Starling Murmurations Unity Transmission

by Kasha Rokshana

I had the honour of more communion with birds yesterday evening, when I headed off to the Avalon Marshes to take in the murmurations of the starlings and enjoy the company of other beautiful bird friends. The transmissions were deep and are still landing in me this morning…

Before the starlings appeared, there was a sweet robin in a nearby tree that caught my attention, or rather, blatantly asked for it.

This little robin hopped to an even closer branch when it saw that I was giving it attention and offering an exchange of love. I did my best robin impressions (never done that before) back to this little one, mimicking its sounds. It seemed to like my efforts though I imagine I was off-key!

He/she showed me pictures of the starlings coming into the sky and I felt him ask me if I was there to see them. “Many humans come to watch”, he said. “I like to come and see the humans. This is when they pay attention to us”.

When the starlings entered, I felt immediately their unity consciousness codes that they offer. They aren’t here by any coincidence and we aren’t captivated by them by accident or as an ornithological hobby… I felt that each bird has its own consciousness yet they find deep unity and when they move as one, they create such beautiful shapes that are truly other-dimensional. They model a very high frequency of unity that IS possible for humanity… Yet I really got last night how this destination is still perhaps a ways off, as unity at the moment seems to still come around in opposition to this or that, rather than just being unified in love and moving with love because that’s what our consciousness level and maturity as a species is ready and able to do…

When the starlings came to rest in nearby reeds, their sounds which were a bit of a cacophony to human ears had also a deep transmission to it. I found myself sitting down and closing my eyes, almost in spite of myself, and going very still just to let in and listen. As the bird-watchers dispersed after the ‘show’ was over, I felt like the message was really just beginning to land. They offered their demo of what unity can look and feel like, and now they were sending out a frequency in star/light language of their own.

I felt how these birds are NOT 3D birds. They come from an even higher frequency and dimension than that and I feel like that’s why we are so taken by them, even in spite of ourselves. Their evening symphony as they rested after their flight was like a ‘party’ amongst themselves and also a transmission that I still feel is going in!

We ARE capable of stepping up into our next level as Sacred Humans. We have an awful lot still to feel and heal, yet, the process is underway, even in all its messiness at times, as be the support from Gaia is always available. All creatures want to be let in, want to exchange love with us and offer us many codes and messages along the way. ❤️


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

11/11 Prep Ascension Codes Group Transmission Call On 11/9

By Jelelle Awen

Four days until our 11/11 prep Ascension/Galactic Codes Activation Group Transmission! You can join Raphael Awen and I live at 10:00am PDT (Vancouver, Canada time) on Saturday, November 9th over Zoom or receive the recording. We will be teaching and sharing about this 11/11 portal and what it offers us in terms of next level embodiment of our Higher Timeline life and self. We’ll also co-lead a guided meditation for you to connect to and bring in these 11/11 codes directly into your chakras/auric field/emotional body and feel if any blocks/fears/resistances come up in doing so.

We were going to offer a sound healing transmission with my crystal bowls yet decided that the sound quality over Zoom isn’t clear enough, so we’ll use that time to go into a deeper meditation state with you…probably 35-40 minutes…WOW!

This guided meditation with me bringing in Ascension Codes gives you a sense of what can be transmitted and received:

If you’d like to join us live or receive the recording, you can purchase through our shop for $15 CAD ($11 USD) here:…/ascension-codes-ac…

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Raphael and Jelelle Awen

“It was so comforting and I didn’t feel so alone anymore after listening to the group call. Thank you Jelelle and Raphael for the work you are doing!” Anne, participant at the October 12 group transmission

“I’m very grateful I was able to join you all. I got a ton of healing and insights during the call. And I feel a new grounded growth beginning for this next phase of my life.” Devon, participant at the October 12 transmission

“I really loved the call, I am always so full of love afterwards. Grateful for connection, to feel seen and held within community feels amazing.
I cannot hold this all on my own, so to find a community that can open to and welcome all parts of me is such a blessing!” Deva, participant at the October 12 transmission

Ascension Codes Chakra Activation Guided Meditation W/Music – W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

This guided meditation video has been in my heart to do for quite awhile and is per request from people who wanted a longer meditation with me set to music. It is over 40 minutes of pure guided meditation, just my voice and high frequency music in the background. Like taking a sound bath for the chakras, heart, and soul!


