Energy Update: 9/9/9 Portal Opens Up Access To Lower 4D Matrix/Karmic Healing/Metasoul Timelines

By Jelelle Awen

Energy UPdate: We are in the midst of the 9/9/9 portal that opened it feels like on 9/8 and  continues now for the next nine days until 9/18. Being in the ‘midst’ can feel like a swirl and a twirl….a sense that you are in the middle of a process that you may only be somewhat aware of on a conscious level. The nine energy often feels like a completion that is happening at the same time as the New energies are coming in.

It feels to me like much more upgrading, activating, and rewiring is going on beyond our minds, beyond our consciousness, beyond our this-life human body structure than we can possible understand right now. This can actually bring a lot of comfort as you lean into your own soul (or Metasoul as I call it, your individuated soul consciousness or also called Monad.) Your Metasoul/Monad has immense intelligence and access….it as close to Divine source as can be and still be individuated.

Your Metasoul holds and contains the experiences of ALL the expressions of its fractals projected out into numerous lifetimes and timelines. All of these projections are happening in a simultaneous moment in the Now and ongoingly. This is not ‘past life’ at all or ‘ancient’ or ‘from another era’.

This 9/9/9 portal is offering a feeling sense of the multidimensional frequencies of our Metasoul beyond the linear structure that the 3D mind has placed it in. These simultaneous and parallel timelines are hugely influential to our current life experiences. They are often the source and root cause of the emotional reactions, triggers and even the situations themselves being drawn to you.

The recapitulation of soul themes and therefore the healing of them is the underlying REASON for WHY your soul has set up what it has for you to experience this life. Every choice seems to pivot on this existential context of the Metasoul’s healing, which ultimately connects to collective unconsciousness healing as well. Healing of the duality/polarity experiment back to Oneness.

Conscious healing of these timelines and lifetimes is a crucial phase in our ongoing Ascension process. We now have the opportunity to heal karmic patterns that our Metasouls have been playing out for infinity. We truly can complete the need to incarnate into 3D and lower 4D timelines at all anymore if we don’t want to or need to. We can truly end the suffering of repeated traumatic and traumatizing situations in all their different forms and expressions.

Understanding how the Lower 4D Matrix holds and contains these karmic patterns, archetypal energies, and the collective unconsciousness can be an important step in the process. Unplugging from the Lower 4D Matrix is to become aware of your soul themes and patterns and HOW they express and play out in your current lifetime.

This happens as you create a loving and understanding relationship with your Metasoul aspects/fractals from other lifetimes. Not just as a ‘past life’ of yours that you drop into the trauma of in a one-time regression, yet as living, breathing, and very often important energies and personalities that you need just as they need you. The gift exchange between these soul aspects of yours can be huge as they are often anchored into and expressing many soul gifts even as they are experiencing patterns of persecution, suppression, etc.

The key to accessing the Lower 4D Matrix and lifting the veil to get access to your own Metasoul happens as you connect with your Gatekeeper. This is an aspect that we have worked with for many years in our SoulFullHeart process, who seems to be the aspect of the Metasoul that is in charge of the veil of amnesia. Getting to know your Gatekeeper opens up access to these other lifetimes in a way that is self loving at a negotiated rate and pace that you and your Metas can both benefit from. The Gatekeeper opens the doors, lifts the veils, and allows free flow remembrance of ALL lifetimes.

These powerful portals like 9/9 offer huge opportunities for this kind of karmic healing. We scheduled a group transmission over zoom to activate 4D Matrix/Karmic Healing for you on Saturday, September 14th. We didn’t consciously realize it was during this portal (obviously our Higher Selves knew!) You can join Raphael and I live for two hours starting at 10:00am PDT (Vancouver, Canada time) or receive the recording afterwards for $15 CAD ($11 USD). There is more info here:

Now is the time for transmutational healing that goes beyond just your current life and impacts your entire soul’s trajectory and ‘history’ as well. Now is the time for healing that hasn’t been possible before! Now is the time to bring love to all the aspects of your self and soul that need it in order to more deeply embody your sacred humanity!


