The Arising, Authentic, and Sacred Masculine

In my ongoing journey of accessing and embodying my authentic, sacred masculine, I am finding where I have lived in the space between the Wolf and the Lion. The Wolf represents the more instinctual, primal energy, and the Lion the more kingly, leadership aspect. One with bite, the other with roar.

I have been aware of how both of these aspects have been hidden in shadow. A fear of my power and truth that lay within. The authentic, integrated masculine has struggled to arise for many men. There is a resistance to unleashing these aspects for a variety of reasons. When one hears the call of, “where are the real men nowadays?!”, there is a judgement in that somewhere rather than a heartfelt curiosity, both from those asking and from those of us receiving.

Yes, we are all being called to our power and truth, men and women alike. In that calling, we are met with our own personal initiations into the realm of our bigness and presence. We are sent on a quest through the hinterlands of the Shadow and what we have sequestered there until further notice. There is a veil of protection that lies in between. It is the meeting of this layer where we gain access to our most authentic self, rough edges, defensiveness, weaknesses and all.

We can respond to the trumpet of the call to action, and create an image based on someone else’s version of what it means to be a man in today’s volatile world. That may serve a purpose for some. A part of an initiation and growth edge. There is also going into what is real and authentic for you; your own process of self-awareness and empowerment that is not just about the collective but your own soul’s healing, maturation, and purpose on this planet at this time.

These energies are calling me to reconcile my masculine shadow and power as a sacred union mate, a community leader, a healer, and a teacher. These aspects are not separate from each other but integral to one another. They are also not separate from the feminine principle either. Again, integral. It is being held by this sacred feminine that the sacred masculine can arise with the trust that any shadow can and will be addressed with Love and Compassion.

This is my journey. My evolution into embodying and expressing more of what is true for me and not for anyone else. This is what I feel I am being called to live into and serve. To honor and awaken what has been hidden and forsaken in this masculine heart and soul, for myself and for those that it is meant to resonate with.


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Imagine New Earth Lovernance

Take a minute to imagine with me. Let the “yeah, but”s take a brief vacation.

There are no governments other than the one that resides within the individual. The violence that arises is but a vestigial echo of “old times”. It is held in a self-compassionate love bath that accepts mature responsibility and non-punishing natural consequence.

Authenticity is the capital of this New Governance. Transparency and Exchange is the currency of the New Economy. Diplomacy is no longer needed for politics is replaced by our vulnerability. We are ambassadors unto ourselves in service of the highest cause of embodying all the love we can possibly stand.

Work is dead. It is now Love in Action. It is the generator and manifestor of Abundance. All that was once held as ‘unlikely’ or ‘impossible’ are open for your play and exploration. The limitations that were placed upon Dreams have been removed by a lot of hard and powerful work. It did not come easy. You were not saved by anything else than your own choosing.

The things that made us unique, still do. We don’t speak one language, but we feel one language. That of the heart and the soul. That shows up in a multitude of ways that enriches the experience of Kaleidoscopic Unity. Peace is not achieved by the largest show of force but the courage to feel each other in the ways that we kept our doors closed to each other, and more importantly to ourselves.

The grand experiment of Humanity is witnessed in its healing and not in its saving. The beauty of this vision is felt in what was its opposite. We gather in remembrance of what Was in humble gratitude and continue to show up and grow into our next evolution of Being Human.

Let your imagination take you not where you want to be, but where you ARE in the multidimensional NOW.

May this week, and all others, be your gateway to your dreams.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Feeling Held In The Arms Of Gaia


Staring at my Facebook app ready to type, the words “What’s on your mind?” are at the top of the text box.

“I am not sure what is ‘on’ my mind, but I did want to feel what is in my heart.”

“Ah…okay. Well, maybe that is coming in the new update.”

UPdate. Yes. That is what is happening. A date with UP. This particular one has felt a bit removed from a part of me. Like a far off mirage of glittering jewels, or a chocolate croissant. (Yeah, I don’t know. Who knows what is coming out of me today.) There are times when it can seem like you are riding the wave and other times you can’t get on the damn surfboard.

