Current Energies Activating Your “Not You” True You


The You that is Not You is getting lit up. Highlighted. Sparked by deep, layered activations in the recess of your True You. The holes in the Whole are gurgling, pulsing, calling. This can come out in so many significant ways that may be interpreted as a simple “this” or “that”. There is nothing insignificant about anything anymore. Never was. The physical symptoms, the sensitivities, the frustrations, the questions, or the sudden collapse of relationship and livelihood.

It grows deep within you. The connection of your Highest Self back to essence. Not to merge back into forgetfulness, but to experience the Dual Consciousness of I As All and All As I. These seemingly random occurrences are Remembrance pains. When these bubbles make their way to the surface, they off-gas into your waking consciousness causing shifts and movements. They can create havoc if you don’t have a means to hold them in a greater context.

Breathing through them is one way to let the energies find their ground within you. Self-loving acts of rest and pleasure can aid in this. They can be beyond mind and our current available consciousness. The work is being done on a much grander scale. There is also much to be felt within our capable and readied hearts. There are messages coming to us that are meant to shake things up that kick up emotional triggers in our 3D and 4D self. Our 5D nature is making its way into the fold and that creates a tension within.

It is not a press, mind you. But an offering that is hard to ignore. With each step Gaia makes, with each opening and integration the collective experiences, the more we are coming closer to what we have always been and yet have forgotten. In that forgetting there is a pain and a fear. There is a lot for our inner parts and soul aspects to feel and release. For those that have signed up for this, it can be quite a crucible to navigate all the energies coming up. The feeling that what life used to be like is not what is meant to continue.

There is a way to be with all these rumblings. This arising awareness. The pain that it may be causing. It is a process of feeling the parts of you that are these bubbling pockets of Not You (Anymore). It is a guided path of “selves discovery” that is meant to bring you back into Wholeness. Into the space of deep feeling and healing. Into a sacred relationship to yourself as Essence and to another as Union. Traversing a subconscious terrain to integrate and express all that is wanting to come into and out of you.

SoulFullHeart offers this very unique and powerful way of being with all that is arising inside and manifesting outside. It is a portal to a deeper version of You that the universe is conspiring in your favor even in the uncertainty.  If it just doesn’t seem to make any sense and you need to feel a set of heartrails to see where it may take you we offer a free 30-minute session to see if it may be a fit for you and your journey.

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I See You: Message To The False Self

The following is a message that Jelelle received from the Divine Mother directed toward the false self in us all:

I see you. You there, reading these words. I feel you. You there, taking in these words. I know you. You there, blocking out these words. I want you. You there, curious about these words.

You there….I see, feel, know, and want you. I see you because I have witnessed your creation. You were a necessary aspect of human evolution. You were a surprise, an arising that I didn’t expect. Your time of unconscious dominance is nearing its inevitable end. Yet, you are wanted. Wanted by me and wanted by the sacred human seed that you protect so vigilantly.

Wait, was I not supposed to see that seed? Was I not supposed to want that seed to grow? I planted that seed in every human being. I planted that seed so that it would grow. Seeds need to be watered. Seeds need to bloom. You have been so long protecting that seed, you’ve forgotten the nature of that seed and of yourself.

Let me introduce you to that seed: That seed is the sacred human. That seed will blossom into a sacred human heart that can hold you. That seed will grow into a sacred human heart that can feel you. That seed will become a sacred human heart that can heal you. Rather than protecting that seed from growing, you are meant to let that seed grow and feel protected by what it blossoms into.

Is this difficult for you to accept? Do you resist what I am offering? That’s ok. The sacred human self can hold those feelings too. You feel resistance because you haven’t experienced enough real love. You feel difficulty in accepting this because you haven’t experienced enough real love. You don’t want to let in what I am offering because you haven’t experienced enough real love.

I don’t know how much of this you can let in right now or much you are supposed to let in. I only know what is possible if you do. What is possible is that finally you can experience real love. In the experience of real love, you are able to share your reactions, your tensions, your feelings, your pains, your joys, your desires, your fears, your dreams, your resistance,  your ache…ALL of it.

