Energy Update: Big Gaia/Schumann Spikes, Earthquakes Connection To Fall Of Lemuria, 7/7 Codes

By Jelelle Awen
Energy UPdate: Big spike in the Schumann/Gaia resonance today….reaching 110 HZ about four hours ago! WOW! The elevated frequency is still going on at this moment….and it’s 7/7 so more amplified codes/energies are coming IN to be received too.
sra (1)
The last three days have been higher Gaia/Schumann frequencies which you may have felt in your body….I experienced tightness and some pain in my head, neck and shoulders yesterday. I’m going to the ‘next level’ in my yoga practice so that was some of it, but I also wasn’t surprised to see that the Gaia resonance was elevated too as I have experienced it this way before. It’s as if the body is responding to Gaia’s shifts too….living them out in every cell and muscle.
I feel there is a correlation between the Gaia spikes and recent earthquakes in California and here in Vancouver Island. There is much energy released when these fault lines shift. I was offered by my Inner Earth Lemurian sister/guide Trista yesterday that the earthquakes are remnants from when the continent of Lemuria fell and collapsed about 12,000 years ago. The tension and even trauma from this collapse (which was caused by misuse of powers, energies, and conflict between Lemuria and Atlantis) live in these fault lines, which need to expand and stretch at times to relieve the pressure.
She said there is sometimes intervention from Inner Earth communities (for which there are hundreds of cities in Inner Earth including Telos, a city under Mt. Shasta, California) to create these earthquakes. Yet it is not for malevolent reasons, but rather to release some of the pressure on the tectonic plates. They choose areas of less surface population whenever possible to do this. It is like a controlled burn in that way. She offered that sometimes what we call “Cabal” or “Illuminati” forces are responsible for a quake, but usually they are either natural or facilitated by benevolent beings.
Earthquakes offer an opportunity to feel your Lemurian and Atlantian Metasoul aspects that lived during the fall and collapse of these civilizations. There is a trauma from this experience that I feel underlies much of what expresses as this-life reactivity, conditioned response, and even life choices. There can be a lingering distrust in the Divine and in life, and ongoing tensions about personal safety (usually expressing as anxiety about money) caused by this trauma. Experiencing an earthquake can trigger this trauma in your soul and BEing with it, connecting to your soul fragment that is living it out (usually in a repeated loop) can help to digest it.
There is also today, 7/7, offered a sense of your higher timeline self and life can be more easily accessed, providing a bigger context to the current shifts and transitions. This is a guided meditation I did to connect to your higher timeline:
Take care of YOU during these shiftings and changes,
Jelelle Awen
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Full Moon Offers Connection To Star Family/Inner Earth Lemurians In Mt. Shasta/Telos