Jelelle Awen

Here is a guided meditation to connect to your Metasoul and your akashic records (a portal to lifting the veil):

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‘New Lemuria’ Energies Supporting Prep For Disclosure, Ascension Through Emotional Healing, Maturation

by Kalayna Colibri

The 1/11 gateway yesterday brought us some yummy ‘New Mu’ (New Lemuria) energies to feel and let in, as Jelelle Awen shared in her Day 11 ‘Deepen’ video yesterday:

It was a day of feeling higher timeline possibilities and also digestion of what’s been rumbling lately. It was wonderful to feel the frequencies of New Lemuria coming through to support this exploration and the restfulness or restlessness, whichever was most needed to support the digestion, that moved through as well during this time. It feels like we are very organically reaching a new stratum of the overall Ascension process… yet, something important is being illuminated continually right now about our overall emotional maturity and ability to digest Ascension in a healthy, grounded way that also expands us out consciously/spiritually.

To fully embody the new Sacred Human BEings that we are in the process of BEcoming, we have a lot to look at. Fear-based teachings, spiritual and otherwise, that continually plant seeds of more fear and more support of emotional immaturity are still very popular. This is something that needs to run its course, it feels like, and it is. We see this reflected in the way so many still hold and relate to politics, change, ‘authority’ figures (including politicians, gurus, etc), and relationships of all kinds, especially and most importantly relationship to Self and parts of you as well as your soul.

To actually see and feel the immaturity can create punishment-shame spirals for parts of you, but really, this seeing of it is meant to help us ask for help and to discern what it is we most need to support a genuinely higher-vibe way of life and way of relating to life, Ascension, and Disclosure, that doesn’t try to find a work-around but instead is willing to walk into and through the sometimes dense forest within.

Everything we see and feel on a daily basis is connected. The way we choose to relate to or take in anything or anybody is the way we ultimately are choosing to relate to ourselves. I don’t see how we can possibly embrace Disclosure, for example, without feeling the fear of it and even the fear of healing the fear of it… parts of you may be putting out a welcome mat for the ways in which our lives as we know them will be turned upside down, but other parts of you are likely quite afraid of what will happen and even afraid of contact, of being initiated in Galactic Love Ambassadorship (which many of us are being called to do already).

The energy of ‘New Mu’ is here to help us ground into the body, into self-care and love, into a healthy sense of our oneness. It wants to help us move into new places of emotional consciousness and budding maturity that can facilitate our budding spiritual consciousness and maturity.
There’s so much to love and embrace about every nuance of feeling we have moving through and to really choose to feel this through is to step into a new phase of letting in what’s possible for us and the collective we are inextricably part of. ❤


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5/5 Gateway Offers Soul Bigness And Journey Reflections, Movements, Growth

by Kalayna Colibri

Before we enter these mega gateways, like 5/5, it’s like stopping at airport security. You have to go through a process of checking the stuff you’ve got with you and on you (in this case inside you too) and deciding what can come and what can’t. What is it that you want to bring with you into this next birth canal as you enter its gateway? Do you feel ready to bring your parts with you, even the ones that have been in shadow so that they can be illuminated, felt, and eventually integrated with love? Do you feel ready to look at your relationships and really see if they’re coming with you or not? Is your job or career coming with you or is there something else to feel about that? Do you feel ready to embrace abundance in all forms and let go of previous ideas of what that even is? What resistance do you have to this gateway and what it wants to offer you? ALL of these questions lead to feeling parts of you, or can if you’re ready. And from there the healing potential is exponential.

A gateway is another opportunity to let go of the ‘hell’ you’ve known in different areas of life for the sake of the ‘heaven’ you don’t know yet. It’s another graduation point for your healing and Ascension journey if you’re ready for that. It’s a big mirror too. Reflections of who you’ve been and who you’ve become too are coming your way! It’s not only a time for sobriety and looking at what has been but also celebrating what IS. What opportunities do you have in front of you for some big healing this time around? Can you look at yourself and your parts and feel gratitude for how far you’ve come? If you can’t feel some self-recognition at this point, it’s fair to say that there’s a part there blocking the doorway. A part that needs you to see it before it can allow you to see yourself. This part is often the one that wants so much to protect you that sometimes it also protects you from really letting in your goodness. The Inner Protector and the Inner Punisher are the parts often at play here. Intense stuff, yes! Yet… the process of being with these parts is the process you’re invited to engage with and if you don’t choose to do so now, you can ask your Inner Protector specifically about this.

