Lightworking Is Shadow-Working


Even in the offering of our gifts as a healer, teacher, and lightworker we are not removed from the meeting and transmuting of our own shadow. The two are inextricably connected. It is from that experience that we can offer that proverbial diamond to others. Within the work itself, we are in relationship. Relationship from soul to soul, heart to heart. We live in human form with human wounds. Those wounds come into contact in every connection we make, sacred or mundane.

As we go into healing space there are times when we come across situations that trigger or challenge those parts or aspects of us that are still residing in the depth of our unconscious until such time they are meant to be constellated into our current consciousness. We are not always going to be this ideal notion of what another part of us may feel a healer should be. There are times when need to take in reflections of ourselves to get a finer detail of what is lying in our shadow.

As we enter into this sacred space with others we are also in sacred space with ourselves. We are working an aspect of our own process as we are always in one. We cannot ever be outside of it. This is the gift of service and, to other parts, the difficulty. So to claim the light is to claim the shadow. As forerunners and leaders, there are experiences that may be antithetical to love and compassion that lie in our midst that have yet to be addressed until such time they make themselves known.

It is our responsibility to continue to work our shadow as it arises. Not to hunt it down but to respond to it when it does show up. There is owning it and self-lovingly going into it. We may need to come to terms with something that is hard to feel but that is what we signed up for. That is the lightwork that happens within so we can offer a purer, deeper, and more compassionate offering to those that are seeking our particular brand of healing. It is the depth of our own self-healing that makes its way into the hearts and souls of those that we are meant to serve.

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‘Qualifying’ To Serve Love Starts Within

by Kalayna Colibri


Artwork: Small Seeds Of Love by Outi Harma

In the service of love, it’s not a certification or a weekend retreat that qualifies you to offer healing to others. Methodologies, practices, therapies of all kinds, can be helpful, yes, yet true service starts within. It starts with your heart, through feeling and healing parts of you. It begins with the ever-humbling process of looking inward, feeling deeply, breathing into wounds both fresh and festered. It begins with soberly taking in reflections from Love itself, that can come through Guides and teachers, yet especially life as the ultimate teacher, healer, facilitator. It is your lived-in life and love experience that ultimately qualifies you, ‘certifies’ you, brings you the people who you are meant to serve!

True heart and soul-based service of love, comes from your lived-in and walked-out experience of life AND love, too. It comes from finding and feeling deeper depths of love on the other side of some tough processes where you felt as if you or parts of you were crawling through shards of glass. It comes from BEing in life, inhabiting your humanity, exploring your spirituality through that precious heart of yours. It comes from questions, from humbly realizing there cannot be any ultimate answers, yet strong feelings and intuitions based on your experience. No theorizing or conceptualizing can get you here, yet opening up these doors of exploration can and likely will bring you the real-life application of them, where you can really feel what parts of you ‘think’ you are learning.

The service of love in its truest and deepest sense has no requirements but openness and humility, which Love itself will remind you of with every challenge you find and move through, as it also continues to remind you that you ARE love and are loved, too. Serving love can happen at any time, with anyone you interact with, and if the nourishment can transact and move from you to them and them to you, then this is where it clicks into place and the most profound awakenings in the name of Infinite, incredible love are found.

Nothing and nobody can qualify you to be in this, as this is what you are worth, what you are being called to have and BE and eventually to offer consciously to others, too. ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at




2018 Energies Invite Discernment, Reflections On Your Healing Path

by Kalayna Colibri


There are many understandable qualms and queries that a wide array of souls have about letting in ‘new’ teachings and perspectives. There’s a way that in a sense, many of us have said ‘yes’ to being a part of abusive groups and leaders – political, spiritual, etc. Perhaps that’s why resonance can be a scary thing for parts and Metasoul Aspects of us, who have been ‘burned’ before, who have walked out (and may still be walking out) abusive relationships on many levels with those who they were once convinced truly loved and accepted them ‘unconditionally’ – which is perhaps one of the biggest hooks of them all and speaks to so much of our collective and personal wounding…

Today, after doing some research into different spiritual leaders and groups, I feel a collective pain and it feels like it pierces and echoes quite strongly. It’s a sense of some heavy influence and infiltration (which was signed-up for and allowed in for good and necessary reasons) from what can be called ‘Archonic’ energies and whispers, which really in a way just feels like the whispers of heavily unowned or outright disowned shadow. To find ourselves in abusive relationships on any blatant or subtle levels reflects an abuse which perpetuates inside of us and the suppression of our own shadows; what has been held in the dark and not only what could be considered ‘dark’ or low vibration. Taking this in as a piece for collective healing is important, yet the more important and power-filled choice is to take it back inward, to find our personal contribution to it, starting from us to us.

The degree to which there is denial that ALL, even the most precious, beloved and highly regarded gurus of our time and beyond also have ‘shadow’ to work and aren’t perfect or above being the human they signed up to be in their life and timeline, is the degree to which it is often suppressed and disregarded within too. We want to blame the others who fall from grace, yet so often there are parts of us, ESPECIALLY Metasoul Aspects of us, that have experienced this themselves in their own timelines and are afraid to face the shadow within that matched and made OK the unowned shadow in the other in THIS timeline.

That might be a lot to digest, yet it feels of great importance if we are truly to ‘clean house’ in this new ‘year’ called ‘2018’, which, it feels like, IS the invitation when it comes to Disclosure’s current unfolding that cannot be avoided personally as it happens globally.

