Energy Update: 2:22 Offers NEW Beginnings, Inner Feminine & Masculine Balance

By Jelelle Awen

Today is February 22 or 2:22. These kind of dates of repeating number sequences have significance because of the meaning that we place on them. We create the meaning and manifestation, even as, from a higher dimensional perspective, linear time is an illusion. We turn our attention toward them and, so, the Divine responds to us with synchronized ascension energies becoming available on these dates. Portals and gateway openings offering specific codes/messages/invitations also ‘come through’ on these dates with more pronounced frequency….as if they have been turned up in broadcast depending on what we most need at that time.

Repeating number sequences that just ‘show up’ in our lives invite us to pause and to consider. To feel a Divine connection for a moment and a sweet ‘hello’ from higher dimensional aspects. I feel that they can be applied very personally by feeling into them yourself when you receive them. Asking, “What does this mean to me and my ongoing awakening and ascension journey?” You might be surprised by the answers that come! This feels most valuable to me rather than seeking for a general interpretation, although they an be useful as well if you feel resonance with them.

And, that’s what I am offering here, of course. My sense of what is being offered on this date of 2:22 through the guides and Metasoul aspects that I have access and connection with. This is not the ‘absolute truth’ of what is available, yet just what my guidance and wisdoms are presenting in this moment that of course is filtered through my subjective experiences. Take it in as you will and see what your heart feels about it.

2:22 provides this sense of balance, of finding and achieving and experiencing balance from within primarily. It seems a pressing and important thing during this phase that we find balance INside between our feminine aspects and our masculine aspects. To heal and transmute the wounded, fear-based vibrations of the masculine inside of us to allow the healing and emerging feminine to arise. When speaking of feminine and masculine, many people speak about it in generalized terms and only connected to the person’s actual physical gender. I actually feel it is far more complex than that and relates more to the masculine and feminine energies that express as parts of you or subpersonalities within your emotional body, psyche, and soul than it does what gender you have chosen.

As I’ve written about many times, what I have noticed over many years working with my own parts and with others is that the primary presenting energy of the Inner Protector part (which is SO necessary to navigate 3D life) is almost always masculine, as it is a guarding and often warrior-like frequency. This Protector can be a dominant energy in BOTH men and women, sometimes much stronger in women actually. The Inner Punisher is also often masculine, while the Inner Teenager is more connected to your actual gender as is the Inner Child. The Inner Mother is feminine (which is usually a ‘masculinized feminine’) and the Inner Father is masculine. The Gatekeeper usually presents as masculine initially. To read more about parts and Metasoul aspects go here:

So, when I offer about ‘feminine and masculine balance’ or ‘sacred union within’, I am referring to the relationship between masculine aspects of you and feminine aspects of you going from often unconscious and polarized frequencies to unified and collaborative ones. An example of inner polarization is the masculine Inner Protector being overly protective, controlling, and suppressive of your Inner Teenager, who may be a sensitive, artistic, and emotional feminine energy (for both men and women actually.) As you connect with both of these parts of yourself through the SoulFullHeart process, you create a bridge between them; you offer rest to the Inner Protector (no more guarding) and really listen and feel your Inner Teenager (in a way that they didn’t have growing up.) THIS inner ambassadorship is empowering and dynamic and isn’t dependent on anyone else to arise, yet, it greatly changes what you draw in terms of nourishment in relationships with others. 2:22 offers this possibility of inner balance of feminine and masculine that can then be reflected in the outer experience of far healthier relationships, ending toxic and abusive patterns, capacity to set boundaries, and more.

January brought a big surge of feminine illumination of ALL that is within you that needs your compassion and love. Then were the necessary death cycles that came up in response to that, letting goes, and completions. Letting of what was still anchored in the old, in 3D, in previous agreements that no longer fit your arising BEing. These increasing Divine Feminine energies (especially from and with Divine Sophia) amplified by two Supermoons and a lunar eclipse invite you into your shadow, which often holds the playout of wounded masculine by parts of you (as described above) and by your Metasoul aspects in patriarchal dominated timelines.

February seems to be continuing this intensity of clarities coming in with corresponding timeline collapses being felt as you set boundaries and say ‘no’ to what isn’t you anymore. There has been sometimes BIG digestions necessary with parts of you as these timelines collapse and complete and feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and distrust come up.  “Ash in the air” as I call it without much sense at times what will replace what has been ‘lost’.

It feels like 2:22 is about the NEW beginnings and fresh starts that arise out of all this collapsing. It is about the NEW timelines that come into play through connections that reflect and fit your soul vibration more and more. It may have been necessary to self lovingly ‘defend your newly forming borders’ for the last several weeks, to show the Divine what you most want and what you don’t. Yet, now, you are starting to draw those souls that GET and resonate with what you are offering and envisioning.

This may be a slow turning, requiring gentle patience. There is a kind of tapping into the inner gardner, who is willing to plant the seeds and ‘wait’ for the results. The inner gardner is the soul’s essence that knows these things sprout and bloom in the ‘right’ time and in phases that reflect when you are ready for it, and when parts of you can let them in.

This process is held in increasing trust that all this inner balancing, inner healing, and advocating that flows from this inner illumination WILL produce the harvest of a life filled and then bursting with love.

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