March For Our Lives: A Movement Of New Earth Co-Creators And Leaders

by Kalayna Colibri

Saturday… This past Saturday was the day of the March For Our Lives rally. Drawing hundreds of thousands of young men and women, some barely even teenagers, to march, to walk, to stand-up for something NEW. This movement isn’t just about an end to gun violence and a determination to elect an American government that will create stronger gun laws. It’s about something much, much bigger…

This is the generation that is here to end the cycle of violence and co-create a new world, with those of us who are willing to collaborate with them. These are the seeds of the NEW New Earth. The one that guides us even further out of 3D cycles of bloodshed and hate crimes based in power struggles, based in profound inner-wounding and self-hatred, based in collective unworthiness of love. This generation is bringing the love, just as my generation, made-up of many Indigo and Crystal souls, has tried to, yet often still with too much of a “warrior” mindset and heart cry and too much of an outward focus, not really going within.

The hearts of these ones who decided to rally are not unlike those who rallied in the Occupy movement or the Vietnam protests. It’s all based on a desire for change… deep change. The sort of change that doesn’t just happen overnight and indeed needs to come first “from the mouths of babes”, literally. So here it is… their proposal and desire for BIG shifts in our consciousness. Rainbow and Crystal souls, many of them. Ones that actually came here to do this, be this new wave of Sacred Human from their youth on upward. It is as much a press for anyone willing to listen to actually stop for a moment and FEEL… to feel the world, the needs of ourselves, the needs of our parts within that so ache for love and change. That so desire a world that is different, more welcoming, starting within.

I might not be standing with these powerful souls in person, yet I feel my heart and soul supporting them, welcoming them to their missions here on Gaia, joining my tears with theirs for the violence, starting ALWAYS from within, has gone on for so long and now is moving into completion. I feel their souls lighting up at this opportunity to move into being a part of a world that they feel empowered to co-create and co-lead, too. And it won’t matter really who is “in office” so much as how they are continuing to feel, inhabit and live from their own hearts. ❤


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The March Of Your Life Starts Within

Yesterday, the March For Our Lives movement demonstrated an arising timeline in the US. I have not spent a huge amount of time reading but enough to feel a dynamic in my heart. There is a new wind blowing in the outing of a “done-ness” that a generation is having with the old guard. A consciousness of fear that has used fear to perpetuate a right to fear.

I remember it all too well. It is a terribly bleak view of the world that does what it can to use the power of data and interpretation of the law to not FEEL what is happening. Feeling is not accepted as a legitimate data point. The experience of those that have been emotionally and physically terrorized are not quantifiable so therefore inadmissible. I get that this edges on a debate. Yes, I get there are a lot of facts out there. I don’t think I could “win” them. I am only here to feel and bear a heart presence to what is wanting to shift in our consciousness around the violence in our midst.

This violence IS a consciousness of fear and separation. There is a pain that lies at that heart of it all that can only come out in collision. It is rumbling through the poetic words of a generation that is tired of sitting quietly. The heart of this Voice is seeking a Unity. A unification that highlights the polarization of a population. It is a macrocosm of what is happening in the soul of a nation, within each heart of the players in the drama.

It becomes an issue of lives lost vs. lives saved. Rights vs. Rights. Money vs. Voice. A lot of ‘versus’. But this feels like a part of the Awakening. The Arising. The question is does it fold into the ‘Violence Trap’ or the ‘Violet Heart’? Where does this movement hold its center? That center must be held withIN. Love can only come out on top of this one if it has any hope of waking others up, if it is meant to do so.

This is the human heart facing itself. Coming to terms with itself. We are One. We are Individual. How does that reconcile Itself in the depths of our passions, purpose, and experience? I feel we are being INvited into our own narratives. What stories are we holding onto and for what reason? What story wants to be explored beyond what we have allowed parts of ourselves to be stuck with? A revision is being sought on a national and global scale, yet the biggest revision occurs when the movement happens within.

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