SoulFullHeartMuseletter: Intense Ascension Energy Happening NOW!

This week’s museletter is full of heart open digestions by Jelelle Awen that center around the intense waves of ascension energies that are coming at us from the cosmos.  These energies cause our emotional bodies to start to vibrate higher and that accentuates what needs to be felt to lighten it UP.  It is through deep feeling of our stuck emotional energies that we start to let in the Love that wants to make its way into our BEing so we can make room for MORE and serve MORE.   These upgrades are working your crystal body so you can begin to experience and witness more of what you have always been.

Included is information on our upcoming calls, such as this Saturday’s Women’s call over Zoom.  There is also an in-person meditation group that is occurring in Puerto Vallarta this Sunday.  There are our treasure trove of weekly writings that are sure to send you into deep space of feeling and introspection.  More poetry by Kalayna Colibri to delight your inner Muse.  Check out the newest audios and recording from last week’s men’s call.

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SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Let’s Fall

Here is another shot of SoulFullHeart love that will assuredly get your chakras activated!  Featured this week is a beautifully hearticulated poem by Kalayna Colibri that sends out a call to those who are on the edge of romance but have yet to make that impassioned claim to go all-in regardless of where the road may lead you.  It is the process itself that leads to new growth places inside ourselves and a possibility of deepening union with another.

¨I want those scraped knees…and grass-stained jeans. Those ripped up shirts…that tangled hair. The one way…to tear down curtains…over those layers…that need revealing.¨

Added to this heart feast is an invitation to the next men’s group call this coming Saturday, as well as information on the upcoming general group calls, and the next women’s call.  Jelelle writes vulnerably about her experiences with Raphael and their MetaSoul partners that add to this ever deepening of the nature of counterpart romance, as well as her weekly Energy Update.  Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri continue to share there personal experience of the heart and what it is like to ache and enter into sacred romance explorations.

A big celebration for Jelelle’s new book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder, is showcased and links to its purchase in both Ebook and print versions are linked.  New recordings of past writing and the latest group call recording is available as well.  All right there in a quaint package for your viewing pleasure.

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Enjoy soaking up the SoulFullHeart sun…. ❤ to you all!


SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Emotional Ascension

This week’s Museletter has found it’s way into our midst! This week we feature our article from Gabriel on Emotional Ascension and letting go in order to let in NEW life circumstances that our hearts and souls very deeply need and desire. This is a tough crucible to hold and Gabriel shares from his own experience of what these fires are like to walk through and what is on the other side of them.

We also have the book release of Jelelle’s creation, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder, available NOW in print and e-book!

We also have many writings and several recordings to take in, including the recording of last week’s virtual group call on the Emotional Body and going deeply into the healing of it through parts work and SoulFullHeart.

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Enjoy soaking up the SoulFullHeart sun…. ❤ to you all!


SFH museletter May 29 2017

Weekly SoulFullHeart Museletter: May 22, 2017

Welcome to another sailing of the SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter! This week we featured a NEW energy update from Jelelle Awen, regarding incoming light waves lighting us up, encouraging a deepening of soul and heart claims in ALL areas of our lives. We also have a recording from the virtual group call for women last weekend, featuring some stunning teachings from Jelelle that men and women alike will benefit from taking in. The main article this week is from Jelelle and offers us all a perspective on bridging our ascension with our emotional body. This is one of the main foundations of the SoulFullHeart process.

We also feature another pool of writings from the week, by Jelelle, Raphael, Gabriel, and Kalayna. We welcome you to immerse and soak in the SoulFullHeart ‘heart tub’ with us, as you continue your own journey to feel and heal your own parts and experience your ascension and awakening at deeper and deeper layers of your BEing!

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LOVE to you!


SFH museletter May 22 2017



SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter, Week of May 1, 2017: REALLY Showing Up For What You Want

May 4, 2017 Import 002

This week’s Museletter has made itself MANifest once more from our alchemical love-soaked dissertations. It is a chalice of our deepest gifts being offered on the altar of your deepest gifts. In that exchange we literally make magic happen in the co-mingling of our Higher Selves. This was written by YOU for YOU.

This week the theme is our dedication to and honor of the Sacred Masculine. A majestic call to awaken to what it is you REALLY want from life itself. How does the heart and soul of MAN truly want to express itself in the world? What stands in the way of that glorious Kingdom within?

There is a video by Gabriel Heartman exploring the Emotionality of Masculinty, along with hearticles, recordings, and meditations that will spark your inner romantic and lover around the passionate theme of Sacred Romance with Jelelle and Raphael. Hot and romantic poetry by Kalayna and Gabriel to send their hearts calling to the mates that reside withIN and out.

Information on future group calls are included so you can start to mark your calendars.

Each week is a pleasure to compile with love all that we hold so dear to us for you to take in at your leisure, or NOT! We always appreciate any love donation that you feel to give in exchange for this heart trove. You can visit our donations page or Patreon page to send your love notes. Thank you for taking in this into your hearts.


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SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week Of April 17: Blog Announcement, NEW Event

Our weekly collage of creations from this past week, known as our beloved SoulFullHeart Museletter, has been released for yet another ‘week’. As always, it is a place to find our latest writings, audio recordings, and event listing updates. We (Raphael Awen, Jelelle Awen, Kalayna Colibri, and Gabriel Heartman) are honoured and excited for every release, to feel our heart work land in your own heart and support your growth in whatever ways you are ready for.

