Ascension Q & A W/Raphael & Jelelle Awen (Video)

Raphael and Jelelle were live responding to questions and comments on August 18th, 2018. We offered our perspectives on the ascension process, light body transformation, emotional body healing through parts work, and working with Metasoul aspects from other timelines. We also shared the beautiful ocean view from our new apartment!

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SoulFullHeart Experience Live Stream Events UPcoming!


Emoto-spiritual ascension teachers, sacred union mates, and writers/authors Raphael and Jelelle Awen will be sharing their high vibe energy, heart openness, insights, and guidance during a free question and answer session on Sunday, September 2nd at 11:11am CST. The session will go for as long as the interest is there and engagement from you, although probably not longer than 90 minutes.

They will also be teaching about the emotional and spiritual wholistic healing/awakening process and way of life they co-create and facilitate called SoulFullHeart. The SoulFullHeart process focuses on the 3D, 4D, and 5D selves and how they express in seven key areas of life: emotional, spiritual, mental, social, physical, financial, and environmental. Raphael and Jelelle teach about emotional body healing, parts work process, ascension, spirituality, awakening, conscious money or sacred economics, conscious community, sacred union, light body/physical health, sacred sexuality, 5D ascension, and more. Please visit and for much more information about SFH.

They will be live streaming on both the SoulFullHeart Facebook Page and the SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel. They will be reading and then responding to your comments on the SoulFullHeart Facebook page and to questions that you ask prior to the live stream session as well. You can message the SoulFullHeart Facebook page with any questions, comments that you have or message Raphael or Jelelle Awen’s page as well. Or you can email to

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Separating From 3D self (ego), Healing From Other Lives During 5D Ascension Video

Raphael and Jelelle Awen having an expansive conversation about healing, awakening, life, love, service, working with aspects of self…..this new video captures the energy of that exchange as they digest recent shifts in our focus due to our own continual awakenings and realizations. If you have been curious or drawn to their energy through words, watching this video will offer more a sense of who they are and how they interact with each other. And, they talk about what sessions with facilitators and our SoulFullHeart process offers you to serve your awakening and ascension process. More about sessions, etc. at

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This is the description of this video:
Spiritual teachers and soul mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen invite you into their living room during one of their thought provoking morning conversations together about healing, awakening, transformation, and ascension. In this video, they offer the importance of integrating soul and heart aspects of yourself (including the 3D self (ego) and aspects from other lifetimes who are still ‘alive’) through the process they offer called SoulFullHeart. They also discuss how Ethereal beings that we experience as ‘guides’ (angels, ascended masters, star beings, etc.) are also fragments or aspects of our soul and what they call the “Metasoul”. This identification and integration of these aspects during sessions with a SoulFullHeart facilitator allows for an increase in your vibrational frequency, heart vulnerability, soul awakenings, chakral openings, and overall experience of more joy, goodness, love, and higher consciousness filtering of life. You get to bring your sacred humanity ‘along with you’ as you experience higher and higher dimensional realities.

Moving Beyond Our Fears To Embrace Our Infinite Bigness Video

By Raphael Awen

“What we really fear at a deep core level are not the things that we think we fear. What we really fear is our own bigness. Our bigness isn’t just big, it is infinitely big.”

Raphael Awen narrates his own words in this video’s powerful and inspirational message of embracing our fears in order to heal them, the truth of our Divine essence, and how to decondition our fears. Raphael is co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life, an awakening and healing process in the both the domains of the heart and soul that leads to both individuation (ego maturation) and union/intimacy with self, others, and the Divine.

“Let love collide with the reality you’ve conditioned yourself to…”. You can go here to read the words.

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