The Precious Pearl Within

In the process of healing our hearts to prepare for the More and the Love, the More Love that is waiting outside the gates of our wounding, there lies a precious pearl in our midst. It lies in the heart of our inner child, both wounded and magical. In every session we have, the journey takes us to an event, a scene, that holds a powerful energy in a freeze-framed moment. The healing isn’t so much in reliving the experience(s), but to feel this child, this part of you, as a pearl within. It is you and yet not you at the same time. He is aching for the attention, the love, that he didn’t quite receive in his formative years. She is wanting to feel held and seen by a new energy. A version of a mother and/or father she didn’t get to experience this life.

By being felt and held in any of the trauma from a place of your higher heart, where the tears can flow and be transmuted into healing, you can begin to reveal the magic that is at the center of this crystal being. You begin to feel Love of this cherub that is loaded to the gills with passion and wonder. Creativity and sensitivity. They are the gateway to our imagination and our star seed wounding that holds so much pain of abandonment and rejection. Our separation from All That Is In Unity.

It is this 3D healing that leads to so much more in the maturation and evolution of our Christ Consciousness. They hold the keys our multidimensional chariot, our personal Merkaba. They are our vulnerability and our strength. They are part of the bridge to this New Earth we all keep talking about. So it is cave dive and rescue mission into our hard to feel places that removes this boy and girl from their looping scene and brings them into a frequency of more prolonged goodness as they sit in the comfort of your loving heart. They, in turn, offer you the gift of ‘seeing’ the world that it truly is and can be.

I feel guided to talk about this in my next live stream, hopefully, tomorrow morning, in regards to men and our inner boy, but I do invite women to come and participate as it easily applies to you as well. There are some differences that a very specific to men and I hope that other men are open to sharing their experiences to add to the discussion. This has been a very big one for me in my process and I have felt it in the process of so many others. Below is a picture of my inner/magical child Christopher for whom life is a discovery, a wonder, and a ton of fun. He is wanting to make more of a presence in my life and I so very much invite that in. I invite yours to join us tomorrow at 10am CDT. Looking forward to your sharing and questions.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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