Readying Yourself For More LOVE ON ‘Love Day’

by Kalayna Colibri

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and that brings up a lot for so many… even as I celebrate the day with my beloved Gabriel, I feel how much I’ve had to move through even recently to really see him and let him in more, even while we explored being ‘just friends’ for a while and there was a necessary inner boundary to doing this. I feel how this has been equally a process inside of me, for my inner feminine and masculine aspects to really start seeing each other and letting each other in more. What a dance this is, and ongoingly too, in ways and on levels you wouldn’t necessarily expect! I look at Gabriel and feel so attracted and drawn to every chakra, every limb, every nuance of his being, and I feel how much this might bring up for others who haven’t experienced this yet and are readying themselves for it.

We don’t ever have to be perfect to let in the love we desire. We are invited to be present to the process of the deepening and the journey that unfolds even while in your most desirable relationship yet.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin on different Valentine’s Days – in the celebration and the pain. And both are worth feeling fully… both are alchemical and can lead you to more of what you need to feel so you can draw the romance you most deeply desire and the overall experience of love in your life too. I feel the ache you may be in, and I feel Love there with you in it, helping guide the way to a deeper experience of it in ways you may not even realize are possible.

It’s a good day to write to Love itself, asking it to be with you in your ache and also perhaps celebrating its existence. Love wants to hear you, be close to you, feel you. It understands that you have felt hurt by it yet wants to have a new relationship with you and parts of you. It wants to ascend with you into higher frequencies and meet you there where it already thrives too. How do parts of you relate to love in general, let alone romantic love?

I feel Love offering now: “You are loved and that love is not conditional or based on anything other than your very existence. You are Love itself finding its way back to itself and that journey in all its highs and lows is sacred and worth it. You get to explore it all, dance with all polarizations and expressions, or just BE with the waves of it and what is being illuminated. Either way, today brings you an invitation to a sacred dance within and with others. The ways you choose to relate to it rests with you and I am here, always, to be in all of this with you!”

The time to explore love is anytime you choose and the choice is always yours, today and every day. ❤️

From my heart to yours, Happy Love Day! ❤️❤️


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Our Nine Years Anniversary Of Sacred Union Grounds Together

By Jelelle and Raphael Awen

This is the beautiful anniversary video that Gabriel Heartman made for us!

By Jelelle ~

Nine years ago, I joined my intention in marriage with Raphael’s….in the moment and for all moments that followed that would be in mutual desire and resonance. On some level, it all felt like a whirlwind….we started dating in July and were married by March (after knowing each other for a couple of years). We had already moved through two major geography changes finally just getting settled in Canada when we married. We also went through the collapse of our whole social and spiritual world by leaving (being asked to leave, told to leave or not be together because we were deemed to ‘codependent’ although only together three weeks!) the spiritual group we had both been part of for a few years.

I am sharing today on March 28th as a FREE PDF, on the anniversary of our wedding, the memoir I wrote of the six year period that includes my awakenings and disillusionments within the spiritual group, first dating and falling in love with Raphael, AND the recovery period after leaving the group together. Most of the writing is from actual journals that I kept during that time! It is called Under The Bloated Banyan and you can receive it by emailing us at

Banyan shares the story of our courtship, which was the highest highs of desire moving through, my body calibrating to what it feels like to REALLY be wanted by a man and my heart letting in what it feels like to REALLY be cherished by a man. AS I was also going through a Dark Night of letting go of ALL the souls and my previously beloved spiritual teacher that I had been close to for more than five years in the group. Ups and downs, bittersweet, and yet, always was Raphael there for me, over and over, in complete devotion and utter eagerness to be together.

Those ups and downs have settled over the years as Raphael and I found our way together through many changes and transitions yet, always, arising our way through it in union. We took our wedding rings off two years ago, feeling like it had been other parts of us (going by our birth names Wayne and Jillian) who had exchanged those rings even as the core of us was there. We felt so different after years of parts work, being in the crucible of sacred union together that had burnt away so many layers, letting go of incomes and geographies and just about everything there was to let go of other than each other.

