The Catharsis Of Soul Scream

Soul scream….

Hidden and lurking within can be an angst, an anger, a frustration so profound it can rock your world both inside and out.
We are all holding so much inside. Each one of us. Some more or less than others but it is all part of our journeys. Healing sometimes will bring you to the next layers of your soul pain.

This pain from an infinite variety of trauma is stored in the vaults of your soul to be opened and felt when the time is right. When there enough You there to hold it and love it.

Let it rip can be cathartic. It can also be a portal. To release the scream can bring relief, feeling and understanding where it comes from and why it is there can bring transmution and integration.

This Soul Scream can come from repressed truth, witnesses or experienced injustice, Kundalini surges/awakening, and veil lifting. It may be an essential part of our ascension to be intimate and vulnerable with this inner angst.

It holds power, creativity, alchemy, passion, and authentic voice. It is your hidden Real Self coming into contact with the Present. It is gather its sea legs in this dimension and reconciling the trauma and pain.

This is not easy or fun, but it may be necessary to move onto the next phase of growth and healing. When held in safe space such as community and nature it can have life-altering effects.

If you are feeling these rumbles and would like to feel into them more, please feel free to contact me for a free intro call to see how the SoulFullHeart process may support you in this integration and birthing.


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Energy Update: Solar Eclipse Offers Joy Again And Setting Boundaries

By Jelelle Awen

Partial solar eclipse today…visible with our third eyes mostly, felt in our hearts, registered by our souls and Higher Selves as the codes come streaming in. This eclipse offers that your SKIES can open up again….that the sun of love is meant to come in and arise again after you’ve been in shadow, in some craziness timelines, feeling parts of you in distrust and anxiety (as I’ve written about recently.)

The beaming joy of after birth; the relief of catharsis; and the exhale as tensions relax ARE needed and available in this Now. Without this experience of peace too, then parts of you are ‘suffering over your suffering’ and remaining in loops of reactivity to crisis leading to more reactivity leading to more crisis, etc. etc. Parts of you may be drawn to the comfort of the dark without balance of light and love to HOLD the next necessary exploration into shadow integration.

The eclipse also offers a showing of edges that are sometimes necessary; to see and claim boundaries that sometimes need to be set with others so that you can feel like YOU again, so that you can find inner peace again, so that you can cease the suffering loops that they produce and reflect of you to you.

You can see the overlap between your sun and their moon and feel if it still serves you and if you still want it in your galaxy or not.

Conscious choices in ALL areas of life are so important right now as so many timelines shift, collapse, and new ones, higher ones want to birth and emerge. The fear-based timelines can tug hard to keep you anchored into the old. Are you choosing from love or from habit of suffering? Are you choosing from love of yourself or from a place of self hatred and fear? Are you choosing from the newest and highest or from the known and the safe?

The planetary bodies eclipse and merge and overlap in moments such as this….and so offer us mirrors to see our own movements too. This is a time to fill up again with LOVE as the momentous journey of ascension continues on, along with the Divine align…..

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