Inner Punisher & Shame Dynamic Guided Meditation: Deepen 2022 – Video 6 (Video)| Raphael & Jelelle Awen

In this sixth video of our 31-day video series called Deepen 2022, SoulFullHeart Teachers/Co-Creators Raphael and Jelelle Awen share about a challenging, yet rewarding aspect of your 3D Self that also has links to your soul experiences called your Inner Punisher. We describe how your Inner Punisher shows up to criticize you and shame parts of you (usually your Inner Child) as a means to protect you and keep you ‘small.’

We focus on how the Inner Punisher and shame reaction loop has been amplified by the current C and V narrative with polarized judging frequencies on both ‘sides’. Punisher frequencies have been a duality program of the Matrix to keep humanity divided and fighting with itself, which is peaking with the current narrative. We share about how connecting with your Inner Punisher and shame allows for healing of this dynamic into one of humble and loving discernment, non-charged truth-telling, clear decision making, and innocent expression.

In the mediation, we connect with your Inner Punisher through access provided by your Inner Protector and with Yeshua and Mother Mary joining us. You then connect to the setting in which the punishment in happening and any people that may be in this room with you who are causing judgement/shame reactions. We offer healing and love to these energies for transformation and beginning negotiation.

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Our Greatest Strength Lies In The Gentleness Of Our Heart

By Jelelle Awen

Someone thanked me recently on one of my energy updates for my “gentle explanations that are so helpful.” What was most touching about that for me was their use of the word, ‘gentle’. I will take ‘gentle’ over ‘accurate’ or ‘convincing’ any day. Gentle allows for the message to be received as an invitation rather than seemingly force fed onto anyone as an assertion. Gentle allows for personal resonance that comes from a place of sovereignty and empowerment. No one is bowled over with gentle….or disrespected or made to feel bad or wrong.

It has actually taken MUCH personal work for me (and parts of me) to be more gentle in my energy. To allow feminine energies of kindness and compassion to sooth wounded masculine frequencies that didn’t remember how to BE this way. These masculine aspects in me (and in the collective) only knew how to be forceful, how to fight, how to be a warrior.

It has taken much personal process to be gentle with my truths and insights. For parts of me to not judge myself so harshly that self consciousness keeps me from sharing my truth at all. For parts of me to shift from this intense self judging into loving discernment, heart-based and soul-based wisdoms that can be offered WHILE being open to alternative viewpoints and others realities. It has taken much inner process with parts of myself to offer my wisdoms that come from my own experiences without being contentious toward others.

Are you being contentious or are you being invitational? This is the question that I’ve been asking myself and parts of me for years now. Parts of me definitely had phases of being more contentious, of being just plain ANGRY…..especially when injustice was perceived or experienced. As these parts healed and relaxed and rested into compassion, then could they let go of the contention as it was just rooted ultimately in unworthiness, in shame, in distrust. They could let this go as they let go into love with ME (the Higher Self Me, the embodiment of Divine Feminine Me).

To be gentle is so undervalued in our 3D culture. To be gentle is the healing feminine in us all. The embodiment of the Divine Feminine’s gentleness that comes from a deep well of compassion for Herself, for others…..for YOU.

What place does gentleness have in your life and in your heart space? Are you gentle with yourself? Do you feel parts of you (especially what we call in SoulFullHeart The Inner Punisher) that are harsh and contentious with you? Do you feel gentleness toward others or do parts of you tend to get more charged and outraged?

To BEcome gentle requires trust that this softer frequency will be enough. To realize that gentleness actually HAS tremendous power in it. The power comes from being based in the openness and willingness to be vulnerable; to be seen; to be heard even with soft voice or soft heart leading.

I ache for our world to become more gentle….and I lead with this frequency in whatever ways I can. And I invite you too as well, as I feel the Divine Feminine inviting us ALL into Her gentle heart to receive Her modeling and to facilitate our own remembering.



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