The Fellowship of the Kings of Heart


I have a continued calling and desire to keep writing and inviting others to feel this archetypal King energy inside the hearts of all men.  This is even true for women, as they have their own inner masculine energy that has protected their inner femininity from fully blooming for the most noble of reasons.  They too can be healed to a King that helps to become to a counterpart to her arising Queen.  For men, it becomes one portal into our deepest essence as a sacred human in masculine form.  

I can’t help but to feel a loneliness that exists in the Heart of Man.  An authentic desire for deeper connection and resonance.  So much of our connection can be in the mental body,and if it does transact in the emotional body there can be some deep resistances to becoming too intimate.  There is a dearth of authentic, intimate templating that we have been exposed to, at least in my past personal experience.  I always felt more comfortable being more emotional with women than with men, but seemed to find more heart sensitive men to have relationships with when I did.  But there is another level of vulnerability that we never seemed to cross.  We stayed in a contracted frequency that had some nourishment but not a lot of growth.  

As we find ourselves on ever-changing timelines and raising frequencies, we are being exposed to our deeper needs, desires, and the pains that follow them. We are being moved into experiences of remembering more of who we ARE in our most authentic Truth.  As men, I feel how their is a desire to share this within community that can find itself to lean more toward mental digestions.  Or there is a heartfelt ache to connect in heart space but there may be no one around to really understand what is moving through you.  Or you may be blessed a beautiful sweet spot and are desiring more to join you.  

I feel that we are being called back into our most heart-open leading edge of service and leadership.  One that starts square in our hearts to feel all the places where we feel alone, forsaken, guilty, unworthy, confused, or in doubt.  There are many different textures and levels inside of us that desire to be felt and for some it can be a lot to hold.  The heart is seeking feeling and to be reunited with its soul.  Its King.  It seeks to be made whole and then expanded out into the Cosmic Heart of Humanity.  To lead others into the glorious NOW of our deepest gifts and magic.  To fly in the jetstream of Golden Consciousness with an untethered mind free of the energy that kept it in the dark spaces of our pain.  This is what I feel we ache for.  I least my heart and soul does.

And I wish to do this with other men in a fellowship of leadership.  We have such a huge part to play in this arising new golden era of consciousness.  To help heal the All by going into our One.  To reclaim our brilliant kingdom within full of passion, vision, and creativity.  We permit ourselves to live the lives of the Kings that we ARE and encourage and challenge each other lovingly to this grand place of masculine relationship.
I have experienced this with my good friend Raphael Awen and so much want to share this experience with other men.  I loved my male friends dearly, as brothers of heart.  I found myself on a new timeline, but feel them at times in my heart.  

This is a show of desire to be in a bond of like-hearted souls that have chosen to fully inhabit their desire for growth, healing, and building an Empire of Love.  I feel a new care and expanded heart for men everywhere, regardless where we are at on our quest.  I would love to serve the hearts of those so drawn to this fellowship and leadership of Heart.  I claim this inner kingdom for myself and long for you to do the same.  

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Kings of Heart: Arising of the Sacred Masculine Blog Series

blog series

‘You can be the captain

And I will draw the chart

Sailing into destiny

Closer to the heart”

Lyrics from Closer to the Heart by Rush

This moment we all find ourselves in is extraordinary.  We are in the midst of a great awakening from all that we have been asleep to.  We are being exposed to more light codes, rising vibrations, and a thinning of the veil between dimensions.  These are all meant to assist us on the next phase of our journey with Mother Gaia and our own growth as a soul toward more and more remembrance as our essence of Love.  Much is discussed about our general human relationship to ascension, all of the ebbs and flows, ups and downs, but it feels important to feel into our dualistic expression as male and female to see how it can affect how we experience and engage in these energies.

At the core we are All One.  But we chose to partake in the dual as a way to experience Love as Other.  To be a conduit for Love to experience itself in its infinite possibility.  In that dual state we chose to learn in a more masculine or feminine form.  The lessons and challenges are the same on a very human level but there are others that lend themselves more specifically to one or the other.  This is the path we chose to walk out.  

This is a time of a great rebalancing on Mother Gaia.  There has been an over abundance of wounded masculine, or Yang, energy that has served as a wake up call to our need to balance with the more Sacred Feminine.  This energy exists in both men and women, however has been more energized in the male form. I do not judge Yang energy as negative.  It is vital to all of life and is sacred in its purest and most healed expression.  There was a purpose behind this disequilibrium.  It will all be more understood as the nature of our “past” and “future” find themselves in our current state of NOW.  There feels to be a connection to our Atlantean and Lemurian inheritance that may be at play here.  At least that is how it is coming to me in my personal discovery with my guides.  It is all play here and part of the masculine healing is to feel and engage in intuition, while taking in what has already been learnt about this dimension.  

During this “time” of great peace and abundance, there was a more balanced male.  Leaders and creators of great reverence and wisdom, co-creating in tandem with the feminine.  Somewhere there was great influence by more negatively polarized BEings that caused a shift in consciousness that brought the end of this civilization.  The psychic grid lowered in density and thus the veil emerged to eclipse the conscious memory of what once was (and still is).  However, its legacy lives on in our DNA.  We have been affected by that time, I believe, as well as numerous others.  In our masculine expression, we lost something so near and dear to us.  In the collective male psyche, I am exploring the ways in which we may have a suppressed emotive digestion of all that happened and how that has influenced our 3D experience.  The theme, or archetype, is that of The Fallen King.   