To make the choice to lean into a new offering, such as what we talk about and share in SoulFullHeart, likely brings up quite a bit for some of you who feel resonance and yet feel a need to balk and take it this work in in small doses. This is understandable and actually feels necessary too. There is a need now to truly discern where a teacher, author, guru, speaker, etc is coming from and to vibe-in with their particular views of love and spirituality, to see if they truly work for you at this time. There is an enormous capacity in all of us to let in and lean in and there is a vast amount of distrust that comes with that too, embodied in a part of you that we call the Inner Protector and also the Gatekeeper. Bless this part of each of us for the filtering, the necessary judgments and push-aways, the incredible job they have done and had to do. To be truly led by your deepest heart into healing paths that will not offer abuse but instead continually give you back to you as you find the power of your naked heart and soul again without need of a Protector, is perhaps one of the most profound gifts coming to you this year and beyond and it is definitely my own wish for ALL of us as we continue arising and rearising into our Sacred Humanity, that is powerful, soulful, and above all heartful. ❤

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Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Are You A Spiritual Student Or A Seeker?



The problem with modern spirituality is there are too few people open to truly being students and too few teachers self qualified to authentically serve them.

I spent many years as a student, dedicated and fully committed to one teacher and teaching. I didn’t realize at the time how unusual this was. They were aspects of my teacher and that relationship that ended up being off and based in shadow, just like any committed relationship has healthy and unhealthy aspects. But if I hadn’t committed myself to that teacher, I simply would not be who I am now, in the nourishing relationship that I am, and serving others through SoulFullHeart.

I’ve been offering my way of life and myself as a teacher and healer for the last few years and I’ve met many people who claimed to be ‘seekers’ along the way, initially drawn to what I was offering. Whenever someone would claim to be a ‘seeker’, I wanted to ask them, “You are a seeker? So, when will you let yourself be found?” It seemed that these seekers were deeply afraid of committing to just one thing, just one teacher and teaching. They wanted to float around and sample off the buffet bar of spiritual offerings. They wanted to read books (especially ‘best selling’ ones) or attend yearly seminars and retreats. And they expected that this minimal activity would actually bring them the rewards of bliss, joy, serenity and deep love that they felt entitled to receive. Instead of trusting their intuition that brought me to them as a teacher, they wanted someone else to legitimatize a teacher for them (a publishing company, Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, etc.) Popularity does not qualify a teacher and might actually disqualify a teacher, but that’s for another blog entry.

Many modern seekers seem to have a short attention span and are looking for the next shiny object to latch onto. They are a product of a modern world where facebook “likes” mean more than meaningful relationships; where spiritual experiences are expected not revered; and where negative emotions have been villianized and positive emotions over idealized. They don’t want to actually work at transformation or to feel anything negative as a crucial aspect of their growth process, so part of them projects them into an idealized place where they can claim to feel bliss and love for everyone all of the time without actually doing the work that would awaken them to a state where this might be possible.

My truth is that this is not what we are meant to experience as sacred human children of the Divine. The Divine wants to experience Itself through us, both in male and female form, and why would it only want to experience the light and loving expressions of Itself? Pretty boring, wouldn’t you say? It is both the light and dark, the shadow and the love that interest the Divine. The textures, the depths, the struggles and the triumphs, the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs. A student of the Divine is a student of life in all its areas of expression and all its highs and lows. And as you become a true student of the Divine and of an authentic teacher of the Divine, then you arise into your sacred human nature which is an arising and unknown wonder that can respond to the ups and downs with an open heart. You experience deep connection with the Divine that is both challenging and comforting; catalytic and solid; full of contrasts and paradoxes and fundamentally conditional on you continuing to heal yourself.

I am a teacher because I have been a student and I continue to be a student of the Divine and will for the rest of my lifetimes. I am a teacher who deeply wants to draw true students, students who will wrap around what I have to teach and still retain their centers. Students who will surrender to learning and not knowing and, at the same time, hold that they are also meant to be teachers someday. Students who will accept the challenge, do the work, and commit to me, the Divine, and themselves. Students who will own if they feel resistance to being students and why.

Here are some more distinctions about a student versus a seeker for you to feel into:

A seeker thinks that a paradigm shift is all that is needed; a student recognizes that it is just the beginning.

A seeker is afraid of commitment; a student lets themselves be claimed.

A student wraps around a teacher while remaining in their own center; a seeker gives complete devotion to a teacher while remaining without a center.

A student allows ALL areas of their life to offer sacred experience; a seeker makes certain areas of their life more sacred than others.

A student wants to filter experience through what they don’t know; A seeker wants to filter experience through what they know.

A student admits they do not know and do know at the same time; a seeker attaches to what they know and what they think others know.

A student draws a teacher who reflects to them their own bigness, not just the teacher’s bigness.

A student accepts the light and the dark; a seeker seeks for the light while suppressing the dark.

A student feels the inner teacher inside of themselves; the seeker denies the inner teacher inside of themselves.

A student accepts that whatever they experience in the moment is the reward; the seeker justifies what they experience in the moment to receive a reward in the future.

A student is destined to become a teacher; a seeker is destined to become unfulfilled.

A student gets that being a student is the hardest but most natural thing. A seeker believes that being a seeker is easy and is supposed to be.

A student is open to their feelings as being an aspect of Divine expression; a seeker is open only to feelings that they feel as ‘positive’ or ‘serene’ as Divine expression.

A student is asking ‘who am I?’ and answering ‘I am that’ at the same time.

A student humbly understands that they are entitled to nothing but are worth having what most deeply serves them; A seeker feels entitled to manifest everything that they want yet don’t really believe they deserve it.

A student surrenders; a seeker submits.

A student is both investing and divesting; a seeker is investing looking for a return.

A student is patient, understanding it takes many lifetimes to arise and unfold and all experiences bring growth. A seeker is eager and impatient, feeling that everything they want should be given to them now and that only positive experiences are valuable.

When will you stop seeking and let yourself be found?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Who is appearing as a teacher in your life that you are resisting leaning into? If you are reading these words right now, perhaps it’s SoulFullHeart.

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