Sacred Lessons From Gaia: Personal Reflections On Earth Day

by Kasha Rokshana

There are always reminders and mirrors of our purity and our need to go inward too, reflected in Gaia. 

Every lesson I’ve learned about stewarding Her and Her creatures, from being stung by a scorpion in Mexico or being bit by dogs, to being gently caressed and lulled by Her sounds, scents, and breezes and visited by gentle birds or given permission to approach Her animals… have all been a reflection for me of where I AM, how present I’m choosing to be, and how humble I am in Her wild midst.

She teaches me of the goodness in wildness too, of being untethered in my soul’s bigness expression and how to healthfully self-protect or withdraw from harm. 

She has brought me back to my heart, over and over again, and given me and my parts/soul aspects so much space to cry and scream or laugh and play. She holds space with such a wide and deep embrace, that I can’t help but sink into it… or to go to Her trees, Her waters, Her ancient standing stones, Her hills or mountains, Her creatures of all kinds. I find inspiration in Her to return to wonder, to curiosity, to creativity, to service, to the heart of my Sacred Humanity.

I feel on this ‘Earth Day’ dedicated to Gaia, a sacred invitation from Her to go and BE… to connect with Her and within. To let Her invest somehow in YOU while you exchange love and gratitude with Her.

Let Her hold you in your fears, your grief, your longing for the new world inner and outer. Let Her send you synchronicities that remind you of how loved you are by the Divine that She is a part of, as are you… Let Her enfold you in Her energies that expect nothing from you but desire to be in LOVE with you if there’s room for that within you…

Happy and blessed Earth Day!


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

Mother Earth, Mama Gaia: An Earth Day Poem

by Kalayna Solais

Mother Earth, Mama Gaia
I sit by Your trees, Your streams, and I feel the strength in Your beauty
How You hold space for ALL, for everyone, for everything
As it moves and lives and ascends with YOU…
As you patiently wait for us to notice more
So we can take ourselves in more.
Mother Earth, Mama Gaia
I gaze at Your creatures in wonder, in communication, in awe of each move they make
And the peace they hold in their uniqueness, never faltering in self-consciousness.
I feel the density You are lifting with each breath of Your sacred lungs
Ready to help us respirate, let in, the NEW air.
I feel how much You hold so effortlessly yet with so much care and space
How even if some beings truly tried, there is no destroying You
Only destroying themselves
And even then
It’s a death and rebirth
Another sobering aspect of Your many sacred cycles
That often cannot be avoided.
Yet, even in these darkest hours
Your beauty offers grace and solace
Places to meditate
Invitations to feel and feel held in feeling
And ways to remember
That it’s all moving, circling from death back to life
As the dead and dying water and fertilize the seeds of the NEW.

For everything You hold space for
For all of Your grace and space
Thank YOU… today and every day.

Kalayna ❤


Kalayna Solais is a Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator & collaborator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Message From Mother Gaia: Heal The ‘Pollution’ From INside

by Kalayna Colibri

fortheloveofgaia by Jassy Watson

Painting: For The Love Of Gaia by Jassy Watson


Plenty of heart-opening experiences to go around lately! Especially in connection to Gaia in various ways, which I only just realized this morning when drawn into meditation with Her. There is an ongoing invitation I can feel for all of us to continue connecting with Her, as she is reaching out to connect to us as our deepest Mother experience on this planet through her profound and effortless life-giving and love-offering arms.

I felt something begin while at the beach yesterday afternoon, taking in light codes through the sun here in Mexico, and very much connecting with the sounds of the ocean and the birds nearby. I have not had many non-dual experiences yet, but I found myself having moments of ‘woah!’ and ‘WOW!’ while taking in my surroundings and feeling them take ME in, too. I dug my toes and fingers in the sand, letting a young part of me play while an ancient-feeling part of me placed her palms firmly on the ground, giving love to Gaia and taking in love, too. It was an eloquent grounding experience and another new opening for me to feel this, to be reminded of access to Earth magic, which really we ALL have access to.