By Jelelle Awen
A powerful full BLUE moon today, supposed to be 12 times stronger in amplification and illumination energies than the usual full moon. This full moon is offering a bridge of lifted-veil connection to your galactic family, your soul family (even at the soul monad level), and to the Inner Earth Lemurians esp.
I’ve been offered recently that the Arcturians (and other Star BEings) are in the sky offering higher perspective and cellular clearing; the Pleiadians are in the seas offering cleansing and purifying; and the Lemurians are in the Earth offering a template of 5D consciousness in a human body. This is a reassuring feeling, to feel this connection to so many spacious, light and loved filled BEings who are watching out for us!
I’ve been connecting consciously and in dream space with the Inner Earth Lemurians, specifically those living under Mt. Shasta in California in an underground city called Telos, where about 1.5 million Lemurians live. Particularly coming forward is Adama, the lead ambassador to us on the surface, and Trista, my Lemurian guide/Metasoul sister, and Tristos, Raphael‘s Lemurian Metasoul brother/Trista’s counterpart.
This connection to Inner Earth has been activated by the andara crystal energy, which exists as a grid work anchoring 5D frequencies from the cosmos into Inner Earth. The andaras are sent to the surface in small crystal form to serve as ‘seeds’ to help us remember our Lemurian roots and activate our 5D violetprint.
I’ve had an orientation and draw to Mt. Shasta for many years, living within an hour of it for almost two years. Back then, I was awakened to some of my psychic gifts yet not galactically or fully to the Metasoul/past life/other timelines/lifetimes reality. I did have an experience (I think this was in 2007), when I was wondering around some Mt. Shasta hiking trails, as I entered a
natural clearing in the woods.
In that clearing, which felt like the dried up remains of an ancient lake, I could sense there was an ‘overlay’ of another civilization on top of my current timeline. I could see glimmers and flashes of scenes from this culture, which I interpreted at the time to be Native American. Now, I feel that I was ‘seeing’ the Lemurians when they were still on the surface, before being forced to go underground about 12,000 years ago during the ‘fall’ of Mu, their and our motherland. I was also connecting to my soul Lemurian family living underneath me in that moment. I am feeling the same sensation here in Victoria, Vancouver Island….a sleepier grid of Lemurian energies, but feeling quite powerful as we consciously activate it more to create a bridge to them.
Oh, there is so much to share of what is downloading now and connecting to the Motherland, Her fall, and yet ALSO Her rise and emergence eventually of ALL Lemurians from Inner Earth into our culture. This emergence and blend of their culture (at a mostly 5D frequency of enlightenment, yet still embodied) feels like such a crucial aspect of the Ascension process for us on the surface. They provide an actual LIVING template of what New Gaia could feel like and operate like as a society and us as citizens of that society.
This book has been so helpful in the remembering and connection to Telosian culture and the Lemurians, channeled by another woman, Aurelia Louise Jones, yet so resonant!
INjoy the FULL moon and whatever She wants to illuminate for you. Next level sensings of WHAT the ascension and emergence process means for you are coming through….along with a strong support to make the shifts that will align you to your higher timelines!
Here is a quick guided meditation I did to connect to Lemurian energies recently in the woods, MUCH more to come!
I am going to offer a galactic group transmission on 5/22 over zoom, which I feel will also be a Lemurian transmission, wherever you are in that process of letting them into your heart and soul. You can join me live or receive the recording for a $11 USD/$15 CAD energy exchange, which you can offer here: There was a wonderful group cohesive energy during the first one on 5/11 offering an unplugging from the 3D/Lower 4D matrix….you are welcome to receive the recording of that one by sending the same donation amount.
Jelelle Awen and Trista
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Letting In Gaia And Sun Codes

By Jelelle Awen

A bit of a spike in the Schumann/Gaia resonance frequency today after quietness for the last few days. The surge lasted for about four hours and looks to be moving UPward again as I am writing this….

shm (1)

After a powerful bridging session today with a very brave woman who really signed up to transmute a lot of fear into love this life, I went for a walk to our local regional park with my dog Koda to connect with Gaia. Saxe Point is walking distance from our beautiful new house, right on the coast here in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada. The park is on the water with a wonderful patch of forest there too.

I sat on a cliff overlooking the water and let the sun codes wash over me. The codes are different here than in Mexico and the sunlight is not as bright, hot, and activating. They are more soft here, caressing, inviting. Both are powerful in their own ways. I connected to the CME energies from yesterday, which felt penetrating yet fading.

I was in awe of Gaia’s beauty in that moment and I felt the stirring of my Metasoul aspect who lives in Inner Earth. Her name is Reina and I have been connecting with her for the last year. She is a wise women for her people, who were originally Lemurians who went underground when Atlantis fell. They have been living in vast Inner Earth cities since then. Reina’s consciousness merged with mine and we appreciated the warmth of sunlight and the sensation of breeze on our skin. She reminded me to be appreciative of being on the surface of Gaia, to soak in Her goodness whenever I can, and to respect and be in harmony with Her. After connecting with Her, I went home and passed out for a deep, rich, and wonderful nap where it feels like we did more connecting beyond my conscious mind.

I’ve been asked why I call Her “Gaia” rather than Earth. I feel Gaia is Her consciousness, which is ascending just as ours is. I feel Gaia represents Her Divine Mother expression and aspect as well. Divine Mother in planetary form as Mother Gaia. Gaia acknowledges that She is a living, conscious, sacred BEing. Earth feels more like Her 3D name that she moving out of….

I downloaded some more messages from Reina that I’ll be sharing soon, especially related to frequencies that have been coming from Inner Earth recently and how they are impacting Gaia’s magnetic field. All for the purpose of ongoing ascension and awakening! All for the purpose of love!

This is a quick guided meditation I did at a lake near here offering Lemurian frequencies and light language….I feel to do one in Saxe Point soon too!

Pics are of the codes I let in today….in this one of me I can see Reina’s features coming through mine!


Jelelle Awen
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Energy Update: Grounding Frequencies Available With Gaia To Allow More INtegration

By Jelelle Awen


I am in and of the frequency of Gaia today during meditation, the Schumann Resonance vibrating around me. This is the heartbeat of Mother Gaia….immediately soothing and, just, so, so natural. It feels like being a fetus again, tucked into Mother’s womb, being soothed by the sound of Her heartbeat echoing all around. The main Ascension energies in this Now seem to be coming from Gaia, continuing to assist with the feminine-based INtegration process that began in earnest with the Supermoon earlier this month AND continuing into January, where we will receive mega Divine Feminine energies from two Supermoons and a lunar eclipse.

