SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week Of April 17: Blog Announcement, NEW Event

Our weekly collage of creations from this past week, known as our beloved SoulFullHeart Museletter, has been released for yet another ‘week’. As always, it is a place to find our latest writings, audio recordings, and event listing updates. We (Raphael Awen, Jelelle Awen, Kalayna Colibri, and Gabriel Heartman) are honoured and excited for every release, to feel our heart work land in your own heart and support your growth in whatever ways you are ready for.

This week we are featuring an exciting announcement about our blog. SoulFullHeart Blog has been named as one of the Top 30 Inspirational Blogs by Feedspot! We also have a new event to invite you to if you are local to Puerto Vallarta. We will be holding our first (of what could many!) Meditation And Spiritual Sharing Group at Vallarta Co-work on Sunday, May 14th at 10:30am. We are asking for a donation (no minimum) and the format will be similar to the virtual group calls, with a guided meditation, SoulFullHeart-based teachings, and a space for vulnerable sharing.

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SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week Of March 13, NEW Writings, Videos And Events

Weekly swimming pool full of sharings from the four of us (me, Raphael Awen Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri) which we call our ‘SoulFullHeart Museletter’ is out today (as every ‘Friday’). These museletters offer a dip into writings, videos, group call listings, events that you may have missed during the week or just want to take in again. I’m always amazed at what arises out of us all during the week, just flows out in a steady stream to be shared with others. I like to take a moment to feel what has moved through me during the ‘week’ as often the moment is arising in the moment for me without much thought of what has been (more and more anyway…..) This week’s edition features an article by Jelelle Awen about experiencing the GIFTS of the Universe through parts work, which is the primary ground of processing that we offer through sessions, with an excerpt from it below.

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Invitation To Experience Gifts Through The Parts Work Process:

So many gems and gifts coming through right now, in insights and remembrances and putting things together. Gifts from guides and galactic aspects, angelic aspects, elemental aspects, presented during everyday life and ‘walking around’ reality. Gifts coming in with the sunlight, every ray of the sun seeming to offer light codes to activate what has been dormant and wants now to wake up and be remembered.

With the sense of wonder in your heart, these gifts can come in to you. With a sense of goodness about yourself and your own worth, these gifts can be received by you. With a trust in love and Divine Source, these gifts can be let in by you.

I have been receiving some comments lately on my writings and videos from some souls who are in a “I don’t see it” and “I’m not experiencing this” and “I am not getting these gifts” phase on their journey. This is a sacred phase too, although not an easy one.

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SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of March 6: Golden Earth Now! Vlog Series, Sacred Masculine Series, and Indigo Souls Series

By Jelelle Awen

Sharing…we are all four of us (me, Raphael Awen, Gabriel Heartman, andLeena Colibri) in a phase of sharing as it overflows naturally and organically from our hearts and souls in an alchemy of Divine creation. There aren’t questions for us of what to share and when, it just comes out and then is offered..can’t really work on ‘assignment’ when it comes to following Divine and higher self flow. This process of creativity allows us to see ourselves, to express our ‘leading edges’ of BEing, and to alchemize and manifest this expression ‘out’ in the world as it grows from within.

That these expressions of heart flow then land and resonate with others, with many of you who are offering hearts and thumbs and comments, is the downstream layer of nourishment for us after the creation. THANK YOU for taking US in as you serve our growth even as, hopefully, you receive the gifts too that support yours. This is the collaboration that we enter into together whenever the energy is exchanged through your receiving and our giving.

Our weekly ‘pool’ of sharings and offerings named our ‘SoulFullHeart Museletter’ is out today (as every ‘Friday’) and offers a dip into writings, videos, group call listings that you may have missed during the week or just want to take in again. Rich waters in which to swim offering much love and goodness to take in! This week launched many new ‘series’ with Raphael’s Golden Earth Now Vlog Series, Gabriel’s Sacred Masculinity Blog Series, and Leena’s Indigo-Rainbow-Crystal Soul Series!