So perhaps it wasn’t surprising that I was drawn today to meditation music that connects you to the Schumann Resonance, and thus, Mama Gaia Herself. I felt myself pass through a waterfall, cleansing of old energies and unanchoring from anything 3D in my field. On the other side, I sat on a wooden bench, placed beside a beautiful pool of water fed by the waterfall, teeming with colourful fish. Archangel Metatron appeared on my right and placed his giant, fatherly-feeling hand on my upper back, while Sophia appeared on my left to offer me her hand placed on the back of my neck. It was sweet and good to feel them, to feel their support and guidance, which sometimes seems to come mostly without words. A young part of me that used to hold so much outrage about environmental issues came up then, and I could feel tears surfacing for reasons I couldn’t quite name yet felt to sincerely let them flow. They were the tears that earlier on in my process were felt to be about feeling ‘Gaia’s pain’ inflicted upon Her by us, us humans.  Yet this time, I could feel they were something different…

Mother Gaia appeared in front of me then, first energetically as if expressing as part of the breeze or wind, but then she took a form I have felt and seen Her take before, as a tall, beautiful woman with skin and form like a great, ancient tree. She knelt below me, before me, addressing this young part of me as a mother would a child.

She offered in Her tender, deep and melodic voice, “You are feeling pain from the All… you are helping to move it. Not because you have to, but because your heart wants to. I do not need you to feel it, yet I feel you allowing it move through your heart. There has been MUCH pain moving through humanity from all of the changes happening with me, all of the fires, floods, devastation, death… you are feeling how everyone has been affected. This is part of connecting to the Schumann Resonance, as you are through this music now… you are connecting to everyone, all beloved humans everywhere…”

Letting in again that Gaia does not ‘need’ anchoring or any direct ‘help’ from us, though this work can be sweet in its own way, felt nourishing and also sad for this part of me, who has wanted to be part of a great solution for so long!

Feeling this without me needing to say much, Mother Gaia then said to me, “you ARE helping, Kalayna! The greatest ‘pollutant’ is the one that comes from inside… the one that comes from ‘polluted’, fearful hearts… hearts that try not to feel, that have forgotten that true healing starts within. You are, in your way and on your beloved path, healing the Collective through healing your own heart, and thus you are healing the root of the outer-pollution! This is all I ask of anyone, to continue feeling THIS!”

I let this into my heart and felt a humble glow from inside. I know it’s not up to ME to heal the Collective or Gaia Herself, as this is an outward focus and one that I could never hope to control or manage. Rather, healing and ascending alongside Gaia is about healing from the inside, out… healing in my own camp, my own Self, which is a tall enough order for anyone. I strongly felt Her wanting me to share this with you today, as this invitation is for you, as much as for me, to continue feeling this point more and more and more, letting it in deeper and deeper and deeper.

The healing path I am a part of and offer to others in SoulFullHeart, is one of healing in this manner, focusing on inward healing as the number one priority that can’t help to shift life on the outside! If we continue to merge in with Collective Consciousness around needing to look outward, we miss the boat on where the most powerful healing frequencies can and must come from – a nurtured, nourished, and profoundly healing heart WITHIN. ❤

If you wish to learn more about SoulFullHeart and what we offer, you can visit My beloveds and I would love to serve you, genuinely and with full hearts, too. ❤

If you would like to listen to the music I took in during this meditation today, you can find it here:

I created this meditation called Reuniting With Mother Gaia about a year ago. It quite powerfully offers a way to visualize and connect with the energy of Mother Gaia and feel deeply your relationship with Her:

My beloved mate Gabriel Heartman and me, are offering an ongoing vlog series on Practical Ascension: The 7 Key Areas Of Life, which are foundational to the work we do in SoulFullHeart. You can check out the videos we’ve done so far on our playlist, here


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Feeling Our Contribution To The Causes Of Severe Weather


By Kathleen Calder

It’s easy enough to point fingers and say that any one person or group of people is at fault for this. However, all of us, every single human being, has played some part in the creation of the strong natural imbalance that has led to such severe weather patterns. We have all let our unfelt emotional pain fester to the point of not letting ourselves feel our deep compassion and love for our earth and all its creatures.

With the major weather crises we have all witnessed happening in North America alone, it isn’t surprising that we are looking at scientific details to figure out what’s going on in our climate. During times of such distress, as we are especially witnessing on the east coast of Canada and the U.S., it also feels necessary that we look at the whole picture when feeling into causes of extreme weather – the political, emotional, and the literal climate, altogether.

