SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Lion’s Gate Offering Unity Abundance Activation With Archangel Metatron


What a week this has been!  A huge opening into a new phase of support and guidance into a glorious time for humanity.  The Lion’s Gate portal is open and two huge eclipses have sent many of us into a plethora of emotions.  Jelelle Awen received a major download from Metatron around the invitation of this new timeline.

“As I tuned into the energy of this gateway and asked Archangel Metatron about it, the main piece I received was that it offers a ‘Unity Abundance activation.’ The Unity activation is from within primarily…an invitation to unity between each of our aspects and parts WITH each other. The unity within of masculine and feminine healthy frequencies to move out of wounded and congested expressions of the wounded matriarch and patriarch that have played out for so long. The unity offered as we become conscious of our Metasoul/other lifetime aspects and bridge to them ourselves and WITH each other. This bridging is what heals the polarity within our soul field and our emotional body. Polarity exists between opposing energies that have not yet found or discovered the unifying energy of LOVE that unites all things together.”

So much happening for all of us personally in SoulFullHeart that is reflected in the collective.  A birth of new writing to digest all that has been moving individually but with a universal context.  Included are more recordings of this week’s writings as well as information on this Saturday’s group call that is certain to be a big one as Jelelle and Raphael will be focusing on this Abundance Unity Activation.

Enjoy all of this and more in this week’s trove of love.  So much love and support from our hearts to yours.

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SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Narrowing Energetic Corridor Offers Movement Into The New


“There could be a feeling of crawling right now as you travel down the corridor of this old, feeling your way through as previously suppressed pains and wounds from your emotional body and Metasoul greet you and come up. Crawling is ok though, as is pausing and just sitting still and BEing with the discomfort. Crying the tears that need to come up. BEing with the fears too. All this is temporary….a pressure cooker, compression point, narrowing corridor reality that invites you to keep choosing love in every moment in order to keep moving through it.” – Jelelle Awen

This is a Mega month of increasingly intense energies coming in that feel like the path we are on is narrowing, a feeling of a squeeze in our emotional bodies.  The feature article by Jelelle Awen feels into the context of what is happening “out there” as it applies to “in here”.  What are the energies trying to message to us, help us feel to transform into a new reality that is not about suppressing anything but fully feeling what is true for you in the moment and how that can lead us to very catalytic changes.

We have many other offerings included such as our weekly compilation of our teachings, experiences, and visions.  We have many recordings for you to take into your “heart ears” and a new energy update video by Jelelle.  Information on our upcoming group calls and retreats are included.

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Our hearts are connected with you all during these incredibly exciting yet sometimes difficult times.  Much love from our hearts to yours.
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SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Growing Into More Is What We Signed Up For!

“Just like a seed that is sitting in the soil, we have this untapped yet preset potential. The seed can only see itself a seed until the right conditions come in to alter its reality. The water of real love comes pouring in and around. It begins to shift inside and make changes. It does not resist its ultimate destiny but it must push through some dark and difficult terrain. It has become something new. Its outer shell has popped and it is more genuine nature comes through.”

This week features Gabriel Heartman’s writing about how we have all chosen this very life we are living as a means to learn and grow into MORE than we have allowed ourselves to be convinced we could be.  The use of the seed to plant analogy is a simple yet effective one to describe our journey into 3D for this very reason.

This museletter continues the lovepacked writings of the SoulFullHeart crew that has been on an UPward trajectory.  More information on our upcoming group calls and the much awaited retreat in November.  There is also the recording from last week’s group call that was lead by Raphael Awen about the 3D, 4D, and 5D selves.  A lot of great teaching and love vibrations!

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SFH Museletter, July 24 2017

SoulFullHeart Museletter: Disclosure Process Is Accelerating

This week’s Museletter is busting at the seems from the love that wants to make its way to your heart! The featured article by Jelelle Awen digest the recent crop circle creation in Cley Hill, England.  She takes the meaning in through the SoulFullHeart perspective and applies it to our own personal and collective disclosures of deep healing.  We are all One, and as we each make our own personal journeys we are thereby effecting the greater whole.  The graphic representation shows us that we are all connected in an infinite world and we are being supported by the various beings that have a deep love for us and our ascension.

Included is more information about our call this Saturday at 11:11 CST on Zoom.  We will be discussing the 7 Key areas of life that we focus on in SoulFullHeart and how they are experienced in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.  If you cannot make this one, more info about future calls is included.

This week we had a huge output of writing and a lot to digest as a community and personally.  A lot is moving and shifting in our world and that can bring up many reactions, both of joy and not so joyous.  It is what gives us the experience to learn and grow from that we then share with you from our open hearts.

There is also a new energy update from Jelelle about how the incoming codes are creating compression points inside of us that are needing to be held and felt to release and integrate into new layers of consciousness.

