Aligned And Alive On 5/5

This last week for me feels as if it has been leading up to this coming 5/5 gateway. It started with opening up the intention to feel more into my power, leadership, and truth. The full moon seemed to infuse me with the energy of action and stepping up, stepping out, and stepping into. This gateway feels to offer us an invitation into the next level of our continuing trajectory of our service of love, leadership, and ambassadorship.

That service first starts within from self to self. It is about feeling all the ways in which you relate to yourself, others, and life itself. It is about feeling where you may not feel aligned and alive in all areas of your life. You are perfect just as you ARE, but there are also passions and alignments that are wanting to manifest. This gateway is giving us the reflection of what our 5D/Highest Self truly wants for us.

It wants us to feel this abundant self-love where an inner union is alive and felt deeply when you look in the mirror. It wants us to be authentic and courageous in our truth and action. It wants us to be treated with reverence and respect by others. It wants us to experience intensely magical and sacred sexuality. It wants us to be in a romantic union and intimate community. It wants us to create and commune with higher dimensional beings. It wants us to serve love in whatever way that is aligned with our deepest gifts. There are no limits to what is possible and desirable.

For many, there is a feeling we are not ‘there’ yet, wherever ‘there’ is. There may be a lot that is keeping you from truly embodying that picture. When you begin to get real with your emotional truth, you begin to see where the aliveness has been numbed and/or the alignment displaced. It is visceral and recognizable. The 5/5 gateway is like a big road sign that says “EXIT HERE! ENTER NOW!!”.  To me, that means to get off the old road of what was limiting and veer off into the New where you DO get to have what you want through the inner work.

But there are influences to feel that may keep that state from being a continuous stream of consciousness candy. The fears and other lower vibrational emotional states, held by parts, are there to be heard, felt, and held. They need help to feel that there is something bigger, not just outside but on the inside. These parts are awaiting a bigger version to come and help them digest and collapse.

As this occurs through your inner relationships with your Protector, Punisher, Teenager, Mother, Father, Child, Gatekeeper etc. you then can feel that larger soul aspects that hold more of a soul aspect that is a part of your Metasoul. Through the continued healing of these parts and timelines, you collect their gifts and passions. They integrate into you more and you become so much more than you have ever felt possible. More about parts here:

I am taking this idea with me as I am ready to begin a more outed journey in my leadership through videos and live stream opportunities. I can feel the parts of me that have been a bit buzzed on old fear patterns and it is time to step UP and OUT. I will be covering many topics that are related to ascension and its practical implications, especially in regards to men and the masculine. Women are highly desired to participate!

We are all on a path to alignment, aliveness, and wholeness. Through the SoulFullHeart process, I provide a ‘how’ on the path. Not The Way, but A way. It just happens to be My Way and I want to share it with you and serve it if it feels resonant in your being. Further details to follow. Thank you to those who have been following my writing. It has been a huge gift to me. See you on the Video Side!

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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