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SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 27: Sun Light Activations, Connection With Gaia, Relationships Shifts

The weekly ‘pool’ of writing (12 articles or poems!), audio, and video offerings from me, Raphael Awen, Gabriel Heartman, and Leena Colibri called the ‘SoulFullHeart museletter’ is available for the week of February 27. There is a wonderful theme of celebrating the sun and Mother Gaia that emerged through the week with the solar eclipse and increasing light codes being transmitted through taking in direct sunlight. I also wrote a couple of pieces about shiftings in relationships with friends, family, and mates from ‘sticky’ binds to soul bonds, plus navigating soul desires that arise with the parts that may be in doubt or fear (with a wonderful article from Leena about navigating doubts in 4D).

Overall, it feels like a time of transitions – both personally and globally – with support coming from the influx of photonic light and love waves….as offered by Archangel Metatron in his message re-offered in the museletter. Please msg Leena Colibri if you would like to receive these weekly in your email….

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SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 20: Conscious Duality And Sacred Humanity

By Jelelle Awen

The ‘pool’ filled with wisdom, lived in experience, and love that we call the “SoulFullHeart Museletter’, from our hearts’ expression and soul creativity, is all ready to go for this week: February 20! Leena Colibri and Gabriel Heartman have gathered up the writings they have offered this week, plus mine andRaphael‘s in there too, offering a sweet immersion.

We also offer links to the video recordings of our writings, which we will be producing more and more feels like as the energy transmission offered in voice is a great catalyzer to go with the written words. Mentioned in this museletter are two group calls coming up in the next few weeks for you to join in with if you’d like to in exchange for a money/love donation. I def. recommend it as a bridge to experience us and our commUnity. The unveiling this week of conscious duality and the NEW sacred human was a big highlight and my writing about this is our featured article for the week…

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Forgiving Yourself And Others: SoulFullHeart Museletter Week Of February 13, 2017

By Jelelle Awen

A LOT of writing is coming for me lately and through me lately, I’ve been sharing these writings here…..along with the wonderful writings of Raphael,Gabriel, Leena. These posts can float on by on the facebook or blog stream. So, we’ve collected together, pooled together, this week’s SoulFullHeart writings, videos, and upcoming events in one place, which we call a ‘museletter.’ A pool to dip into providing Divine inspiration in the form of words and energy. The latest article by me featured on this week’s one is below and please visit our website and enter your email or email us at if you would like to receive these in your email.

Forgive them their busyness,
They know not how to be.
Forgive them their violence,
They know not how to act.
Forgive them their blindness,
They know not how to see.
Forgive them their lack of conscience
They know not how to feel remorse.
Forgive them their judgment,
They know not how to discern.
Forgive them their numbness,
They know not how to feel.
Forgive them their hatred
They know not how to love.
Forgive them their greed,
They know not how to receive.
Forgive them their destruction,
They know not how to create.

This message came to me through ascended teacher Mother Mary in 2010 after I was attuned to remember Reiki energy or Christ consciousness energy. I was struggling at the time, in recovery in many ways from leaving a spiritual group, soul family, that I was deeply connected with and felt was my soul work. I chose to leave, yet the very sudden loss of connection with the group pushed up deep feelings of rejection, hurt, frustration, and rage. Such an important process, such an important crucible for me to have experienced.

During this time, I was struggling with forgiving my soul family in the group who would no longer be in relationship with me. I was especially conflicted about forgiving the leader of the group, my former spiritual teacher, and surrogate father who had ‘kicked’ me out with very harsh energies. These edges in my emotional body and in the aspects that held them needed soothing, comfort, and love.

Mother Mary visited me and offered waves of soft blue and pink light. She embraced me, reflecting to me my purity and innocence. She offered me these words of forgiveness to extend toward those who I perceived had hurt me, an extension of the words spoken by Yeshua as he died. And, more than anything, she encouraged me to embrace them toward myself and the parts of me that had been so drawn to the group, had done harm to others, parts of me that were like the formerly beloved spiritual teacher. I was also awakening to the difficult realities of the 3D world and the abuses on so many levels going on related to the planet, animals, toward other human beings. She was offering forgiveness energy toward all the ‘perpetrators’ of these abusive frequencies too.

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Living A Dream Life As Your Dream Self: SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week of February 6, 2017

By Jelelle Awen

I live in a city of dreams. People travel here to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from around the world to come on vacation or to spend half the year or to live here. They come with their dreams of sun, of fun, of connection with others and with themselves. They come with dreams of escape and a sense of freedom from routine. They come with a wish for MORE than what they experience everyday: more enjoyment, more warmth, more fun, more quiet time, more peace, more LOVE.

