Coming To Terms

By Raphael Awen

There’s no time like the present to come to terms with what you really want and what you don’t want. 

Coming to terms is about deeply feeling what parts of you need, what they are in reaction to, what they want to be done with and what they want to know and feel as an alternative new arising reality. 

Until you choose to inhabit more of your Divine Self embodiment, the one who can differentiate from these parts of you, get to know and feel them, there isn’t any transactional/relational space inside of you for a shift to occur. Shifts occur as things are felt, digested, and moved. Movements occur ‘to and from’ and that takes two. 

All the life dramas occurring in your life and in the collective, when embraced with curiosity and an open heart, all make for portal entry points into this relationship with yourself where deep shifts and changes can occur.

We can’t say yes to something without saying no to something else, and vice versa. We as souls chose this ground of dualistic choice in which to grow. We’re only done with this kind of duality when we actually are. 

No amount of playing smaller than we are and then caretaking one another in codependent relationships can actually snuff out the ache of our soul to truly grow and embody what we came here to embody. 

It’s not about not having a part of you that isn’t in fear of this kind of growth, or transcending your fears, but rather about getting to know the hesitant parts and why they feel hesitant. Now, self discipline isn’t needed in the way parts of us have used it to try to force growth that feels pushed and makes the self bad in some way. 

Growth and change can now happen effortlessly, naturally and with grace as your spring loaded essence does what it’s programmed to do. 

What choices are before you now? What parts of you do they relate to? Would you make space to bridge to these parts of you, hold space for them and actually cultivate a deeply meaningful relationship with them – a kind of pearl of great price, a heaven on earth? 

As you resonate into these new places, community naturally reshapes itself in your life. Your energy is shifting and so will the company you keep. Your spirituality will also naturally shift, along with your livelihood, your surroundings. All of it shifts as you align into your essence. Compartmented rooms of suffering, fear and anxiety merge into the true abundant supply of who and what you really are. 

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Photo by Kunal Shinde on Unsplash

The End Of Money And The Exchange Of Gifts

The great thing about the game of Monopoly (as well as the general paradigm of Monopolizing) is that when the winner does take all, it truly is game over for that game in our collective consciousness.
For when one man or women is in possession of ‘all the money in the world’, it’s value as a ‘means of transaction’ or even ‘a store of value’ become worthless. Exchange via money wouldn’t be possible when only one person had any would it?

Then we get to get on with creating exchange from a new place in our consciousness evolution, creating a new game, truly one worth playing, one that’s a whole lot more fun and alive for everyone – true lively-hood.

What would creating and sharing your greatest gifts with the world look and feel like?

What do you feel your deeper gifts are about?

How could you gravitate towards these gifts now in preparation and development for this approaching game changer?


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Lighthouse During The Storm Guided Meditation, Energy Update, Q & A with Raphael & Jelelle Awen

SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators and Ascension Guides Raphael and Jelelle Awen hosted this live Q&A, energy update, and guided meditation that originally aired July 13, 2020. They answer questions, respond to comments and digest the current ‘storm’ of disclosure going on in 3D/4D timelines, along with talking about the Sirius Gateway that is open now and peaking on Lion’s Gate August 8th. They share about cultivating and maintaining a stillness within and connection to your Divine Self that can hold the space for reactions/traumas from parts of you or aspects from other lifetimes who are caught in the ‘storm’.

The guided meditation offers a connection to your inner ‘lighthouse’ higher frequency space that is your shelter in the storm where you can connect to your Divine Self, Sirian Aspects/Star Family, Ascended Teachers/Guides, etc. You send out a beacon of love to any parts/soul aspects who need you who are caught in the storm.

You can see the comments and questions that they were responding to on Jelelle’s FB feed:

This livestream is a good preview and taste of what our six week group call series is like with teachings, guided meditation and sharings over Zoom called Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out. The series is based on Jelelle’s new book Free To Be 5D. It runs every Wednesday for six weeks from July 15th until August 19th. You can join us live or receive the recordings via whatever donation amount you can afford at any time. More info here:

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You Are Infinite

By Raphael Awen

As a being, you constantly express this infinity that you are, whether you are aware of it or not. This infinity manifests in you as both the desire for all things as well as the deep gratitude for all things. There is nothing in the universe that is not you, nothing that is separate from you.