In SoulFullHeart, we offer and live into a view of healing yourself that is holistic and we take in all factors that could have led to where a person is at emotionally and physically. We do not isolate emotional or physical symptoms and treat them individually or as separate entities. This offers us deep and effective healing as individuals and as a group. So why not extend this holistic view outwards and use it for looking at and feeling what’s at the root of the intense weather happening in the world?

Let’s look at one example that is close to my heart. Before I moved to Vancouver, Toronto was my home for four years while I went to university there. Part of me left that city with a sour taste in his mouth, feeling tired of the pollution and also of the surprising amount of conservative thinking and politics. Shortly after I moved away, Rob Ford was voted in as mayor. My friends at the time who still lived there were shocked that he managed to get into office, considering he already had a stance that was anti-cyclist and I believe also anti-transit to a certain extent. Expanding bike lanes and creating a safer city for cyclists and also expanding public transit are two major ways in which the city can cut back on pollution. Also, and I know this is looking at physical appearance which may rub some people the wrong way, but if the man can’t take good care of himself, how is he supposed to be trusted to lead a metropolitan city? His drug habits make this apparent, but it’s also clear when you look at him, that this is not a self-loving or respecting man.

I feel that the weather happening in Toronto right now is an outward shake-up, showing up in the climate, that is happening in response to the political climate. Instead, though, of taking a stance of saying that the Divine is “punishing” Toronto, I’d like to offer that Mother (who is most commonly felt as “Mother Earth”), wants Toronto to wake up. The degree of pollution, both literal and energetic needs an upheaval. It’s sad that it had to come to this – that Mother Nature needed to re-balance herself in a way that has unfortunately held many deaths. I say “held” because I feel Mother holds and feels every single one of us in our suffering…suffering we had to reap ourselves so that we can wake up.

It’s easy enough to point fingers and say that any one person or group of people is at fault for this. However, all of us, every single human being, has played some part in the creation of the strong natural imbalance that has led to such severe weather patterns. We have all let our unfelt emotional pain fester to the point of not letting ourselves feel our deep compassion and love for our earth and all its creatures. This has taken shape in the form of supporting factory farming practices by our unconscious consumption of meat, which has led to a staggering amount of pollution both in our skies and in our water. We have also relied heavily on such products as plastic, which has become a huge problem in our oceans, being consumed by wildlife at an alarming rate, and is not biodegradable, so it remains in the environment for eons. Not to mention that plastic is created by oil – another way in which we have literally been raping the planet and the atmosphere. I understand that oil has been a number one commodity for so long that it’s hard to imagine the state of our economy without it, but the affects on the environment are insurmountable at best. Oil spills are costly to our wildlife and our own health as well. The foray into nuclear power has over and over again proven detrimental. We cannot afford the risks these practices pose to our health and our environments health. The earth is sick and She is trying to re-balance Herself, like our own bodies do when we endure fevers and other physical reactions.

Aside from literally harming the environment in these ways, we are also harming the environment and each other energetically every day. Every unfelt, undigested emotional trauma is yet another excuse to harm ourselves and one another. This is what I feel fuels our need to follow religious dogma to the point where we feel God is actually telling us it’s okay to kill, rape and pillage. The inverse of that is following “spiritual/new age” dogma that insists we ignore the state of the world because “it isn’t real” and in order to become truly enlightened we need to disengage from it and from taking responsibility for it. I feel this goes directly against why we signed up to be human in this life, in this time when being deeply engaged in our feeling, physical bodies is so necessary to save our planet. This all goes into Mother’s heart. This is part of what She needs us all to feel into. Taking that step to feel into and recognize our accountability for the state of the planet is a big deal and isn’t easy, but is so deeply necessary.

This is a lot to take in, but it’s important to remember that we are more powerful and therefore much more responsible for our world than many of us think…and are at the same time, much more capable of saving it than any of us have ever felt comfortable believing before.

Kathleen Calder has been embracing the SoulFullHeart Way of Life since January, 2012. Go here to read more of her writing and visit for more information about SoulFullHeart.