I feel them here on the beaches, on the Malecon Oceanside walk, on the cobblestone streets, right across the street in the vacation rental apartment building…I feel them walking around here and they are dreaming. They are shedding their outer skins of coats and heavy clothes for sandals and bathing suits and they are wondering if and how they could somehow move here or come here more? They are dreaming of leaving their jobs or businesses behind and starting over , a new life by the sea. They are dreaming of a new version of them that could do and BE this, that could ‘give it all up’ and start over.

This feeling of ‘living a dream’ is an apt way to describe what it feels like to live in fifth dimensional consciousness more and more. Your LIFE feels like a dream. Your LIFE feels like a vacation. Your LIFE feels more and more like YOU as you feel in your ‘best moments’. You no longer experience compromises in what you are putting your energy into and what is getting your attention. You don’t have a life you dread or worry about or experience suffering over to ‘go back to.’ You may still experience moments of pain that come up, especially from integration of soul aspects and soul legacy themes. Yet, this temporary pain is held as sacred and the joy you feel in your heart holds it and responds to it.

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Are You Saturated By Love? SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week of January 30, 2017

Please go here to read our SoulFullHeart museletter for the week of January 30th…The museletter for this week has arisen with links to our recent writings, everything from a guided meditation video to money as love exchange to opening the cosmic heart to authentic gratitude to sacred union love poetry to discovering light language…..and event listings, about sessions, and a new writing by me about being at love’s saturation point with Archangel Metatron (excerpted below)….

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Being At Love’s Saturation Point (with Archangel Metatron):

Are you at your saturation point? This is the point at which love has saturated your heart and your soul enough that you tip over into a brand NEW life and experience of life. This kind of love is beyond lust and beyond duty. This love is risky and catalytic. This kind of love comes from the purity of a healing heart, from the liberating frequencies of a healing soul, from the groundedness of a healing body.

You have taken this love in from resources outside of yourself that you have drawn to you. You have dipped into the pool of this love inside of your own heart by going within during your inner journeys. You have experienced this love with Angels, spirit guides, Divine representatives, star beings. You have received this love from others in relationships that are formed from resonant soul grounds of transaction. You have immersed yourself often in the waters of this love in whatever forms you could find and draw to you.

Before the saturation point, what has previously NOT been from this love has still been able to be digested by you somehow. It has been familiar and comfortable to parts of you, your 3D self, and allowed to still exist in your life. You can trust that it has needed to be there…..whatever it is….relationships, jobs, food choices, lifestyle choices, geography, etc. It has needed to be there until your heart saturation point is too high and then that which is lower in vibrational frequency can no longer be digested by you.






SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week of January 23rd

Please go here to read our SoulFullHeart museletter for the week of January 23rd…The museletter for this week has arisen with links to our recent writings, everything from experiences with unicorns to moving beyond negativity to speaking in tongues to feeling and surrendering to our beauty…..and event listings, about sessions, and a new writing by me with Archangel Metatron (excerpted below)….

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You Are Not Alone (with Archangel Metatron):

You are not alone. You were not meant to do this journey alone. You come from a Divine Source that invites you to embrace and remember this. In this embracement, you no longer feel alone. Divine Source is the home frequency for which you can return over and over to remind yourself of where you came and where you will eventually return.

The sky of your third eye world is filled with light beings that want to support you, care for you, and infuse you with their higher vibrational frequencies. You come from them. You ARE them and connection with them creates the foundations for the remembering of this. In the most vibrant and radiant Archangel is the reflection of your sparkle, your glow, your warmth.

In your lone wolf self is the habit to be overly self sufficient. It has been a necessary phase that your soul choose to navigate the denser frequencies of third dimensional reality. This lone wolf energy, this self protection, has been necessary to move through life with an overloaded emotional pain body and undigested karmic infused soul field. It is overloaded and feels tired from caring this ‘burden’ alone. This lone wolf needs to feel that there is a higher self you that is ready and able to ask for help to carry the load of what you are here to heal and feel as a soul.

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SoulFullHeart Museletter: Week of January 16th

Please go here to read our SoulFullHeart museletter for the week of January 16th…There is a NEW article by me, Jelelle Awen, about Integrating Emotional Expression As A Critical Aspect Of The Ascension Process, along with all our blog writings for the week and some from earlier this year. We also include our latest event, a featured video, and information about sessions.

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