Loving Your Rage To Reveal Your Truth, Heal Hurts, And End Abusive Patterns In Relationships

By Jelelle Awen

There could be emotions running the range of irritation, frustration, to outright rage expressing for you or toward you…pushed up by the FULL moon, Scorpio, death/rebirth energies. The Divine Feminine is holding compassionate space for these feelings to come UP and OUT. These emotions aren’t ‘negative’ or ‘dark’, yet, rather more ‘polarized to fear’ and, very often, ‘suppressed.’ Suppressed emotions usually have actually VERY good reason for being there once you are willing to actually feel them. They have just been so put down and capped by often the Protector part of you (due to 3D conditioning that offers they are not OK or acceptable), that they come out stronger when they finally are allowed to express.

Rage is a denser expression, a more 3D fear-based energy, that actually transmutes and transforms to passionate truth telling as your frequency of self love rises. There is nothing ‘bad’ about anger or rage in its essence. When your truth has been put away or smothered or covered or conformed into “social correctness’, then parts of you don’t know how to express your emotional truth (esp.) without the anger. Anger seems to often be a more ‘surface’ or off gassing emotion that is covering over a past hurt or trauma.

If this trauma didn’t get emotionally digested by you on the Higher Heart/5D Self level or by your caregivers if it happened during your childhood, then it remains in your emotional body. The anger is often the Protector in a stance of, ‘I will not allow anymore hurt’ covering over the emotional reality of a part of you that says, ‘I still feel deeply hurt by this or that’. If healthy boundaries were not set and advocated for in the MOMENT of the hurt with others or from one part of you to another, then the suppressed rage protection over hurt dynamic is a ripe on to develop. Many parts can be stuck in these ‘scenes’ of hurt and shame and suppressed truth telling/advocacy and play them over and over like a loop that may be conscious to you or may not be. This looping leads to the outward, in the moment manifestation of rage that you may not even be able to track or understand as the deeper roots and causes are hidden.

Connecting with the parts that hold rage and WHY they feel it can move these frequencies into conscious, higher vibrational ones of healthy advocacy and passionate truth telling. Connecting directly to these parts of yourself serves to unfreeze these trauma moments and bring them into the present Now…..and also stops the looping patterns as well. Doing this BEFORE the triggers and constellated reactions allows you to establish a ‘non-charged ground’ of deeper connection within yourself. This is about identifying which part of you is feeling the rage and WHY, such as your Protector, your Punisher, your Inner Teenager or Inner Mother/Father. Or, an aspect from another timeline/lifetime. More about parts here: soulfullheartwayoflife.com/parts

You can journal directly with your rage too! Just let it rip out on the page and respond to the ‘truth’ that comes pouring out with compassion and curiosity. You might feel immediately a direct connection of the rage to a particular situation or it may just be an overall reaction to living in 3D and the difficulties of incarnating here.

These rage reactions seem to be especially coming up in romantic relationships and marriages lately and over the last year. This could be a clash and thrash energy between two souls who have drifted out of true partnership with each other, where one is awakening and the other is not. You could have parts of you that are ‘overstaying’ in this relationship ground that YOU know has been outgrown and no longer serves you. Sometimes, these conflicts can be a necessary catalytic movement to bring you closer to each other (only if held with MUCH love and respect and good will remains strong between you and them.)

When these clashes move into abusive and even violent frequencies toward yourself or between you and your partner, it is TIME to complete the relationship….esp. if this is an ongoing pattern. This outward violence (whether physical, emotional, mental) is a mirror to you of an inward violence going on between parts of you to other parts of you. This outward reflection is offering a going within to heal phase for you, to deeply connect with the parts of you that are in trauma, in pain, in hurt, and NEED your love and comforting and compassion. These parts of you need you to ‘clear the decks’ of outward conflict brought in by the relationship so they can actually lean into you with trust that leads to growth.

You cannot extend anything to anyone that you have not offered to yourself primarily and firstly. It is like trying to get water from an empty well. Responding to anger frequencies that come up in you with immediate curiosity and a self loving boundary allows you to experience a filling UP of love more and more. THEN, when you are in relationship from this place, you are able to offer transaction of love from an overflowing ease, grace, compassion, and support for yourself AND your partner. Why would you settle for anything less than this?