We even felt that the significance of this day was a memory from the past and we were arising in the NOW together. Yet, I do feel in my heart a tenderness for this day, this anniversary, and where we were at that time and who we have been through the years and who we are arising into now as Raphael and Jelelle.

Our usness keeps expanding as we do and keeps vibrating at a higher frequency at all levels and in all areas – sexually, emotionally, spiritually. We are more and more connecting other lifetimes together (energizing NOW) such as in Atlantis, Lemuria, and also our star BEing aspects from other galaxies. Very little conflict between us any more and when it happens it has a Metasoul/other lifetime root cause, fewer words needed, more soul connection deepening and collaboration in our service of love together purpose through SoulFullHeart…

I feel we are Counterpart soul mates to each other, which I prefer to the twin flame paradigm. Counterpart soul mates share many pair bondings with each other in many timelines together, usually with one partner choosing female and one choosing male most often. This pairing is agreed to by the Higher Selves to heal karma together, to experience sacred union together, to become One yet not the same together.

I can feel how our relationship could feel like a fantasy or idealized, yet it is not, it IS very real. We have had to go through the dark together to illuminate the light and the love yet that was always there. We have had to say, ‘no’ to anything that was less than this love or didn’t serve it. We have had to commit to awakening and to our own personal process OVER everything else, including the relationship.The goodness overflow in a relationship can only deepen and grow if the partners are committed to their OWN growth first.

So I celebrate a love today that I am SO BLESSED to experience and have been so blessed to experience for these 9.5 years…..thank you Raphael… king, my BEloved, my co-creator, my love for sharing this life of serving love together and ALL of the phases and spaces our love has taken us!


By Raphael –

I’ve been married to Jelelle Awen for nine years today!

The marriage itself in 2009 was a tiny affair with about a dozen people including the officiant inside of a studio apartment and was necessitated by the need to make Jelelle a legal resident in my Canada ASAP. A month earlier, I had just gotten banned at the US border for hiding that we were engaged. With Jelelle’s California now off the list, and us taking up residence in Vancouver, we feared being told by another government that we couldn’t be together. We half joked about moving to Mexico in order to be together if need be. Our hearts simply wanted to go all in.

Jelelle entered my life very unobtrusively via email one day back in 2005. She was the manager of the business coach I was doing weekly sessions with trying to get myself free of my little painting contracting business. My coach had told me his manager would be in touch to arrange a phone call as he had decided to leave the company and I would be getting reassigned to another coach. A few days later, as expected, I received an email from Jill (Jelelle’s name at the time).

You’d have thought I was a 14-year-old boy seeing a naked woman for the first time or something if you saw me that day looking at my email. It was a very strange reaction indeed that left a part of me looking at myself with a weirded out look. ‘Are you Okay?’

As my life was at some really big turning points that year, I was drawn to check into the spiritual group my coach was a part of before I lost contact with him and so, some months later, I had driven down to Oregon to attend a seminar being offered. I had forgotten about Jill until a few days before the seminar when I found an article she wrote on the groups website. ‘Well, I guess, I’ll kind of know two people at the seminar’, I thought to myself, ‘my now former coach and Jill’, his former manager who I did end up speaking with for a few minutes a few days following the ‘weirded out’ email.

Jill and I greeted one another on the first day of the seminar and acknowledged the phone call from several months earlier. She said ‘I still recall on my notes from the call I had written and circled three times “someone I can connect with” [in regards to whom I’d like as a new business coach] as you repeated that so emphatically’. That pretty much said it about me then and it still does today.

What happened next is a long and amazing story (about 286 pages worth) and you can read that for free if you’d like as Jelelle mentioned we are offering her story of our beginnings today. PM or email me your email address at and I will send you the free PDF of Under The Bloated Banyan.