Even the apparent created reality of a separate and distinct self, a finite self, is a created reality that we dialled up from our infinite self, to learn within. The finite was parented from the infinite.

Even the relationship you have with life wherein lack has been made the main story and conscious  waking reality are also a powerful manifestation of the super-abundant reality that you ARE. You, AS INFINITY, dialled up an all too real feeling storyline of lack in which parts of you are the main characters living out something so far removed from the super abundant infinity that you are. Your waking conscious reality is actually one still very much asleep possibly.

Your soul knows that the letting go of the original conscious awareness of this super abundant infinity of being in order to enter an amnesia and subsequent awakening/re-membering process IS where the true gold of being is found….where each of us is reborn into something so much more than we were, even compared to who and what we were before we chose the amnesia. Even our original bliss state was undiscovered and immature. 

Many dream of winning the lottery only to find that those who do cannot digest the instant rise to super abundance as they have not had a process of acclimating themselves to the wealth. The dream of ‘having it all’ comes from a subconscious knowing that they already ARE and have it all, and the inability to hold the All (lottery winnings) also comes from the unintegrated subconscious deep storylines of lack.

If you and I already possess it All, but we are living in a self-created story of something less than the dawning realization of that, then the present story we find ourselves in is the creation of our super abundant infinity.

And if we created this and are creating this, then we did this in order to awaken to THAT, and to feel all there is to feel in relation to the present created reality. Like a movie producer and story writer, we gave ourselves these dramas in order to feel the things that we as a soul knew we needed to feel in order to realize what we set out to realize. We are out and about ‘real’-izing the infinity that we are.

If this is true, then we have our work cut out for us. The ‘work’ has up till now gone on even in our unawareness and unawakened state, as we now awaken to an ever more conscious state of choice, intention and effort towards inhabiting what we most deeply and truly want. We discover that our waking reality is actually a bad dream and a sleeping reality that we wish to awaken from, that we get to awaken from, and that as unpleasant as this bad dream was and is, it is actually all originating in love, and part of love. 

We’ve been given the seeds, the soil, the sun and the water, and now, the awareness that we ARE the gardener who is growing the garden of self, of love, of surrender to the divinity and infinity moving within our souls.

Our mandate now is ‘just feel what there is to feel’ and thereby to let-in this transmutation of our being that we are living out in each moment.

Each of us has new and powerful story lines awaiting our choice and appetite to step into. We chose this. Infinity itself is watching you with wonder and awe at what you will choose next.

If you are seeking a conscious awakening into the more that you already are, I offer a free initial consult into what ongoing sessions within the SoulFullHeart process could look like and feel like for you. Please check us out at our website below and be in touch.

Much Love,

Raphael Awen

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

Your Thoughts: Your Sacred Altar

By Raphael Awen

Early on in adult life I was introduced to the creative power of one’s thoughts.

I recall the often quoted saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

While my mind agreed with and even latched onto the concept, I found it difficult to practice. The Christian camp I was a part of early on also made this a big focus endeavoring to put together all the Bible verses and sayings of Jesus that promised big leverage in the world of shifting one’s reality by the use of words and thoughts. 

I got excited and on board for a time, but eventually, my focus waned and so did my thoughts. We all tried to police our thoughts along with our words, and even got caught up in policing one another’s thoughts and words and that didn’t go well. The whole thing had the energy of a multi-level marketing rally which we were also not too far from in our susceptibility and our need. 

In the end, what dissuaded my fervor, was the non-relationality of it all. Dr. Phil’s question of ‘How’s that working for you?’, was a question we couldn’t even ask ourselves in private, let alone out loud to one another, for to ask the question, would have been caught up in negative thinking and ‘unbelief’. The price of participation was being non-relational with oneself, and in turn one another. Honest questions were branded a part of the negative thinking. 