If you want to connect with your Inner Protector, there are wonderful guided meditations offered by Jelelle Awen, that you can take in on our Youtube channel: SoulFullHeart Experience.

Any fear of doing something “wrong” also seems to become backlit with 5/5. It’s an opportunity to start loving yourself from the inside out and being with the parts that feel this way. There is no “wrong” way to ascend or heal, yet there ARE ways that better support your soul bigness and where your consciousness wants to expand to.

5/5 is a time for reflection and movement. The number 5 has no closings, only openings… interesting, no? I feel the number 5 is known to herald big changes because it can’t hold anything inside of it. It’s a time to truly let go and go inward in order to flow all of that love right back out of you again. Yes, love the feeling of this! It’s a time for changes, big or small… and with every change, we’re invited to feel the impact of that change on ourselves, our parts and our worlds too. We’re invited to feel and see the steps into MORE… more love, more heaven-on-earth feeling, more service-of-love/5D Self moving into the body. Hmmm… maybe instead of moving INTO the body as if it’s something truly outside of us, it’s about helping that inner 5D Self-seed grow and evolve from the inside, out.

LOVE to you on this journey you’re very sacredly walking and feeling out during this and every gateway!


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Aligned And Alive On 5/5

This last week for me feels as if it has been leading up to this coming 5/5 gateway. It started with opening up the intention to feel more into my power, leadership, and truth. The full moon seemed to infuse me with the energy of action and stepping up, stepping out, and stepping into. This gateway feels to offer us an invitation into the next level of our continuing trajectory of our service of love, leadership, and ambassadorship.

That service first starts within from self to self. It is about feeling all the ways in which you relate to yourself, others, and life itself. It is about feeling where you may not feel aligned and alive in all areas of your life. You are perfect just as you ARE, but there are also passions and alignments that are wanting to manifest. This gateway is giving us the reflection of what our 5D/Highest Self truly wants for us.

It wants us to feel this abundant self-love where an inner union is alive and felt deeply when you look in the mirror. It wants us to be authentic and courageous in our truth and action. It wants us to be treated with reverence and respect by others. It wants us to experience intensely magical and sacred sexuality. It wants us to be in a romantic union and intimate community. It wants us to create and commune with higher dimensional beings. It wants us to serve love in whatever way that is aligned with our deepest gifts. There are no limits to what is possible and desirable.

For many, there is a feeling we are not ‘there’ yet, wherever ‘there’ is. There may be a lot that is keeping you from truly embodying that picture. When you begin to get real with your emotional truth, you begin to see where the aliveness has been numbed and/or the alignment displaced. It is visceral and recognizable. The 5/5 gateway is like a big road sign that says “EXIT HERE! ENTER NOW!!”.  To me, that means to get off the old road of what was limiting and veer off into the New where you DO get to have what you want through the inner work.

But there are influences to feel that may keep that state from being a continuous stream of consciousness candy. The fears and other lower vibrational emotional states, held by parts, are there to be heard, felt, and held. They need help to feel that there is something bigger, not just outside but on the inside. These parts are awaiting a bigger version to come and help them digest and collapse.

As this occurs through your inner relationships with your Protector, Punisher, Teenager, Mother, Father, Child, Gatekeeper etc. you then can feel that larger soul aspects that hold more of a soul aspect that is a part of your Metasoul. Through the continued healing of these parts and timelines, you collect their gifts and passions. They integrate into you more and you become so much more than you have ever felt possible. More about parts here:

I am taking this idea with me as I am ready to begin a more outed journey in my leadership through videos and live stream opportunities. I can feel the parts of me that have been a bit buzzed on old fear patterns and it is time to step UP and OUT. I will be covering many topics that are related to ascension and its practical implications, especially in regards to men and the masculine. Women are highly desired to participate!

We are all on a path to alignment, aliveness, and wholeness. Through the SoulFullHeart process, I provide a ‘how’ on the path. Not The Way, but A way. It just happens to be My Way and I want to share it with you and serve it if it feels resonant in your being. Further details to follow. Thank you to those who have been following my writing. It has been a huge gift to me. See you on the Video Side!

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