The Big, Bold, Brave Choice To Be Fully Alive In These Times

By Deya Shekinah

The SoulFullHeart process is a wild, epic ride that is constantly blowing my mind and my heart wide open. It is intense, deep, rich and profound and I love it so much. My life is more magical when I am accessing and feeling my parts and creating deeply nourishing relationships inside of myself with them. Life becomes more alive and real in a way I cannot describe as it truly needs to be experienced for yourself. It is such an individual process because it is led by parts of YOU, there is no one outside telling you what is right or how to do it, just support to keep going in and finding your own way through any challenges, tensions or resistances to love that arise. 

It is a process that is helping me to become more human and that is what I love. It is not a spiritual practise but it is deeply spiritual. It is bridging the gap for me on what being a human and being spiritual mean. This process helps me feel and know from inside that those two aspects of who we are, are NOT separate. As I feel what is deeply human inside of me and those parts of me feel seen, met, heard and loved, then the Divine aspects of me are remembered and revealed so naturally and organically.

Our human hearts and emotions are the keys to the doorway home to the Divine essence of who we truly are. The richness in feeling this from inside and through your own experience with your parts is for me the most exquisite feeling ever. It is changing everything in my life and creating a foundation of self love and self trust in a way I have not experienced anywhere else.

This is my experience of course, not everyone will resonate with parts work and that is the beauty of all being so different and unique. This process honors and welcomes our uniqueness though, seeing the gifts that your parts and the ways they experience and feel life as adding to it, rather than taking away, or trying to make us tick boxes that make us spiritual enough to fit in or advance to the next level. There are no rules and the possibilities are endless, how liberating. 

You are endless, your parts are endless and the love that starts to arise within you as you feel parts of you is endless too. It is something to let in, feeling how big, how beautiful and how divine we truly are and have always been, and that being here in a human body is a gift we chose, not a hindrance to our spirituality but rather the doorway into deeper knowing and understanding of it.   

It is a big, bold and brave choice to choose a path of being fully alive and embodied in these times when there is so much to feel and respond to in the world. For me there is no other way through though than IN and I would not want to be going IN in any other way than with my parts, in this way of life and with the support of this beloved community.

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3D Matrix Shaking Up To Wake Us Up

By Deya Shekinah

There is an intensity in the world right now that seems to be in a constant ramping up and amping up. It feels like we are in a pressure cooker set at its highest temperature and cooking speed. I see this reflected in the current events happening in 3D right now, how it can feel to parts like it is ‘one thing after another’.  I am also seeing this in my personal process. It feels like there are so many threads up for healing and completion, other timelines bleeding through, and past relationships coming up for deeper completion. Basically, anything that cannot come with us into the New is calling our attention inwards if we are choosing to go there.

In my own process I am feeling how overwhelming this can get for my parts, especially the Inner Masculine parts like the Inner Protector and the Gatekeeper. They feel like they are wanting to set a self-loving, discerning pace to our process and for us, even as they may use ways of protecting and suppressing us that do not feel that way. I feel them trying to navigate all of what is coming up through a very limited lens created in the 3D way of life, that teaches us to avoid rather than meet what we are feeling.

Inside myself when life sparks things to feel and digest, and with so much anger, injustice, fear, pain and confusion coming up to be felt, I feel an inner struggle at times. I feel a struggle between taking care of myself and my parts, and caring about the world and feeling what is moving within it as the 3D Matrix shakes up, breaks up, and is collapsing. 

For so long my parts approached healing and Awakening as something that needed to be done and quickly because they felt there was ‘something wrong’ and that they needed to ‘be fixed’. This created an intensity to how my parts would approach how they felt, a searching, a seeking which was not discerning or self loving. This has created more to heal and digest with them. I sense that happening for us as a collective now too, with Covid, the things happening in the US now, all that is being revealed to us. As we search for answers, deeper meaning and to fix it all, it feels like our parts can get caught up in it all without any space for digesting how they feel about it too. This creates more for us to digest around how we treat ourselves through this whole unravelling.

Through my own deepening with my parts through the SoulFullHeart process, and as higher frequency Aspects of my Metasoul are coming in as I digest the trauma of my 3D self/parts,I am feeling guided from within to take a more gentle approach, a more self-lovingly paced approach to what information I am letting in and how much my parts can actually feel and digest in one go. I am being offered and it feels like an invitation for us all, to move above these Matrices, to look from an overview perspective, which feels like it can happen more as we digest how we feel and the trauma our parts have experienced in 3D. 