I am aware that is a part of me. However, that does not invalidate what is real. It is the truest thing in the moment. There are many changes occurring, much that is being offered to let in, digest, and integrate. To this part of me, it feels like it is more than he is capable of showing up for. It is an invitation to come out of the shadows and accept more of a role in what is occurring on a planetary level.

So I take him to the one place that I know may bring some air and connection. Nature. In the arms of Gaia. There he is held and remembered. Given a reboot. A kiss on the 6th and a massage on the 7th. She knows what to do. The spine resting on Her sandy shore while She whispers and spins stories of Now.

“Feel the flow of this moment, my son. The breeze that carries your new and releases your treasured old. The changes of the fallen vestiges of what was held so dear. Call upon your strengthening desire for more. Look UP, dear one. You are not lost, just afraid. It is okay. Just Be. Be with it, feel it, love it. That is your portal, my love.”

The moment becomes this place of preparation. A tilled ground awaiting its seed. All else is left as the mulch of its pregnant emergence. She is with me still in the Still. Absorbing Her love into my being, nourishing this part that has found a rest and going on place.

Your heart needs an open space to let in all that wants to shift and emerge inside of you. Give it the environment it needs to help that along. Deep rest. Deep connection. More IS here and in the way. Loving yourself and your parts is the best way to let that in.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Moving From Timelines To Heartlines



When we find ourselves moving from head to heart, from thinking to feeling, timelines become heartlines.  There is no perfect timing other than right NOW.  When we have the capacity and the willingness to hold whatever comes our way emotionally and spiritually, what needs and wants to be felt comes right through our door, even when parts of us question the timing as being too fast or even too slow.  

It is so easy for our mind to place circumstances into some prescribed or contrived box of what makes “sense”.  This sensibility can bring some safety and comfortability to a part of us, but it does not offer us the grist of uncertainty and unknown.  Our protective part is programmed to avoid collateral damage and will look for any solution to this predicament.  This can only serve to cut off the growth ground that we came here to experience and cherish for all it was meant to deliver us.  

Our heartline exists in the HERE and NOW.  A new situation arises that is almost antithetical to what our mind had assumed or expected.  Our ‘mind’ of course really being a part of us that is more mental and protective.  From our heartline we are invited to feel the possibilities, the fear, the anxiety, the joy, and any other emotion that comes up in response to what is actually occurring in real time. This can be rooted in this and or any other “hearttime”, as opposed to “lifetime”.  What triggers us is all part of a larger NOW tapestry that spans the timeless and spaceless.  It is all a part of the larger Cosmic Heart that is out wanting to feel itself in all possibilities.  

These present tense heartlines send out echoes into the vastness, and timelines become dotted lines that are more projected possibility than set in stone reality.  This concrete feeling comes from our more mental and conditioned parts and aspects of our Selves that still haven’t made it into the fluidity of BEing and trust.  I feel myself still healing my way there one day at a time.  One experience and choice at a time.  Whether it is from my leading, authentic edge, or my trailing, more wounded edge.  

The biggest piece is to trust that there is enough You to navigate this even in the hard times.  This is possible when you are able to separate yourself from the more conditioned and protective parts of you.  In SoulFullHeart we do this through journaling with our parts and having them land in those who have been through the same process with their own parts.  This helps to create the separation needed to hold these reactions in the most difficult of times.  You can then feel and navigate new heartlines as they arise in real, NOW time.  It takes the “time” it takes and are only given the crucibles of new experiences when you have enough You to be with them, even if it does seem like you can.

So here is the end of time as we have known it, and a birth of a new NOW.  One that keeps us in an ever expansive awareness of change and a trust in what it is wanting to birth and invite us into.  It is both exciting and challenging, until it just becomes our new `normal`.  If you feel the transitions of new timelines and are looking for more NOWness with others that are experiencing and exploring the same, I invite you to feel into sessions and feel where our heartlines come together.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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