Inner Child Transmutation – Healing As A Key Aspect Of Ascension: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter (July 16, 2018)

It’s the release of our weekly Museletter! Offering ALL of our writings, videos, events, healing offerings, and audio blogs for the week! Go here to read it!

This week’s Museletter starts off with a piece by Jelelle Awen where she invites you to feel your Inner Child and the many frequencies this part of you has and holds. She offers that this part is an important aspect of our Ascension:

“So, connecting with your Inner Child links very directly with your Ascension and Awakening process. It is a KEY aspect of the process. Trying to avoid or divert or bypass from healing the Inner Child doesn’t seem to work very well and shows up in other ways such as abuse patterns in relationships, ongoing suffering, body disease/illness, cap/blocks in ascension, etc.

The Inner Child is a crucial energy to ‘come along’ with you on your journey! Invite them into your heart space and discover the rich and vast rewards of this INtegration! There are so many gifts freed up as you integrate these energies back into your BEing again…”

This week, Raphael Awen has shared the latest SoulFullHeart Patreon Money Update for you to take in and digest along with us. Our money picture continues to shift along with our desire as a community and individual souls to deepen our service-of-love picture. We invite you into this inner world of SoulFullHeart and how we experience/hold money as a community.

There are many new writings this week from Gabriel Heartman, Kalayna Colibri, and Raphael and Jelelle Awen, along with some new audio recordings too. This week we have articles covering a range of energy updates; invitations to continue to feel and integrate parts of you and your awakening experiences too; and sweet ways to feel the love that wants to come in and BE with you in every moment.

You’ll find information about our five-day retreat happening here in beautiful, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in November, 2018. You can read more about that here:

We all offer 1:1 90min Bridging Sessions to help boost and digest your Ascension process and feel with you what your next steps are towards your highest timeline possibilities. These sessions are available for $55 USD min. donation per session. More information can be found here:

We love to share our offerings with you and would enjoy to receive whatever heart donation in the form of money you feel that resonates with our offerings. You can go to our donation page for more info on how to donate:

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of SoulFullHeart Way of Life! If you’d like to receive these Museletters directly and automatically in your email every week, you can subscribe on our website at:

Check out the latest Museletter here.


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