It seemed the power of positive thinking could only really work for those who were willing to do it like a machine somehow. In the end, I chose the realness of what I was feeling over the pretense of having it together, even if it was admittedly negative. I wasn’t willing to pave over what parts of me truly felt with a medicative blanket of positive thinking, even as alluring as the promise was of overhauling my life through my thoughts. 

The allure however never really left me, but had to be put on hold till I could find a way to integrate it on a higher level inside of me. There was a lot there I resonated with. I knew we needed to grow up from expecting God to create our future, or to play victim to God for giving us a bad deal. I knew that we are all creators of our own reality. I knew that our thoughts are very powerful creators. I just couldn’t get it all in alignment without sacrificing something vital. Would a prosperous, happy and healthy life really be of much worth to me if I couldn’t feel myself? Would that really be of much worth to anyone for that matter? We pursue dreams because of the feelings we associate with those dreams. What happens when we arrive at living the dream, but without the feelings that fueled that dream? We become dis-illusioned and we feel deluded. 

I have no doubt we’re meant to be illusioned, inspired, full of our dreams and visions, but how do we get there and stay there, in a way that is truly alive?

What if there is something even more primary than our thoughts, meaning ‘what if our thoughts are more of a conduit of creative power than the source of creative power?’

What resurrected this whole realm of awareness for me was the discovery of how primary emotion is over thought. Ralph Waldo, as inspiring as he was, was off in his assumption that thought is what creates feeling, that mechanistic thought can be made taskmaster over the wayward heart and its need to feel. 

I feel all of this resurrecting in me again, this calling to take responsibility for my own world, to take ownership of everything that’s happening in my life and how I’m responding to it or avoiding it. The difference is I see my thoughts as a conduit of creative energy, and that conduit has now become very transparent, allowing me to observe and more importantly to feel the source of what’s in that conduit. What’s the feeling, what’s the need, what’s the pain in that feeling? When I feel that, I no longer have to effort a change in thoughts. Thought takes care of itself, because thought is secondary to feeling. 

Where this gets really interesting is that I don’t have to become an emotion police either, like we did before with thoughts. There’s nothing to police, only things to feel, and feeling happens as a ‘to’ and a ‘from’ transaction inside, me to me, when I feel a very real part of me and its needs and reality. I get to show up for me in an emotive and heartfelt way. 

I also feel my thoughts as a sacred altar of awareness, of feeling, of ceremony, of transmutation where my feeling state is made transparent to me, to my higher heart of awareness, to my Divine Self who is able to feel and heal it all. I desperately need access to all that I’m feeling, not to pave it over with any kind of success formula, that couldn’t and didn’t work for me, thank God!

Our beloved guides in previous centuries simply had no awareness of these deeper truths. These truths are what is arising now for you and I to explore. 

Raphael Awen

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Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

Letting In Nature’s Magic Show

by Raphael Awen

I had a magical experience yesterday.

I had just completed a wonderful session with a facilitant, and wanted to take a nature walk and go integrate whatever had moved in me as I served.

I headed out to a nearby beautiful park that I often visit several times a week. Maybe the crow who paid me a visit the day before would also return. I had also found a painted red heart shaped rock that same day, nestled just under the bench with the words ‘Self Love’ painted on it, that I decided wanted to come home with me at least for a few days.

I also wanted to express a new mantra I had just created for myself.

The mantra I created was: ‘I let in a life of play, joy, discovery, reverence and magic along with an ever expanding consciousness with more giving and receiving of love’. It felt powerful and activating and I felt the need to just be with it to let in what is arising in my life.

I wasn’t quite prepared however for all the love that showed up next.