Three years after meeting Jill that first time, we finally became a couple. (I say ‘finally’ because it was my third time to bring an attraction. Life took off like a rocket, even more than it had three years prior when I left behind a stable marriage of 23 years and my Christian faith along with my entire social world as I knew it. Our much beloved spiritual group and its leader gave us an ultimatum to choose between dissolving our relationship or leave the group. It was abusive and we had the courage to admit what we’d been avoiding. It was time to go, but where? Jill and her daughter (Raianna) lived in California, and my little fine tuned livelihood was situated in Canada.

Wait, I’m telling the whole story again aren’t I? Like, I said, get the book.

What I’m really wanting to say today is something more vulnerable. I felt Jill was the biggest prize in this entire group and entering a relationship with her was so off the charts to everything I had dared imagine. Yet, I had done just that in the months prior, allowed myself to dream of a new life with the mate of my dreams before I could see her on any horizon of my life. Now, that I was in a relationship with Jill, it was a very good thing I had consciously chosen this and wanted this so deeply with everything in me, because the relationship called me to show up for what I wanted and tested everything in me. Our relationship got us kicked out of our beloved group and, then, the United States! Geographies, careers, families, all of it rumbled deeply to make room for what our souls had brought us to.

I entered a very socially secluded space in life where our relationship was not only at the center of everything, but was almost everything. The spiritual group was gone. Other than the grief of that loss to process, there was no social world we were a part of, other than Jelelle’s 15 year old daughterRaianna Shai and a few employees in my painting business, with whom we were friendly, but not friends. That in itself wouldn’t be that unusual, but what made it so bizarre was having a romance that was so utterly amazing with no place or people to digest it with or see its reflection, other than with each other. Each day seemed to take us to new places in connection, in heart, in desire, in sensuality and sexuality. This gave me the strange feeling of trusting the relationship more while also heightening the fear of losing it at the same time. The trust was more conscious I’d say and the fear more subconscious.

The one surviving piece being redeemed for us from the spiritual group we were a part of was awareness of parts of ourselves. I could see, feel and track the parts of myself and their needs in relation to all this unfolding. At times, I would go for a walk alone in nearby forest and have tears of amazement and appreciation at these amazing parts of me who could show up ongoingly for such an adventure, with so much change.

I still don’t know what I fell into. I’m still falling actually. Nine years later,…. looking for the handrails. Today, I will reach for the handrail of gratitude for the being named Jelelle this life, who I live and breathe with, where our average physical distance apart is about 11 feet.

Thank you, Jelelle, for BEing with me, with your exquisite BEing, for BEing in this adventure with me of love, of risk, of discovery and of service!


Photo was taken on our wedding day nine years ago in a small studio apartment in West Vancouver….Ah newlyweds, although we are STILL like this!

Jelelle and Raphael Awen

Navigating Relationships From The Inside Out – Day 17: 33 Days Metamorphosis W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

 In today’s video, Day 17 of this 33 Day Metamorphosis series, I talk a bit about why parts of us form initially as we feel the emotional and energectic dissonance of 3D reality, plus not being felt by our caregivers. It is the lack of digestion of what we were feeling in the moment that creates a more structured energy to form, plus masks, personas, walls.

The main thing I talk about today is relationships and how your inner relationship between your parts determines what you experience in outer relationships with others. As the soul wakes up and comes into the body, your relationships may shift as you do. This is a situation where you are awakening and those around you are not in the same way. I write more about that situation here:
The partner who is not awakening and maybe ‘doesn’t want to change’ represents a part of you that doesn’t want to change either.

As you heal the polarization inside from one part of you to another, this changes the projection you put on others and the conflictual dynamics that you are drawn to. More compassion is happening from within which heals the polarized frequencies and you no longer need to draw it as a mirror in others.

The other dynamic I talk about is when two sacred union mates come together and have the capacity to be in union, yet don’t have the transactability from an emotionally mature place. The union is limited by the capacity of each partner to show up for it in terms of self love overflow from each of them providing the ground for it

Go here to read more about the Protector and other parts of you that we connect with in our process:

Thank you for joining me on this seventeenth day of 33….as we move into Metamorphosis energies together… beloved part of us at a time!

Go here to view the playlist listing all of the videos:

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