5D relationships live in these grounds of mutual respect and growth. They are more SACRED than SCARED. Anything lesser than this in experience is ripe for completing, letting go, and moving on. Negotiation with parts of yourself that are understandably attached to the relationship can help in this letting go. It is MUCH better to be alone (and ultimately very much more nourishing) then to be in relationships where fear-polarized frequencies dominate the dynamic. This offers a huge release for your partner as well, even if parts of them struggle to accept it or move on or initially support the completion.

I have served several women in the completion phases of their relationships when they needed/wanted to end them and it is a sacred phase (often an understandably intense one!) to walk through with them. I support their growing truth, self worth, advocacy, and a compassionate/merciful navigation for both themselves and their partners. You can find out more about 1:1 bridging session with me or ongoing sessions here: soulfullheartwayoflife/sessions

Raphael Awen provides support to men in this place through a bridging session or free intro.

Moving into 5D New Earth YOU means that ALL relationships in your life reflect and transact LOVE, most especially the one with yourself and all parts of you! Divine Mother is HERE to hold space for you to discover the LOVE that you are again and to require that, to hold out for that, to BE in that in your relationships too!


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men…more information here. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

2018 Energies Invite Discernment, Reflections On Your Healing Path

by Kalayna Colibri


There are many understandable qualms and queries that a wide array of souls have about letting in ‘new’ teachings and perspectives. There’s a way that in a sense, many of us have said ‘yes’ to being a part of abusive groups and leaders – political, spiritual, etc. Perhaps that’s why resonance can be a scary thing for parts and Metasoul Aspects of us, who have been ‘burned’ before, who have walked out (and may still be walking out) abusive relationships on many levels with those who they were once convinced truly loved and accepted them ‘unconditionally’ – which is perhaps one of the biggest hooks of them all and speaks to so much of our collective and personal wounding…

Today, after doing some research into different spiritual leaders and groups, I feel a collective pain and it feels like it pierces and echoes quite strongly. It’s a sense of some heavy influence and infiltration (which was signed-up for and allowed in for good and necessary reasons) from what can be called ‘Archonic’ energies and whispers, which really in a way just feels like the whispers of heavily unowned or outright disowned shadow. To find ourselves in abusive relationships on any blatant or subtle levels reflects an abuse which perpetuates inside of us and the suppression of our own shadows; what has been held in the dark and not only what could be considered ‘dark’ or low vibration. Taking this in as a piece for collective healing is important, yet the more important and power-filled choice is to take it back inward, to find our personal contribution to it, starting from us to us.

The degree to which there is denial that ALL, even the most precious, beloved and highly regarded gurus of our time and beyond also have ‘shadow’ to work and aren’t perfect or above being the human they signed up to be in their life and timeline, is the degree to which it is often suppressed and disregarded within too. We want to blame the others who fall from grace, yet so often there are parts of us, ESPECIALLY Metasoul Aspects of us, that have experienced this themselves in their own timelines and are afraid to face the shadow within that matched and made OK the unowned shadow in the other in THIS timeline.

That might be a lot to digest, yet it feels of great importance if we are truly to ‘clean house’ in this new ‘year’ called ‘2018’, which, it feels like, IS the invitation when it comes to Disclosure’s current unfolding that cannot be avoided personally as it happens globally.

To make the choice to lean into a new offering, such as what we talk about and share in SoulFullHeart, likely brings up quite a bit for some of you who feel resonance and yet feel a need to balk and take it this work in in small doses. This is understandable and actually feels necessary too. There is a need now to truly discern where a teacher, author, guru, speaker, etc is coming from and to vibe-in with their particular views of love and spirituality, to see if they truly work for you at this time. There is an enormous capacity in all of us to let in and lean in and there is a vast amount of distrust that comes with that too, embodied in a part of you that we call the Inner Protector and also the Gatekeeper. Bless this part of each of us for the filtering, the necessary judgments and push-aways, the incredible job they have done and had to do. To be truly led by your deepest heart into healing paths that will not offer abuse but instead continually give you back to you as you find the power of your naked heart and soul again without need of a Protector, is perhaps one of the most profound gifts coming to you this year and beyond and it is definitely my own wish for ALL of us as we continue arising and rearising into our Sacred Humanity, that is powerful, soulful, and above all heartful. ❤

If you wish to feel more into SoulFullHeart, perhaps with your Inner Protector/Gatekeeper held consciously in your heart while doing so, you can visit http://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sfhprocess to learn and feel more about what we offer and how we offer it, and ready much about who we are as well in other parts of our website and on our blog. ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.