As I approached the bench, on the path a few feet in front was a baby bunny greeting me. She didn’t seem too startled and allowed me a moment to connect before she returned to the bushes. Then I noticed to my dismay that the bench had been used for some denser forms of meditation as there were some beer bottles, bottle caps and cigarette butts strewn about that I tidied up before getting settled.
Not long after I got out my tea and got comfortable, and began speaking my new mantra aloud, feeling it move in me, I looked out over the water, and noticed a blue heron flying out over the water in the distance, and as it glided, it’s arc came my way and came to rest, perched on the stones protruding out of the water directly in front of me, looking directly at me. He stayed a good while and offered a transmission. As I continued with my tea and mantra, I noticed in the tree beside were a whole bunch of what I assumed were chickadees, playing amongst the low branches. Then some children who were just old enough to be out of their parents direct supervision also came into my space to gain access down the slope to the beach below. More delight and exploring energy.

Next what swam right across my entire field of vision was a big white swan! ‘OK, this is getting a bit much’ I said to myself, as I continued to take in the swan’s gift of grace, beauty and solitude.

I pulled out my phone to look up rabbit, heron and swan to see what the animal totem messages were, where I found a host of timely messages for where I feel myself, my parts and metasoul aspects moving and changing in life and service.

I wondered if the magic show was over, but was kind of prepared for anything now by this point, wondering if the neighborhood eagle was gonna take a seat beside me or something! As I got up, I gathered my things and the trash, and just as I’m about to step away, sure enough, the crow returned to sit exactly where he had the day before with me standing there taking him in. He also stayed a good moment before flying away, then as I turned to leave and who was back, but the bunny in the exact spot I found her in when I arrived, kind of like the entrance greeter and exit usher!

I made my way back out of the park onto the street and guessed I may well see a deer on my way home to cap all this off as they are quite common where we are, but always still a wonder to see. As I stepped across the street, what steps in my path instead was a small raccoon making its way across the street, but because of an approaching car, it reversed course to hide out under a parked car. As I walked by the car, he retreated a bit further to hide behind a big tree out in the yard, debating whether to climb it or not. As I passed the tree, I saw his nose sticking out, so I knelt down to give him my attention. He came out fully from behind the tree, and with not more than 15 feet between us, we got to do the eye gazing thing together for a great moment until some other passerbys prompted his retreat.

I didn’t scramble to photograph it all, as it felt better to take it in, rather than capture it in that way, but the photo below is the setting and the stone is the rock I found.

Thank you for reading and feeling my magical story. I hope the moral or morsel of the story is one for you where you feel curious about and in reverence of the magic that lives in each and every one of us, that wants to transform our consciousness.


Raphael Awen is a Sacred Masculine Love Ambassador and Co-Creator/Teacher/Group Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart Healing, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For more information about 1:1 individual sessions with him for men/women and with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group calls, writings/books, and videos, visit

Karma As Love Discovering Itself

By Raphael Awen

When we hear about karma, we hear it through our collective conditioning and it lands in us as something akin to punishment, or the universe paying you back with like for like, to teach you a lesson, with a big finger wagging thrown in.

What if what we call karma is actually about your soul’s choice to work certain themes of realization and discovery, and thus the theme is recapitulating itself in your current timeline, wanting to bring you goodness rather than any kind of loss?

The Sanskrit origin of the word is ‘action, work, deed and fate’ telling us something about how our actions, work, and deeds are powerful creators that generate a ‘fate’ – a ‘thing spoken by the gods’. Here, the ‘god’ is you and I, and the arena of manifestation is our lives.

Our Higher Self doesn’t see difficulty in the same way we do, as only something to be avoided or overcome, but sees it as a motivator for us to realize in real time the reality of love. The divine itself needed to participate in something less than love, so it created duality as a way to discover itself, and the divine does that through you and I. Our mistakes are grand experiments of learning and feeling what the divine couldn’t feel and appreciate in the way it wanted to. Our realizations are dramatizations of love that love needed to discover itself.

When you feel that appreciation, you feel the whole point of the karma, which is all about more, not less, about gratitude, not entitlement, about love, not fear.