One of the important aspects of navigating the ongoing Ascension process can be to actually bring in the codes that are becoming available to you through Solar, Great Cosmic Sun, Lunar, and Galactic sources. Bringing them into your chakral and auric fields allows for smoother experience for your body and fewer Ascension body symptoms.

All codes contain frequencies of Infinite Love from Divine Source. You are more able to receive these codes when your vibrational frequency is higher, unanchored from the 3D matrix, and your emotional body is healing and transmuting out of undigested trauma and pain frequencies. These codes are personal to you and meant to facilitate your ‘next level’ embodiment of higher vibrational frequencies. Codes can be in the form of sacred geometry, number sequences, keys, infinity and yin/yang symbols, and many other visual shapes. They can also appear as colorful rays of energy.

In this guided meditation, I lead you through connection to each of your Ascension Chakras, including your Personal Sun Chakra (two feet above your head), Soul Star Chakra (one foot above your head) and your Causal Chakra (behind your head.) Connecting with your Ascension Chakras can facilitate next level activations and upgrades as much of that is ‘going on’ in these upper, upper chakras. We then move to each of the seven main chakras (Crown, Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root).

You bring in the Ascension codes ready and waiting for you into each of these chakras. You also activate these codes with declarations and affirmations with ‘I want’, ‘I am’, and ‘I desire’ statements. These statements are made to your Higher Self, the Divine, and Your Star Family as confirmation that you are ‘ready’ to receive, let in, and integrate. These statements are intentional waveforms that activate your Metasoul’s Quantum Field.

The musical track in this meditation is called Awaken The Power Of Love/Manifest Miracles With Gratitude/444HZ Vibration Of the Fifth Dimension. It is used here with much gratitude from me! It is from the Lovemotives Meditation Music You Tube Channel, my favorite for high frequency sound healing!

INJOY and may you experience yourself as Infinite Love!
Jelelle Awen

Jelelle Awen is Co-Creator/Teacher/Group Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about 1:1 individual sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group transmissions, four day gatherings in Victoria, BC, writings/books, and videos, visit

Energy Update: Powerful September Codes Ready To Be Let IN

By Jelelle Awen

As this powerful energy month of September comes to a completion, there may be much to digest and integrate into your physical/emotional/mental/spiritual/energy bodies. The 9/9/9 portal gateway provided more access to the 4D matrix and karmic healing through lifting of the collective and personal veils. We also experienced the palindrome (same backwards as forwards) codes for over a week, a Harvest Full Moon on Friday the 13th, September 11th collective disclosure/digestion, and the Equinox gateway.

September is always a strong geomagnetic month due to cracks in Gaia’s magnetic field during Equinox that cause fissures that allow solar winds to pour through….leading to some really beautiful Aurora codes. Today, September 27, we are in the beginning of another G1 to G2 strength geomagnetic storm now with solar wind speeds already up beyond 500 km/sec. As always with geomagnetic storms, you may be experiencing disrupted sleep patterns, vision/clarities coming through, light headedness, etc. Grounding in nature and in meditative space can help with navigating these higher geomagnetics, as can sound healing.

We also had a Gaia/Schumman spike last week that went up to 99HZ for several hours with some fluctuations upwards in little pockets since then. You can read all my energy updates for September here:

After doing remote/virtual work primarily with women over the last three years, it was amazing to get the opportunity to do emotional/physical/energy work with some of them this weekend at our Equinox Gathering. Being in the physical, I was able to stand in their auric fields, in their chakra vortices, and really feel/see what was going on with them related to these Ascension energies coming in and the deep emotional/soul work we’ve been doing together through the SoulFullHeart process. I negotiated with the Protectors/Gatekeepers that I have come to know in sessions to collaborate on what was needed now for digestion on an energetic/physical level. Even as SO much can move in the virtual (since we ARE energy after all), there is nothing quite like being in physical proximity to offer exponential healing.

