions is our portal into a new way of being and it’s my offer to you if it calls to you. Heart hugs! 💚

A Celebration Of Your Rebirthing Guided Meditation – DAY 22: 33 DAYS DEEPEN W/JELELLE AWEN & Gabriel Heartman (VIDEO)

DAY TWENTY-TWO: DEEPEN 33 Day Video Series – A Celebration Of Your Rebirthing! Guided Meditation W/Gabriel Heartman & Jelelle Awen

This is day twenty-two of 33 in my daily video series called Deepen. In today’s video, SoulFullHeart Facilitator Gabriel Heartman joins me. Gabriel is joining us on his birthday!! He shares about how that feels for him and parts of him. He talks about a significant birthday six years ago when he was letting go of many 3D timelines and moving more into his higher one.

Gabriel and Jelelle share about how awakening and the SoulFullHeart process invites a series of deaths and rebirths/renewals as aspects/parts of you ‘die’ to certain denser frequencies and rebirth into higher ones. Every moment is a birthing in this way as your soul frequencies become more of who you are and parts of you integrate into your 4D/5D self.

In the meditation today, Gabriel leads you into a celebration hosted by your parts, Metasoul aspects, Divine Masculine and Feminine guides, and Star Family. Your family celebrates YOU in a courtyard in your inner castle/essence. You receive their appreciation and gratitude and extend it in return. You also lit and blow out candles to represent the death and rebirth phases of your awakening and make wishes and desires for your new timeline.

Thank you for joining us on this twenty-second day of 33….as we move into Deepening energies together…..one beloved part of us at a time!

More about parts/Metasoul aspects here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

You can watch each video in the Deepen playlist on my SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist

I will be hosting a group session over Zoom to digest your experience during this series for a $11 USD minimum. The next one will be on Saturday, February 2nd at 11:00am PST. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2189383564650970/

You are welcome to share your experiences of this guided meditation here on FB and I will respond to your sharings.

Jelelle Awen
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