In honoring of the lyrics I posed at the beginning I want to bring this “closer to the heart”.  Even if the Atlantis piece doesn’t resonate I feel this theme does.  At least it does for me and I believe I am here to explore it more and with those that feel it too.  There is a particular feeling tone that brings it to the surface of our emotional body.  It may come out as shame, guilt, control, fear, judgment, aggression, and depression.  As the energies I mentioned earlier increase, the “oil” of these repressed emotions and memories will surface.  The question is, how do we as men respond to this influx of emotion that is currently underway?  How do we see ourselves as leaders and co-creators in this dawning Age of Golden Earth?  How do we relate to the Sacred Feminine as the vehicle for our ascending Sacred Masculine?  Where is it that needs healing to fully inhabit this new role similar to, but different from, our intra-dimensional experience?  

These are all questions that I want to explore myself and have you join me in.  I am not an expert on Atlantis and am being guided to feel more than research but I am certainly open to whatever you feel may be of importance.  As part of the healing community called SoulFullHeart I will be using that lens to bring this topic into heart focus.  We are in an epic time and I feel we are on a journey together.  A journey of exploring,  remembering, and experiencing ourselves beyond the limited consciousness we have found ourselves in and are currently awakening to. The feminine is imperative on this journey so I encourage you all to join along.  It is through your heart and soul that we rise again and seek co-creative “power with” through your Yin nature.  Together as men may we arise to embody our Kings of Heart.    

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at


Falling Yin Love


Over the past few days I have been going into my heart and soul to feel what I am being guided to offer and express. In the process it was not about solving or figuring anything out. A distinctly masculine approach. One that I have used often. I felt to reboot my relationship to more Yin energies within me. To do so is to go in rather than out. From that came an idea to start a possible book or something like it titled “Going Yin”. It is an exploration of what it means to feel our Yin nature as a human male. What are the themes that are so different from our wounded masculine tendencies? How do those live inside me and how do they shift the way I feel and perceive myself, life, reality, and love? There is a great shift happening and I am being guided to feel more into this as being in a more Yin space will offer many gifts in the arising unknown. To dance with it rather than fight it.

Words on paper. That is what I am being guided to do. While a part of me is questioning this “strategy” to starting a book, I immediately can feel the energy of plan and structure. I am not judging this, just noticing it. I was inspired to begin a…God knows what word could be inserted here…a free verse of a journey into the inner feminine of a male human being. The needs of strategy, planning, and structure are apparent as I have language and purpose to attend to but it is more an experiment in energy and intuition, and a trust that I have those already embedded in me. I feel the logical part of me wanting to reread this and check for clarification and profundity.

There is a great example. I have never used that word ‘profundity’ in my life (that I am conscious of). I am sure I heard it, was given a definition or context, and stored it somewhere. But I would have never used that word by structured choice. It came out of me through just listening to my intuition. My stream of consciousness. That, to me, feels very Yin in nature and the very reason why I am choosing to embark on this. While I have been on a very Yin-based awakening process, I still find myself relating to life, in all its variegates (okay now it is getting silly), with a more masculine filter and reaction. I love my logic and reasoning. Don’t get me wrong. They are still a huge part of who I am, and who we are as human beings. I just feel this over-emphasis on it as a way of being and perceiving in the world. It is a deep wound based in fear and separation, or the fear of separation to be more specific. That is my sense of it. This could be elaborated on, clarified, or just plain changed over the course of my journey.

The impetus for this desire has arisen through my conscious awakening way of life called SoulFullHeart. It was founded by Jelelle and Raphael Awen as means to access our emotional pain body to allow the healing that is needed for us to awaken to our essence as divinely Infinite Love. It was birthed from Jelelle’s connection to the Divine Mother and the hard to feel reality that Her love, as well as Divine Father’s, has been misplaced in the shadow of our collective wounding, which is masculine in nature. A journey back to balance is felt as crucial as we find ourselves on the brink of global uncerntainties. But there is even a bigger picture. One of ascension. That there is a dimensional transition underway. One that part of an evolutionary process. A quickening. Gaia is moving into a 5th dimensional era. I don’t exactly know what I totally mean by that to be honest. I know there are all sorts of ideas and information out there. I am just downloading my own interpretation and will be exploring that further in my heart as well as with those that I am closest to. Regardless of the specifics, the point is there is something big happening. (In Yin time it has already happened, is continuing to happen, and will be happening…all at the same time. Yeah…no sense thinking about it.) The metaphysics of this I leave to my good friend, mentor, and co-yinner Raphael Awen.

What I feel is needed in this time of change is a good deal of Yin. A trust and an surrender in something that contains us and is there for us when we feel lost and in the process of change. We are being born into something new. A new way of relating, of communicating, and creating. All rooted in the beauty and power of Infinite Love. But there is much to feel in all of it. We have much to feel as our limited perception of reality will be challenged and the pain of our past, present, and future will be exposed to be felt in order to move on. Regardless of where I, or any of us “end up”, it is all still wrapped in Love.

But I feel beyond this picture of Yin as a life-preserver, for if I solely see it as that then I am coming from fear that I will be “left behind”, I want to experience life from a more Yin seat of being. That is to not become a woman, but to experience my authentic masculine expression. It through the sacred feminine that I feel our sacred masculine arises. Our strength, heart, passion, sex, and creativity are all made whole and more in line with our divinely masculine nature. So in a way, I am more on a journey toward my Yang through the mysterious and admittedly scary waters of Yin’s birth canal. I feel changed in my being somehow just by writing this. Something shifting toward my desire, creativity, and purpose. I feel supported and guided to continue the next set of words, whenever they arise, wherever they lead. This is the heart of Yin and I think I am falling in love.

Sequoia Heartman is a facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Please visit for more information.