What I noticed during my energy work with them was that there were ‘codes’ floating around in their crown chakra vortex, which extends far out beyond the top of the head to include the Personal Sun chakra (about two feet above your head), the Soul Star Chakra (about one foot), and the Causal Chakra (back of the head.) These codes were there ‘waiting’ to be downloaded and let in, very often to clear blockages and any disease/illness in the physical body. They were also there to support ongoing detox and activation of their light bodies. I was guided by their Star Family/guides to bring the codes ‘in’ to their crown for integration by doing a sweeping motion through their crown vortex, gathering them up, and offering them back to them.

Whatever codes you are most needing right now are very personal to you. They appear in whatever shapes, forms, colors, words, sounds, images that most work for you and your DNA/cellular/energy systems. For some people, codes float around in the field in the form of sacred geometry. For others they look like streams of numeric code like in the Matrix movie. Identifying what your codes are and what is ready to brought in (with help from your Protector/Gatekeeper and Star Family) can be very helpful to the activation of your higher timeline and embodiment of your Higher Self.

My sense is that there were many codes offered in the last two months….during the powerful geomagnetics and portals of September and the Lion’s Gateway of August. These codes seemed to offer a range of upgrades related to deeper embodiment of our sacred femininity and sacred masculinity (and healing of the wounded expressions of these); activation of our galactic DNA and healing of our Star Seed child; and clarities/visions plus experiences of our Higher Timeline self and life.

This is a guided meditation with me to help with bringing in the codes that are available to you. I will also be offering one soon specifically for this purpose:

As we move now into October, we can allow the codes offered in September to light us up, to inform us, and to support us. We can bring more consciously into our awareness all the support systems that are available to us….both in physical space holders, soul family, soul mates, and in etheric connections with Metasoul aspects, guides, Star Family and the Divine. As we become more and more conscious of what is being offered to us, we can let in the opportunity that is available in this NOW to truly become divinity in our human bodies.


Jelelle Awen

Join me for a women’s call over zoom on Sunday, September 29th at 10:00am PDT for two hours. We will explore sacred feminine arising through teaching, transmission, and guided meditation….plus group sharing. This women’s group is open to the public and to all women over 18. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy exchange of $15 CAD (about $11 USD). You can purchase the zoom link here to join us live for the group and receive the recording through your email –…/sacred…

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Taken by Alan Dyer on September 8, 2019 @ Yellowknife, NWT



Energy Update: 2:22 Offers NEW Beginnings, Inner Feminine & Masculine Balance

By Jelelle Awen

Today is February 22 or 2:22. These kind of dates of repeating number sequences have significance because of the meaning that we place on them. We create the meaning and manifestation, even as, from a higher dimensional perspective, linear time is an illusion. We turn our attention toward them and, so, the Divine responds to us with synchronized ascension energies becoming available on these dates. Portals and gateway openings offering specific codes/messages/invitations also ‘come through’ on these dates with more pronounced frequency….as if they have been turned up in broadcast depending on what we most need at that time.

Repeating number sequences that just ‘show up’ in our lives invite us to pause and to consider. To feel a Divine connection for a moment and a sweet ‘hello’ from higher dimensional aspects. I feel that they can be applied very personally by feeling into them yourself when you receive them. Asking, “What does this mean to me and my ongoing awakening and ascension journey?” You might be surprised by the answers that come! This feels most valuable to me rather than seeking for a general interpretation, although they an be useful as well if you feel resonance with them.

And, that’s what I am offering here, of course. My sense of what is being offered on this date of 2:22 through the guides and Metasoul aspects that I have access and connection with. This is not the ‘absolute truth’ of what is available, yet just what my guidance and wisdoms are presenting in this moment that of course is filtered through my subjective experiences. Take it in as you will and see what your heart feels about it.