Gaia’s frequency is received in a natural way too…through your Earth Chakra that swirls about one foot below your physical feet. Your Earth Chakra is connected to a network of Earth Chakras, forming an energetic branch system that EVERY human BEing is naturally resonant with. These branches come off of a main trunk or ‘grounding cord’, as it is commonly called, that reaches down to the deepest center and core of Gaia. You can move lower vibrational frequency energies (and pain, congestion, energetic kicks from others, Archon ‘attacks’) through this grounding cord and they will be absorbed and transmuted by Gaia. I’ve been engaged in this grounding cord connection process (off and on) since I was 20 years old and first learned it during a meditation class. I still include it today in almost all of the guided meditations I offer and lead.

Walking barefoot or burying your feet in sand or warm baths with Himalayan salts creates a visceral sense of connecting to this Gaia vibration. Yet, too, visualizing the grounding cord/trunk that runs from your Earth Chakra to the center of Gaia during meditation provides just as much access to Her grounding frequencies, maybe even more. Gaia lives INSIDE of us all ultimately on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels, so interacting with Her through meditation is very nourishing. You have less need to go OUT to Her actually to be activated to Her higher frequencies as they more vibrate from within you as you BEcome New Earth. The oceans, the forests, the mountains, the rivers, the lakes…all HER forms of natural expression are from within you. Mother Gaia is wonderful to have conversations with as a Guide and receive EARTHLY Mama love hugs from too!

I have been brought more often into Inner Earth during Galactic Ambassadorship and personal processes during meditation lately. I am acclimating to how it feels and looks to BE down there, although it doesn’t really feel like ‘down’ with the amazing natural lighting that even FEELS warm like sunshine, huge and spacious caverns, and ultra modern (beyond what we have on the surface) structures. I’ve just begun connection with these Inner Earth BEings, so will share more as it develops. I am still mostly being guided by Binkh, my Arcturian Metasoul Aspect, and Beslopah, my Blue Avian Metasoul Aspect. You can read more about them in my books (especially in my latest one called Bliss Mess coming out on January 1st) and other writings too shared on

These Guides offer to me that we’ll be focusing our collective attentions more on Inner Gaia or Inner Earth as disclosure continues to unfold. We’ll be finding out eventually about the vast networks of tunnels and cities that have been created below our feet, below where our eyes can see. This collective disclosure will probably start with the revelations of long abandoned structures from Star BEings commonly called the Builder Race.

We’ve been gifted the surface of Gaia to play out our 3D ascending to 5D experiment while so much has remained purposely hidden from us until our consciousness is ready to digest it. Integration of the Inner Earth civilizations and Star BEings (and humans) who live down there is an important aspect of Ascension…once more people get acclimated to the existence of Star BEings and our long involvement with them (as is now coming out in even the mainstream media!).

Connecting our Gaia frequency with our Star BEing frequency….forming a bridge from our Earth Chakra to our Stellar Gateway (personal cosmic sun chakra about two feet above our heads) activates our 5D Sacred Human ‘Violet Print’ (as I have been offered to call it). This Violet Print is our Sacred Human column that is being activated by all these Ascension energies coming from Divine Masculine and Feminine sources, along with our Merkabah or light body vehicle. This is a recent guided meditation that I did offering activation and connection with your Ascension chakras, including your Earth Chakra and Stellar Gateway.

444 views on it as I posted it to share here!

As this column is activated, then we can feel and see where the darker places of fear congestions still vibrate in our emotional bodies, our energy fields, our Metasoul. We relate with this in SoulFullHeart as parts of us and Metasoul Aspects that we connect with, integrate, unify, cleanse, clear, heal in an unique and organic way that is in collaborative rhythm with you. More info here about sessions with us and the process:

This Divine music from Lokos TV really assisted me in connecting to the frequencies of Gaia and it may you as well: 

I don’t feel that Gaia is ‘shaking us humans off like fleas’ if we don’t resonate with Her as She moves into higher frequencies of 4D as some others offer about the Ascension process. She is inviting us to come WITH Her! She invites us to connect with the very natural and organic frequencies of Her that live in our DNA, our every living cells, and in our Star Seed child selves too. Her frequencies provide a reminder and Invitation to experience both our groundedness and our Infinite essence as Love!


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