Exposing The Roots Of Sacred Union

by James Elphick

Over the last few months it has felt true to turn inward, to heal, to be more self-contained and become more familiar with the relationship between my inner masculine and feminine rather than looking for a new relationship with another on the outside.

With this exploration I have found that there isn’t just one feminine and one masculine energy, but many each holding different frequencies that influence my whole. When there is a deep feeling and intimacy with these, there is room for them to breathe and heal. The healthier aspects harmonize and there is balance. Then daily activities and all types of relationships, especially the one with myself, have an ease and a flow.

This is a lifelong work in progress!

Through the ending of my last relationship, the recent death of my friend, and also my father’s passing two weeks ago, grief is current. There seems to be a continuing initiation into grief in ever-deepening layers alongside the discovery of the universal love portal that is found deep within it.

I feel that the reason the heart breaks is so it doesn’t have to stay in a safe, formal posture. It is saying, “You are holding me too small”. The shards of protection can journey into the ethers and if the heart is felt and loved it will re-form into a softer, more expansive, more supple healthiness.

In turn this helps see a Sacred Union between Spiritualness and Humanness. The Sacred Balance of recognition of the universal law of impermanence along with the deep human feeling of never wanting relationships or lives to end, and grief when they do.

I’m learning that although our conditioning tells us that we can only relate in the physical, there can be an ethereal connection to those who I have lost in the physical this year.

This confirms to me that love never dies.

I am in community and being with SoulFullHeart feels like another Sacred Union.

This union, sometimes similar to a romantic relationship, can become a mirror and help bring up hidden parts and unconscious patterns. From the knowing that whatever is being revealed can be a portal into deeper growth and expansion there is less panic about fixing this aspect. Instead, there is a more gentle process exploring this alone through meditation, journaling, talking with the group or in individual sessions.

As familiarity with the process increases more trust is arising and an ability to “hold my process” is there.

I know that there is a tendency in me that can look for everything in someone else, but it feels I’m starting to embody the knowing that everything is in me. There is less investment in the One and rather the Whole. This has to start in Sacred Union within, then to the whole which includes community, romance, and service.

I’m looking forward to joining the group transmission on Oct 10th with Raphael and Jelelle who help template romantic Sacred Union to me and I hope that you can join too. Please see the link below ❤:


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Lion’s Gate Crop Circle Update: Sacred Masculine Activations To Heal The Love Of Power – August 9, 2020

By Jelelle Awen

A new and dynamic crop circle formation has been reported today August 9th at Woolstone Wells, Nr Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire, UK! This one ‘appeared’ most likely overnight during the peak of this Lion’s Gateway that we are still within.

I felt a strong activation from this formation immediately, stimulating energy already running up and down the spine as it comes in/downloads through the upper chakras (Personal Sun, Soul Star and Crown). I felt a sacred masculine frequency to this (rather than Kundalini/Divine Feminine) that seems to originate from the Great Cosmic Sun in alignment with the powerful Sirius energies.

These are energies of Divine Father support, love, and goodness to heal the wounded masculine that impacts and effects and lives within us all personally and collectively. Sirius Lion energies are of the healthy, noble, and humble leader…..the empathetic, compassionate and vulnerable king.

Healing the love of power seems to be an aspect of the energies being offered right now during this Lion’s Gate as we see so much of this struggle in our world right now. The Matrix is fed by the love of power over others and the ‘attainment’ of it. It collapses as each of us chooses on a soul level to align with the power of love instead….the only TRUE and INFINITE and PURE power in the Universe. All other forms of power are illusionary, temporary, and ultimately dissatisfying to the soul.

Each soul is walking out this journey of discovery for themselves and in their own timing. Those of us who have been anchored into the power of love frequencies through a LONG deconstruction and purification process over many lifetimes can radiate out this possibility to all those who need to receive it.

Radiating out love rather than absorbing fear supports us too during this transitional time.

I feel so much love for the masculine with this formation and available with Divine Father in this Now, with our soul aspects who are masculine, with the Lion Sirius energies, with men and for the inner masculine within us all!

What do you see and feel from this one?

Here is the aerial footage of it: https://youtu.be/0Ah89xTj2eY

I shared more about the Lion’s Gateway, recent crop circle formations, and a message from my Sirius aspect Sela here: https://soulfullheartblog.com/…/lions-gate-crop-circles-up…/

Jelelle Awen

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The Road To Lion’s Gate: Of Love & Power

by Gabriel Heartman

The power of Love heals the love of Power.

It doesn’t fight against Power. Love invites it into a feeling space. Into deeper understanding beyond the one that it currently subscribes to. This Power that I am referring to shows itself as force and/or control. It wants to win and be feared. To be seen as bigger than it actually feels itself to be. This Power has been equated to Ego. What has been deemed our ‘nemesis’ to any form of spiritual enlightenment in many circles.

This Power comes out in so many traumatic ways from abuse to war. It is the collective and individual ‘elephant in the room’. The One that lies deeply embedded in our DNA from eons of galactic existence. Our star-story is plagued with power struggle both external and internal. We can choose to continue its epochal journey throughout out time/space or we can choose Love. The only thing that has the power to transmute Power Itself.

But with so much energy in this Power struggle it can be hard to escape its gravitational pull. This is where you embark on your own inner mission of Love. The one that employs you as the ambassador of your own healing. Going into the dark matter of what matters the most. The parts of you that have been stuck in pain, trauma, disempowerment, and existential crisis. Yeah, doesn’t sound like much fun on paper but the journey is not about going into the dark without a tether to the Light.

I feel my Sirian aspect Kathula, alongside my other galactic guides such as Reptilian, Arcturian, Pleiadian, and other Metasouls wanting us to feel this inside of our emotional body as that is our doorway into this struggle. We are given the gift of emotion to find the gateways to other dimensions and timelines that need our attention, our remembrance. Our egos are actually the barometer of the healing of this struggle and fusion to Power. It is not about eliminating our Egos (other Power struggle), but rather healing it into a healthy and properly placed Ego within the scope of our sacred humanity.

This is another message received in my personal digestion on the path toward the Lion’s Gate. This Lyran/Sirian consciousness has seen its own struggle with Power and is here to guide us and you to the other side if we are ready, willing, and open to feeling all that resides within our own stories to bring more of their Love to Humanity and Gaia.


I am available for bridging sessions this week to hold space and feel the conflict and struggle within that can be held by polarized parts of you. Becoming an ambassador between the two creates space and context that leads to growth, healing, and understanding. Click on the link above for more information.


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