How Do Men Relate To Acension?

I wonder sometimes how we, as men, relate to ascension. How does it live in us? What are our desires and needs? I can read a lot about ascension in regards to religion and men, but there seems to be a dearth of information connecting men with the non-religious aspect. In my limited algorithmic Facebook world, I have read a lot about women experiencing emotional and spiritual openings, awakenings, and deepenings when it comes to ascension, but very few men are commenting or relating their own experiences.

I know that there is a trove of men that are on a path of releasing, healing, and growing. They are striving to ‘better’ themselves, seek understanding and discover Truth, both within and without. I feel the collective spiritual masculine in a lonely place at times. That is certainly something that lives in me, as well as my soul brother-in-heart Raphael. This desire for a community of men to serve, relate, and heal with is alive in both of us. Maybe it is because of the specific process we offer. That can be a turn off for many men as there is something real to parts of us about sovereignty and personal power that is rubbed wrong when it comes to an offering that is emotional and feminine in its offering, yet holds much reverence and need for masculine heart-centred energy.

I feel the ongoing feminine awakenings and their significant life changes will be a catalyst that rumbles in the souls and hearts of men everywhere. The influx of divine feminine, masculine, and galactic energies are shaking the foundation of something that is in much need to be awoken and addressed. As the holders of the larger portion of the masculine, the awakening and spiritual man is a much desired and needed representative in this global and cosmic shift. It is the gift of our penetrative and creative natures that will help build the means for the feminine power to arise and transform. To burn and recreate.

There is a wound that lives in each of us as men. Those that pursue its roots, understanding and healing pave the way for others to awaken to the same. We are the heroes of our own journeys. We have the ability to reclaim the lost power within that we invested on the outside for a period of time. We also have a desire for connection and brotherhood. It is reclaiming the brothers within, feeling their sorrows and rage that heals us to our true gifts as the keepers and handlers of the Divine Masculine expression of Love.
There is an ache and a desire to connect and to serve those that feel drawn into their own inner journey of discovery and reconciliation. To heal the ghosts, the pain, and the fear. To have power WITH and not OVER. Whatever choice is made is only ever determined by your own authority.

I am curious about what is moving in other men’s hearts and souls during this energetic UPticks and showers. How are they affecting you? Are there curiosities and questions? I know I have them. I feel guided to start a weekly live stream that wants to digest what is moving in men during this process of ascension/catching up to ourselves. Feel free to leave some ideas for topics that are of interest. I will feel them through the SoulFullHeart lens and see where that takes us together. Women are very much invited as the masculine in them is in need of the healing as well.  I look forward to a new arising community of male explorers of heart and soul that brings us to a new way of relating to ourselves, each other, women, and love. Your presence and participation are a gift and a blessing.

More to follow…..

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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