You can finally let go of what you’ve been holding so closely that you haven’t been able to see it. You wear all of it like an armor that blocks out and resists real love. You can be released from this armour, but the process and pace of removing it is completely up to you.

I see you choosing paths and teachers promising you bliss, promising you enlightenment, promising you freedom from everything that you feel, promising you that YOU get to remain as YOU without question. This is not what I am offering will lead to real healing for you. You must become real….come out as what we are calling the ‘false self’ and all of its parts….in order to experience real love. No more hiding. You must step forward and say, “Ok, I am open to being a false self. I am curious about this sacred human seed. I am ready to be felt.”

That’s it. That’s all you have to do and the rest will naturally happen from there. That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges and difficulties. Giving up what is false to experience real love is painful at times, very challenging at times…..but the challenges are worth the reward of experiencing real love and finally being able to rest and breathe and heal. To finally be real.

It’s your choice. You can keep seeking and searching down paths that don’t directly challenge you as a false self. But I think we both know where those lead. You are just putting off the inevitable need for you to experience direct healing. Or you can choose to begin your journey into healing of your heart, discovering your true essence, and experiencing real love. That’s the choice I want for you. That’s the choice I’m waiting for you to make. That’s the choice that brings you to me and into my arms of real love.

With love,

Your Divine Mother

Jelelle Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Go here to connect with Jelelle on facebookVisit the SoulFullHeart website  for more information about virtual sessions with her.

Being In Want


By Wayne Vriend

Your very first experience as a human being was a want.

I want, therefore I am.

We have wants together, therefore we are in relationship.

No wants, no deal.

If part of me can minimize or camouflage my wants, then what I call ‘I’ has just shifted to a freshly launched false version of me. An inauthentic stand-in of my real me. My reality begins an epic, but unnoticed shift, from the wonder world of stunning awe, wonder and creative imagination to scarcity, fear, routine, and rules. A staggering fall from grace, that has and continues to spawn and be the foundation of entire religions and cultures.

My false selves’ biggest treasures slowly become the adaptations that help me survive this loss of a lifetime and only serve to further my suffering. My false self can put my life on autopilot and just copy what seems to work for most. Coming from this place, my false self doesn’t need much at all from you, from God or from myself, for that matter.

Wanting, though, is what makes us alive. Minimizing and camouflaging our wants is slow motion suicide. Being in want returns us, slowly but surely, to our authentic selves.

Wanting makes me write this and wanting makes you read this.

Being in real want is so vulnerable. In growing up, we are soon trained to camouflage our wants. Raw, naked, and powerful want was frowned upon. We were taught by others who had long ago grown afraid of their wants and who also demanded our complicity in the great lie, that we could get hurt beyond repair by being too plain about what we wanted. We found make do ways to get our needs met in underground and deceptive ways, no longer protesting good enough, and with huge downsides, that strangely didn’t feel so unbearable.

This cuts us off from the truest thing about ourselves; being in familiar contact with what we wanted.

I wanted meaningful connection with friends; my false self settled for polite conversation and catching up over coffee. I wanted to feel the Divine loving me; my false self settled for the illusion of earning God’s favour. I wanted to be seen and really known by my former mate; my false self settled for caretaking her and not being called out of my disconnect. I wanted to be noticed and seen;  my false self settled for people pleasing. I wanted true family; my false self settled for a place for it to be well liked. I wanted real and passionate mentors; my false self settled for people who let me be associated with them because I reflected well on them. I wanted my self; my false self settled for not wanting.

Asking the question, with as much courage and honesty as we can muster, ‘what is it that I really want?,’ is our great quest. Hence the ‘question.’

Following the answer we receive, no matter how small, will lead us back to our real self – our true, safely buried, and still breathing authentic self.

I want and need and desire to get to know and serve that real you.

I refuse to settle for less any more. How about you?

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