This week we are featuring an exciting announcement about our blog. SoulFullHeart Blog has been named as one of the Top 30 Inspirational Blogs by Feedspot! We also have a new event to invite you to if you are local to Puerto Vallarta. We will be holding our first (of what could many!) Meditation And Spiritual Sharing Group at Vallarta Co-work on Sunday, May 14th at 10:30am. We are asking for a donation (no minimum) and the format will be similar to the virtual group calls, with a guided meditation, SoulFullHeart-based teachings, and a space for vulnerable sharing.

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LOVE to you from all of us! ❤







SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week Of March 13, NEW Writings, Videos And Events

Weekly swimming pool full of sharings from the four of us (me, Raphael Awen Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri) which we call our ‘SoulFullHeart Museletter’ is out today (as every ‘Friday’). These museletters offer a dip into writings, videos, group call listings, events that you may have missed during the week or just want to take in again. I’m always amazed at what arises out of us all during the week, just flows out in a steady stream to be shared with others. I like to take a moment to feel what has moved through me during the ‘week’ as often the moment is arising in the moment for me without much thought of what has been (more and more anyway…..) This week’s edition features an article by Jelelle Awen about experiencing the GIFTS of the Universe through parts work, which is the primary ground of processing that we offer through sessions, with an excerpt from it below.

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Invitation To Experience Gifts Through The Parts Work Process:

So many gems and gifts coming through right now, in insights and remembrances and putting things together. Gifts from guides and galactic aspects, angelic aspects, elemental aspects, presented during everyday life and ‘walking around’ reality. Gifts coming in with the sunlight, every ray of the sun seeming to offer light codes to activate what has been dormant and wants now to wake up and be remembered.

With the sense of wonder in your heart, these gifts can come in to you. With a sense of goodness about yourself and your own worth, these gifts can be received by you. With a trust in love and Divine Source, these gifts can be let in by you.

I have been receiving some comments lately on my writings and videos from some souls who are in a “I don’t see it” and “I’m not experiencing this” and “I am not getting these gifts” phase on their journey. This is a sacred phase too, although not an easy one.

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SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of March 6: Golden Earth Now! Vlog Series, Sacred Masculine Series, and Indigo Souls Series

By Jelelle Awen

Sharing…we are all four of us (me, Raphael Awen, Gabriel Heartman, andLeena Colibri) in a phase of sharing as it overflows naturally and organically from our hearts and souls in an alchemy of Divine creation. There aren’t questions for us of what to share and when, it just comes out and then is offered..can’t really work on ‘assignment’ when it comes to following Divine and higher self flow. This process of creativity allows us to see ourselves, to express our ‘leading edges’ of BEing, and to alchemize and manifest this expression ‘out’ in the world as it grows from within.

That these expressions of heart flow then land and resonate with others, with many of you who are offering hearts and thumbs and comments, is the downstream layer of nourishment for us after the creation. THANK YOU for taking US in as you serve our growth even as, hopefully, you receive the gifts too that support yours. This is the collaboration that we enter into together whenever the energy is exchanged through your receiving and our giving.

Our weekly ‘pool’ of sharings and offerings named our ‘SoulFullHeart Museletter’ is out today (as every ‘Friday’) and offers a dip into writings, videos, group call listings that you may have missed during the week or just want to take in again. Rich waters in which to swim offering much love and goodness to take in! This week launched many new ‘series’ with Raphael’s Golden Earth Now Vlog Series, Gabriel’s Sacred Masculinity Blog Series, and Leena’s Indigo-Rainbow-Crystal Soul Series!

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SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 27: Sun Light Activations, Connection With Gaia, Relationships Shifts

The weekly ‘pool’ of writing (12 articles or poems!), audio, and video offerings from me, Raphael Awen, Gabriel Heartman, and Leena Colibri called the ‘SoulFullHeart museletter’ is available for the week of February 27. There is a wonderful theme of celebrating the sun and Mother Gaia that emerged through the week with the solar eclipse and increasing light codes being transmitted through taking in direct sunlight. I also wrote a couple of pieces about shiftings in relationships with friends, family, and mates from ‘sticky’ binds to soul bonds, plus navigating soul desires that arise with the parts that may be in doubt or fear (with a wonderful article from Leena about navigating doubts in 4D).

Overall, it feels like a time of transitions – both personally and globally – with support coming from the influx of photonic light and love waves….as offered by Archangel Metatron in his message re-offered in the museletter. Please msg Leena Colibri if you would like to receive these weekly in your email….

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SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 20: Conscious Duality And Sacred Humanity

By Jelelle Awen

The ‘pool’ filled with wisdom, lived in experience, and love that we call the “SoulFullHeart Museletter’, from our hearts’ expression and soul creativity, is all ready to go for this week: February 20! Leena Colibri and Gabriel Heartman have gathered up the writings they have offered this week, plus mine andRaphael‘s in there too, offering a sweet immersion.

We also offer links to the video recordings of our writings, which we will be producing more and more feels like as the energy transmission offered in voice is a great catalyzer to go with the written words. Mentioned in this museletter are two group calls coming up in the next few weeks for you to join in with if you’d like to in exchange for a money/love donation. I def. recommend it as a bridge to experience us and our commUnity. The unveiling this week of conscious duality and the NEW sacred human was a big highlight and my writing about this is our featured article for the week…

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