Moving Your Tensions Into Love & Trust Again

By Jelelle Awen

Anxiety, worry, and the tensions inside offer a communication to you about what is going on in your heart. The tensions are a broadcast signal pinging and ringing inside to get your attention. The tensions are energy that is stuck and fixated at a certain place of distrust.

The tensions are a sacred thing as it sometimes in the contrasts that you get the most data about what is going on within you…..until you no longer need the tensions to ‘alert’ you to anything. The tensions so often are about desires, about frustrations, about things and ways that cannot BE in the moment. The tensions are about fears of change or going into the unknown that parts of you may hold and feel. The tensions are about unexpressed or suppressed feelings that didn’t come out in the moment when they needed to. The tensions are perhaps about the gap between the current you and the current circumstances and the current relationships with what your dream self, dream live, and dream relationships are wanting to arise into.

When you feel the tensions and anxieties, when you look to them for information, when you respond to them with LOVE, then you can get to the heart of where they are coming from. You can give them a voice, give them a tone, give them a tuning in, give them somewhere to land. You can give them a hug, a helping hand, a soft container for which to express.

Part of you can try to cover them over with things and activities and busyness, yet still underneath the tensions simmer and bubble. The substance of them, the root of them, does not heal, does not ‘go away’ until you feel and face, until you cry or scream or sleep or just go within or share with those you need to. The things that numb them for the moment eventually don’t work anymore as you become more conscious and self aware and tracking with your heart in every moment what you are feeling and being.

Your guides, angels, star being selves, all want to help you move these tensions as they can block their higher dimensional frequencies from coming into your field. The Divine Mother especially offers trusting frequencies, Infinite Love tones and energies that make all the tensions OK, permission to go to the heart of them, even as they dissolve in the loving energies. Divine Feminine energies from Mother Mary wrap the tensions in a loving pink container of support and compassion that allows you and invites you to release.

As you do this and as you ARE this space holder for the tensions, then more and more does the root cause of them (the heart wounding causes, the soul wounding causes) heal and integrate into your loving and spacious Divine Self who has NO tensions about existence in response to the moment. More and more the contrast of tension versus trusting is not needed and you live in the trust. You ARE and BECOME more and more the trust in the moment and that whatever happens is perfect just as it is.

In the meantime, embrace the tensions rather than resist them. As you do, the possibility arises then for something NEW to transmute from them, something moves, and then your heart is open again, you are trusting again, you are spacious again. You are love again as you have responded to ANYTHING inside of yourself with love and so it becomes.

Here is a soothing guided meditation with me to music and the Divine to move tensions into more relaxation and trust with your Divine Self:

Love from Avalon!

Jelelle Awen

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Energy Update: Loving Anxiety Into Trust As Timelines Collapse

By Jelelle Awen

Anxiety and distrust rumble in the belly, in the third chakra, in the solar plexus of the physical, and the gut of the emotional body too. They can burn and churn there, feeling like a constant tension that rarely eases or loosens its grip. Or anxiety flares up when love comes in and floods the usually well guarded places….when love ‘sneaks in’ beyond the Protector and the risk of getting hurt increases greatly. Anxiety can just BE so consistent inside of you, your emotional body, your chakras, that you don’t really feel it anymore or are conscious of it anymore. It just becomes like a background noise that you hardly ever notice.

Current ascension energies of light, of love, of illumination, of surrender are pushing up these frequencies of distrust and anxiety to the surface to be felt and healed and moved. These energies are making you notice also as they rumble through the old timelines of your life and start shifting you into the New. You may be experiencing a fresh flow of this and wondering, “Where is this tension coming from? Where is this anxiety coming from?” These Divine energies (especially from the Divine Feminine) support the asking of these questions and the answering of them too.

The answering can come from going within, to feel the sources of anxiety within your Inner Protector, who may be maintaining a near constant vigilance ‘against’ life bringing other parts of you any more hurt or harm. In this anxiety-fueled protection though, love can also be filtered out and the healthy digestion of the Divine’s love that wants to come into your BEing and water all parts of you too (including the Protector!). Here is a guided meditation to connect with your Inner Protector:…

Your Inner Protector also may be keyed into and connected to persecution frequencies in your Metasoul field that are playing out in other timelines. These are not ‘past lives’ at all but energizing in the Now. These timelines can create a constant tension in your energetic field (again often centered in the third chakra) as an energetic bleed through moves through of the battles, the persecutions, the betrayals, the violence….whatever storylines your Metasoul (Higher Self Soul Source) is playing out and involved with. We call this aspect of the Protector that remembers and knows about your other timeline aspects, the Gatekeeper. More about this part

It can be challenging to connect with anxiety because the vibration of it often can’t settle down enough inside of you to receive love and connection. Situations and relationships in your life may push up MORE anxiety (in ongoing suffering/anxiety producing loops) and the whole ‘system’ repeats itself over and over. To connect with anxiety is to extend BIG self love to the energy of it, to feel the part of you that holds it and why, to become BIGGER than the anxiety and distrust. You become then a bridge for Divine frequencies to flood in, bringing more trust , surrender, and love to all the tense places.

I can feel anxiety quite easily in others and acutely, due to many years of healing mine through parts work integration and Metasoul aspect unification. I can feel the vibration of it in others, it is a distinctive tone….because I have felt it in myself. The first part of myself I connected to that had acute anxiety described herself as “Being as tense as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.” THAT described perfectly the extreme tension that lived and breathed in this part of me that had ingested so many volatile frequencies during my childhood that often led to harm and abuse. Through feeling her and many other parts that held anxiety (also Metasoul aspects that live in highly stressful and dangerous timelines), I have been able to relax so much more into trust and surrender to the outcomes of life and trust that Divine love was holding it all.

It’s feeling like the current energies (which seem to have a Dark Mother or catalytic death-rebirth vibration to them) are illuminating what the sources of anxiety are in your life and inviting you to let them go. I have discovered that the biggest source of distrust comes up within relationships of all kinds. Our original hurt and wounding happened in relationship and anxiety stems mainly from the fear that hurt will happen again and the distrust in any sources of love with the projection that they will hurt you again.

The timelines formed around relationships, especially those you are consciously unhappy about, are being rumbled with love so that they will collapse and you can move into the new….with the relationship intact or not. THIS can certainly push up anxiety too as it can be challenging for parts of us to trust that letting go of something will actually lead to something good and different.

The Divine Mother can hold beautiful, still space for anxiety to finally rest inside of you and Her energies are strongly here and have been since the start of the year especially. Calling on a connection with Her brings a soothing balm. Anxiety just needs love ultimately to allow for more trust and surrender for the ongoing navigation of all this shifting, changing, and growing into MORE love.


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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