Experiencing Abundance From Within To Draw It On The Outside

By Jelelle Awen

It’s interesting how abundance can work in your life. How it can seem to sneak in at times, as if on a slow drip line that builds up over time. Or, it can gush in on a wave that invites you to ride it, glide it, surf it, and, ultimately, surrender to it.

And, abundance can take so many forms….whatever your energy is going toward, whatever your desire is wanting to draw, whatever you are most needing. The main sense that something is coming from abundance, though, is that it is being offered to you from and with LOVE.

This Lion/Lionness gateway and the upcoming partial SOULar eclipse tomorrow invite you and parts of you to feel into your relationship to abundance as these energies offer a bounty of NEXT level light and love. To feel what receiving this love abundance means to you….what is resisted and what is embraced.

During this Cosmic Christmas gateway, I am experiencing many gifts of abundance…..community intimacy as the five of us spent a few days together eating/talking/shopping and living, increasing service draw and resonance through SoulFullHeart, and, also, a new place to live for the next several weeks. For two years, Raphael and I have lived in a very simple, older, Mexican apartment. It is in a wonderful location, close to the ocean/shops/restaurants with an ocean view. Yet, it has bars on the windows (as is typically here for security), no ability to be truly sound proof, is falling apart in many ways, etc. And, it has been all we could comfortably afford while transitioning our money earning the last few years from a 3D-based painting contracting business to SoulFullHeart & transitionary and flexible teaching English online. And before this place, we lived on a remote, off-grid ranch for close to two years and in an RV before that.

We humbly surrendered to living in this simple place WHILE we dreamt of physical abundance and beauty. Day after day, we would both energize this during our meditations and talks together….WHILE discovering appreciation for the simplicity that we’d been given and understanding the deconstruction that was going on. We came to feel how the generation of abundance needed to happen from WITHIN primarily, from one part of us to another. To strip away the entitlement, the expectation, the normalization, the focus on materialism that happens in 3D life in order to get to the arising gratitude and appreciation that comes when you have let go of everything and are truly in receiving mode.

Then, just last week, we drew an opportunity to stay in a beautiful apartment that is literally just 100 steps from our old one. Yet, it is VERY much a different timeline, with panoramic ocean views, beautiful surfaces, and a very attentive landlord. Going back and forth between the two living spaces has felt like traveling between two timelines…..the old is collapsing as the new is being built and lived in.

I have had some process around this transition, including feeling my masculine aspect named Julian who tenderly felt like he had ‘failed’ me by living in such simplicity and ‘squalor’ (his word) for the last five years. And this part of me feels afraid of our new transitory lifestyle, where we feel to respond to service and offer retreats/group circles in different locations around the world in the next year. I felt his tears, shared them with our community during Lion’s Gate, and then felt his heart open and expand to become in collaboration with me to manifest and activate the next and the next. I invited him to feel how all the internal work we had done was NOW showing up on the outside too and, therefore, we could trust that it would most likely sustain.

Whatever YOUR abundance manifestation looks like, it is ultimately less about how it shows up externally as it is about how it FEELS on the inside for you. Abundance within feels like much less polarization between parts of you and much more unification. It feels like goodness, joy, and acceptance/embracement of the moments and movements that are less than that. Ultimately, though, and most importantly…it feels like LOVE.

Jelelle Awen
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Photos are of our views from our new apartment and recent sunset codes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Awakening To Your Abundance Within And The Protection Of It Too

by Kalayna Colibri

When I feel the abundance alive inside of Gaia, of water, nourishment, life, energy, that in 4D awakening experiences often seems deficient or on the decline and frighteningly so, I feel how this parallels our own inner abundance that continues to create and recreate itself continuously, that wants to be remembered and fill us UP! Of course, all of this focus on depleting resources is actually a concern about the depletion/scarcity of love… and there is no stronger source of love than that which can be cultivated, experienced and then overflowed from within.

You are not deficient… you are not in lack or scarcity. You are not in a place of “not having”, though it can feel like this to parts of you who have truly and deeply felt as if life and love itself tend to turn the other way when they are in need or want. Some parts of you may have become “beggars” in a sense of it, desperately wanting, praying, affirming, grabbing at what they feel they do not have already. In some ways, this is what they’ve needed to do. This is what you’ve needed to inhabit in your 3D life, where the conditioning is that you need something, someone, outside of you at all times in order to keep you fed, clothed, embraced, loved. This conditioning does not tell you to go within and feel where this sense of separation first started and ultimately received the most encouragement to go on in your consciousness.

You ache… your parts ache. To be felt above anything else. To be seen and heard and even challenged to start feeling the “deficiency” within… a deficiency that doesn’t really exist, but has seemed to. The lack you’ve felt has actually been about something much deeper inside of you that has gone untapped. There are bottomless wells of everything you need within you. For example, the body knows what it’s doing, yet hasn’t always been given permission to be in its intelligence, its knowledge of self-healing, and hasn’t been given the space to do so either or the foods, the energies it most needs in order to boost its abilities. The heart knows what it feels to be true, where your personal and soul timeline stories have come from and why they are there/here, why and how you are connected to those you are connected to, or why perhaps you aren’t. Above all, it knows what you most need. And, it knows that the only place where this can truly come from in a steady and ongoing way is within.

The abundance you have inside is like the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin. Or maybe it’s the intense Inner Protector energy inside of you that makes it feel that way and is offering me this picture now! Your Inner Protector seems to vibe to you that if you touch the lamp of your abundant flow within, everything will collapse… and in a way, they’re not wrong! The golden lamp is your deepest sense of inner power and worth that is accessed through feeling parts of you who are not only the pain they present to you once you begin to feel them, but who also have many, many gifts to offer and can unlock the doors to your soul gifts and service-of-love 5D Self. Once you start to realize your true power and everything you can provide yourself from within by being with these parts of you, all the areas of your life DO experience a collapse of this cave that has served to compartmentalize and hide away your brightest light within… yet, it’s a death and rebirth cycle, not your ultimate demise, as your Protector and other parts have felt it to be. It’s an invitation to keep going, growing, wanting something NEW, something more fulfilling and nourishing and alive within you, that then creates and draws the relationships to others, to life, to work, to service of love, that you most deeply want and are ready for. The best way to walk out this collapse and reboot is with a hotline to your Inner Protector, who has had very good reason to protect your Cave of Wonders and treasure trove within it of previously suppressed parts of you and ultimately self-love and worth too.

You are more than enough in the deepest sense of it. You are the one who gets to experience shifts in your life that don’t always have to be experienced the “hard way” if you do choose to negotiate and walk it out with parts of you. By taking self-loving steps, you get to feel everything that you have within and everything you are bringing with you into each new life phase. And, along the way, you will discover that life is NOT looking to deplete you or run you down and is, in fact, pressing you inward to find the resources you already have waiting to be claimed. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.