So from all of us at SoulFullHeart we offer you another week’s worth of our passion and purpose, sprinkled with a ton of love.  Thank you so much for taking this is in each week. If you feel that what we are offering has been giving you much reflection and guidance, we would love to feel your gratitude through a Love Donation through our website or through our Patreon page where you can even offer a monthly contribution.

Have a great weekend and may love continue to work its way into your world!


SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: You CAN Have What You Want

Has it been another week already? Wow…when you are living your passion purpose time just doesn’t seem to have the same impact. Here is another edition of our weekly museletter straight from our hearts to yours.
This week Raphael reminds us that we can truly have whatever it is we want. His digestion with Metatron reminds us that if we have the desire we have the power to manifest our dreams. A quote from Metatron:
‘Your desires and your ‘wanter’ is something that is tied to the center of your being and the center of the universe. There isn’t actually any difference between the two. They are one and the same. When you really own a desire and purify that desire inside of yourself to where it is really true, that pure desire is all you need to manifest that desire into the dimension you wish to experience that in. In fact, this is already true, you just find it difficult to see. Your life as you presently know it is a manifestation of your desires. Desire has created your present reality.’
This week is packed with our weekly musings, information on our next group calls and November retreat, along with the recording of last week’s sacred union group call that includes a powerful meditation to invoke your own inner and outer union.
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SoulFullHeartMuseletter: Intense Ascension Energy Happening NOW!

This week’s museletter is full of heart open digestions by Jelelle Awen that center around the intense waves of ascension energies that are coming at us from the cosmos.  These energies cause our emotional bodies to start to vibrate higher and that accentuates what needs to be felt to lighten it UP.  It is through deep feeling of our stuck emotional energies that we start to let in the Love that wants to make its way into our BEing so we can make room for MORE and serve MORE.   These upgrades are working your crystal body so you can begin to experience and witness more of what you have always been.

Included is information on our upcoming calls, such as this Saturday’s Women’s call over Zoom.  There is also an in-person meditation group that is occurring in Puerto Vallarta this Sunday.  There are our treasure trove of weekly writings that are sure to send you into deep space of feeling and introspection.  More poetry by Kalayna Colibri to delight your inner Muse.  Check out the newest audios and recording from last week’s men’s call.

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SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Let’s Fall

Here is another shot of SoulFullHeart love that will assuredly get your chakras activated!  Featured this week is a beautifully hearticulated poem by Kalayna Colibri that sends out a call to those who are on the edge of romance but have yet to make that impassioned claim to go all-in regardless of where the road may lead you.  It is the process itself that leads to new growth places inside ourselves and a possibility of deepening union with another.

¨I want those scraped knees…and grass-stained jeans. Those ripped up shirts…that tangled hair. The one way…to tear down curtains…over those layers…that need revealing.¨

Added to this heart feast is an invitation to the next men’s group call this coming Saturday, as well as information on the upcoming general group calls, and the next women’s call.  Jelelle writes vulnerably about her experiences with Raphael and their MetaSoul partners that add to this ever deepening of the nature of counterpart romance, as well as her weekly Energy Update.  Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri continue to share there personal experience of the heart and what it is like to ache and enter into sacred romance explorations.

A big celebration for Jelelle’s new book, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder, is showcased and links to its purchase in both Ebook and print versions are linked.  New recordings of past writing and the latest group call recording is available as well.  All right there in a quaint package for your viewing pleasure.

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Enjoy soaking up the SoulFullHeart sun…. ❤ to you all!


SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Emotional Ascension

This week’s Museletter has found it’s way into our midst! This week we feature our article from Gabriel on Emotional Ascension and letting go in order to let in NEW life circumstances that our hearts and souls very deeply need and desire. This is a tough crucible to hold and Gabriel shares from his own experience of what these fires are like to walk through and what is on the other side of them.

We also have the book release of Jelelle’s creation, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder, available NOW in print and e-book!

We also have many writings and several recordings to take in, including the recording of last week’s virtual group call on the Emotional Body and going deeply into the healing of it through parts work and SoulFullHeart.

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Enjoy soaking up the SoulFullHeart sun…. ❤ to you all!


SFH museletter May 29 2017

Weekly SoulFullHeart Museletter: May 22, 2017

Welcome to another sailing of the SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter! This week we featured a NEW energy update from Jelelle Awen, regarding incoming light waves lighting us up, encouraging a deepening of soul and heart claims in ALL areas of our lives. We also have a recording from the virtual group call for women last weekend, featuring some stunning teachings from Jelelle that men and women alike will benefit from taking in. The main article this week is from Jelelle and offers us all a perspective on bridging our ascension with our emotional body. This is one of the main foundations of the SoulFullHeart process.

We also feature another pool of writings from the week, by Jelelle, Raphael, Gabriel, and Kalayna. We welcome you to immerse and soak in the SoulFullHeart ‘heart tub’ with us, as you continue your own journey to feel and heal your own parts and experience your ascension and awakening at deeper and deeper layers of your BEing!

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LOVE to you!


SFH museletter May 22 2017