2:22 provides this sense of balance, of finding and achieving and experiencing balance from within primarily. It seems a pressing and important thing during this phase that we find balance INside between our feminine aspects and our masculine aspects. To heal and transmute the wounded, fear-based vibrations of the masculine inside of us to allow the healing and emerging feminine to arise. When speaking of feminine and masculine, many people speak about it in generalized terms and only connected to the person’s actual physical gender. I actually feel it is far more complex than that and relates more to the masculine and feminine energies that express as parts of you or subpersonalities within your emotional body, psyche, and soul than it does what gender you have chosen.

As I’ve written about many times, what I have noticed over many years working with my own parts and with others is that the primary presenting energy of the Inner Protector part (which is SO necessary to navigate 3D life) is almost always masculine, as it is a guarding and often warrior-like frequency. This Protector can be a dominant energy in BOTH men and women, sometimes much stronger in women actually. The Inner Punisher is also often masculine, while the Inner Teenager is more connected to your actual gender as is the Inner Child. The Inner Mother is feminine (which is usually a ‘masculinized feminine’) and the Inner Father is masculine. The Gatekeeper usually presents as masculine initially. To read more about parts and Metasoul aspects go here:

So, when I offer about ‘feminine and masculine balance’ or ‘sacred union within’, I am referring to the relationship between masculine aspects of you and feminine aspects of you going from often unconscious and polarized frequencies to unified and collaborative ones. An example of inner polarization is the masculine Inner Protector being overly protective, controlling, and suppressive of your Inner Teenager, who may be a sensitive, artistic, and emotional feminine energy (for both men and women actually.) As you connect with both of these parts of yourself through the SoulFullHeart process, you create a bridge between them; you offer rest to the Inner Protector (no more guarding) and really listen and feel your Inner Teenager (in a way that they didn’t have growing up.) THIS inner ambassadorship is empowering and dynamic and isn’t dependent on anyone else to arise, yet, it greatly changes what you draw in terms of nourishment in relationships with others. 2:22 offers this possibility of inner balance of feminine and masculine that can then be reflected in the outer experience of far healthier relationships, ending toxic and abusive patterns, capacity to set boundaries, and more.

January brought a big surge of feminine illumination of ALL that is within you that needs your compassion and love. Then were the necessary death cycles that came up in response to that, letting goes, and completions. Letting of what was still anchored in the old, in 3D, in previous agreements that no longer fit your arising BEing. These increasing Divine Feminine energies (especially from and with Divine Sophia) amplified by two Supermoons and a lunar eclipse invite you into your shadow, which often holds the playout of wounded masculine by parts of you (as described above) and by your Metasoul aspects in patriarchal dominated timelines.

February seems to be continuing this intensity of clarities coming in with corresponding timeline collapses being felt as you set boundaries and say ‘no’ to what isn’t you anymore. There has been sometimes BIG digestions necessary with parts of you as these timelines collapse and complete and feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and distrust come up.  “Ash in the air” as I call it without much sense at times what will replace what has been ‘lost’.

It feels like 2:22 is about the NEW beginnings and fresh starts that arise out of all this collapsing. It is about the NEW timelines that come into play through connections that reflect and fit your soul vibration more and more. It may have been necessary to self lovingly ‘defend your newly forming borders’ for the last several weeks, to show the Divine what you most want and what you don’t. Yet, now, you are starting to draw those souls that GET and resonate with what you are offering and envisioning.

This may be a slow turning, requiring gentle patience. There is a kind of tapping into the inner gardner, who is willing to plant the seeds and ‘wait’ for the results. The inner gardner is the soul’s essence that knows these things sprout and bloom in the ‘right’ time and in phases that reflect when you are ready for it, and when parts of you can let them in.

This process is held in increasing trust that all this inner balancing, inner healing, and advocating that flows from this inner illumination WILL produce the harvest of a life filled and then bursting with love.

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at