Jelelle Awen and I will be exploring this subject of Karma on Wednesday’s (June 16th) group call where we’ll look at the even bigger picture of your Metasoul along with your Gatekeeper and how karmic patterns can be felt and healed in a quantum way, affecting all of your timelines, including your life as currently know it.

Please join us if this calls to you. Details at

Much love,

Photo courtesy of Thank you!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

Matrix Deprogramming & Divine Recoding Process (video) |Raphael and Jelelle Awen

Video of Raphael and Jelelle Awen

The Matrix is collapsing during this global awakening event and we are becoming more aware of programming we’ve received from it on 3D and 4D levels with opportunity to let in more Divine recodings as we deprogram. This video provides quick excerpts of teachings from a Free To Be 2 group call on June 3 with SoulFullHeart Teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen sharing about the programs that we receive in birth family relationships, education/indoctrination, food and body, false light, and more. Raphael and Jelelle also talk about how Divine codes are differentiated from programs and how to let them in more.

SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Solais also share in the video about their process of unplugging from the Matrix and their experiences in the guided meditation during the call that offered a connection to part of them that may still be receiving programming.

You can purchase the FULL recording of this group call recorded on June 3 (which includes 40 MORE minutes of teachings, two guided meditations and full sharings from Gabriel and Kalayna) and receive the recordings of all remaining calls (or zoom link to attend them live) in the series through offering a donation at or

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Feeling The Fears Of Deepening Intimacy In Sacred Union

by Raphael Awen

When we hide and compartmentalize our deeper truths to ourselves and others, we are rolling a stone up a hill, that gets larger and larger with time. Eventually, that stone gives way and demolishes those compartments, and reveals much about our fears, our shadow, as well as our light.

I have found this as a pattern that has shown up in my earliest relationships this life, and also in my Metasoul family as well. It came up yesterday (again) in my deepening intimacy with Jelelle, where even the finer attempts at compartments falter sooner and sooner. Ultimately, those compartments are about the fear of intimacy, and strangely (or maybe not so), even a fear of a deepening and proven intimacy.

To a part of me and in my Metasoul, it is still like the deepening intimacy is the stone being rolled up a hill, rather than the withheld truth. Then ‘the truth’ can be used as a threat in an attempt to return back to safety, to manage the fear, which gets into control and manipulation.

I was churning on all this last night and got out of bed to digest with Yeshua and Magdalene as well, being the perfect guides for a gender and Sacred Union need. They both assured me that this is the growth edge of the masculine and feminine now to lead with their vulnerability and their truth, in that order. They were also kind of amazed that I would seek to first find that reality inside as the source of the outward manifestation, as this wasn’t the deeper conscious reality in their lifetimes here on Gaia.
They also energized so much gratitude to me for being willing to walk this out, which spoke deeply to the remorse and almost shame I felt for causing hurt or blocks to intimacy in all of my relationships, regardless of the degree.

This I feel is the new playground ‘I Am’ being invited into, one my soul has always craved and longed for – truer and truer Sacred Union within and without.


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

Self Loving Limitations On Our Consciousness

By Raphael Awen

Though our conditioning can feel limiting as it predisposes us to only experience life within a certain familiar bandwidth of consciousness, it is also a self-loving thing in that it seeks to make a home inside of what is known, and also in that it came to us quite effortlessly.

As we recognize the self-love inherent in our conditioning, we can naturally allow new conditioning based in deeper trust that expands this bandwidth of our experience into the unknown.

Our conditioning is not our enemy, but a necessary part of our choice to experience to venture into vulnerable life in this dualistic reality.

The infinite experience and infinite love that you are chose this imposition of conditioning to give itself(you) certain locators and navigational abilities on the vast radio dial of infinity. In other words, infinity made a way to have the finite feeling experiences that it deemed necessary and desirable for where it was wanting to go.

And it did all of this through you and through me. We are all one BEing, having also been afforded just enough of a sense of individuated self to forget that oneness, so that we could experience the re-member-ing of ourselves back to one another and all BEing.

Much love to you in your sacred journey of remembrance.

Raphael Awen

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc.