Recreating HIStory: Day 2- Seeking The Brothers Of The Battlefield

This is the second in a series of writings that I am feeling guided to share about my personal, yet very collective, journey into the shadow of the masculine heart, and the soul aspects that are contained within. The purpose is to feel and heal what has still been hidden around power and leadership in the service of Love to Self, romance, community, humanity, and Gaia. I look forward to any engagement that you may feel guided to express along the way. You can even recommend a place for me to go that may have some significance for you. I feel this is a co-creative journey between myself and those that take this in. You can find the beginning of the series at


A few days ago, with the assistance of the divine feminine guidance of Jelelle, Raphael and I took a meditative journey into lands that seemed to shift and change. It was difficult for me to determine a specific timeline. It was as if multiple timelines were presenting themselves at once. But the theme was the same. A carrying out of orders for an emotionally and spiritually devoid leader. Not following our own heart, but projecting our own power unto the throne of dictatorship.

Death was all around. Bodies strewn across a battlefield. The energy in comparison to my own frequency was quite intense. I saw my own ‘brother’ taking things from other fallen men. We were guided to turn ‘off’ the scene, remove the war vibe, and connect to these souls in trauma. In their eyes, I could see and feel the PTSD. The insanity of it all. The vibration of the violence still lived inside. To feel the serenity of the stillness was a stark contrast. At that moment, these men could feel the depth of how far they had ‘fallen’, how much they had given away in their own search for power.

It was important to stay separate from the scene. I have tended to dwell on the story when all that was needed was to ‘grab’ the brother out of the situation and place him in another frequency that is much lighter and higher. It is not about just releasing the energy either. They needed to be placed almost in an ICU environment that Raphael and I are calling New Camelot, a more 5D frequency. This gives these lives a new lease on a new life. A new timeline to integrate.

What I learned from this experience is that our ‘past’ lives, which are really happening right Now, are energetic imprints in time/space. That is where the karma lies. In this rescue mission, led by our Higher Selves, our Protectors/Gatekeepers, and other guides such as Metatron and others, we are seeking out this karmic energy so that it can be transmuted into love and integrated back into the Metasoul. The gifts of these lives, no longer stuck in the karmic swirl, are the increasing sense of true power that is centered in love and not fear.

Raphael felt, too, that it will be important to bring these lives back to their original timeline(s), so that there can be a completion of the ties that bound the hearts and souls to the leader. A loving “fuck you” and an invitation to bring them and the other men into the fold of our Higher Heart. That is where shit gets collective!

Wow… I am seeing this whole new world of what our imaginations are capable of! We truly have the gift of recreating the world from within, one cluster of lives at a time. This is going to be a wild ride. I feel a possible series of writings coming from this experience that will invite other men to seek their own inner quantum multidimensional healing journeys. That is a mouthful, but more importantly heartful and soulful. I look forward to what is arising and will arise in me as we continue to unfurl what lies at the core of our male story.

More to follow…..

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Recreating HIStory: Day 2- Seeking The Brothers Of The Battlefield

  1. Please indeed do some of your wonderful writing for our poor, beleaguered men! Women’s struggles for societal equivalence have been cooped by that same society into a framework of male denigrative and denial which has us giving them dirty looks for kind respectfulness and made it — in California, anyway — ILLEGAL for them to LOOK at us for more than a PRESCRIBED NUMBER OF SECONDS. We are being legislated out of love through demonization of the masculine. I, for one, will be very much looking forward to reblogging what you have to say to us about this important subject! 😎

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