This is not a bypassing of what is going on in the world or in our personal processes. I see the image of birds flying high and scanning the waters, which look like the 3D/4D matrix grids. As the bird we can choose where and when we need to go in and fish or be in the waters. I also feel the image of a mermaid, who can dive deep into the depths when she needs or wants to, yet can also enjoy being at the surface, being in/flowing with the ever-changing motion of the ocean with trust in the waves and the ones she is meant to catch. I feel how this picture allows us to go into feeling as and when we and our parts feel strong enough to do so, rather than them having to be led by expectation, guilt or shame. I am feeling these themes coming up at the moment to feel and it is not easy to digest. I feel more and more how much space and tenderness we need around us to feel all we are being called to feel.

A self-loving pace to feeling, healing and digesting feels so important, especially as it feels like the collapse of the 3D matrix will keep getting more intense for us all. I feel us knowing inside when and what we need to go into, to feel for ourselves and in the collective, that what we need in life finds a way to present itself to us. We do not have to keep digging for the healing or the answers anymore. It feels like everything is being revealed to us as needed, and like this is a time of great Illumination for us all now.

I am experiencing through digesting and healing the trauma of my parts and Metasoul how more and more of these higher frequencies aspects are coming in to support me and have always been here supporting me, even as I could not feel them. I feel the energies of Golden Earth, Lemuria, the Pleiades, all wanting to support us and help us through these intense transitions, offering that we do not need to suffer in our suffering if we choose not to. Even though we will be where we need to be until we no longer do, this is a very soothing and accepting perspective that I love in SoulFullHeart. The complete Love and acceptance of where we are at, the trust in our own Soul and its timing, that is validated and encouraged through this process.

I feel we can all bring more Love into the process at any time even if we find ourselves in the deepest, darkest, densest places within ourselves and within the collective, Now. Allowing ourselves to slow down, digest, and feel as we go, feels like it will truly help us all and offers a break for the higher frequencies of Love to come in. To go INside more and more often for our answers and support, rather than look outside as life in 3D has taught us, feels like where we need to go and where we find the torch to guide our way into the New, to illuminate what needs to be met and moved through for each individual. I feel this will be needed more and more as we transition through this 3D collapse and all that is being revealed through the process. 

Yesterday’s Free To Be Two series Group call theme was ‘’3D Matrix/Cabal Collapse and unplugging w/ your 3D Self”’. The call was full of activating, inspiring and full of connection. These are powerful gatherings with Jelelle and& Raphael Awen offering much to feel, that supports the healing within, that does ripple out into the collective through our innate interconnectedness and oneness essence, it feels like. For more info you can head to where you can purchase the recording for a donation.

So Much Love, 

Deya x

Deya Shekinah is a SoulFullHeart Collaborator & Facilitant. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc

Part Of Me Does. Part Of Me Doesn’t


By Raphael Awen

Part of me does. And part of me doesn’t.

Coming to recognize yourself as a make up of parts as opposed to a single personality is in my opinion and experience the single greatest step to emotional and spiritual consciousness awakening that I know of.

It can be seen and felt how, in our attempt to come across as a single personality, we have suppressed other parts of ourselves who are not at all aligned with our dominant personality presentation to our world around us.

While parts of ourselves can be suppressed, they can never be eliminated from our BEing. Many of us are now feeling the futility of any and all fixes rooted in these kinds of an eradication-of-the-self picture.

Psychology and psychiatry’s attempt has been to label the presence of our subpersonalities as ‘multiple personality disorder’, when we are now coming to see and feel that the real disorder is not the presence of our subpersonalities, but rather the suppression of them into an attempted and highly stressful ‘single personality disorder’.

Your and my difficulty can be traced to this stress of attempting to be a single personality when you in fact are far from it. The ‘you’ who dominates your personality may well see itself as a single personality, and even the only personality ‘at home’, but many of us are seeing beyond these bounds to see and feel that we are more than this dominant personality that has shown up to do our lives for us and as us.

Years ago, in my personal experience with a business coach and his program, I had become quite focused and elated with the results as I had doubled my business income in the year prior. I knew however that I was suppressing another side of myself in order to stay positive and wanted to ask him directly about it, half expecting a quick fix and shallow answer. My question was about how to deal with depression when it appeared threatening the focus and energy. His reply to me was a one sentence question that went into me like a spiritual and emotional surgery that I felt I was in a kind of recovery from for the next 10 days. He simply asked “have you ever considered that a part of you has a very good reason for feeling this way?” These simple words contained a deep and next going-on place in my spiritual journey, that in the next months ahead, naturally resulted in the dismantling of my life as I knew it.

I share with you those same words now. Have you ever considered that a part of you has very good reasons for feeling the ways that it does? …for being attached to the things that it is? …for being resistant to other parts of you? …for being shut down?

If this is true, if this resonates into your being, then I think you can feel it changes everything. All the spiritual practices and self improvement practices that don’t see this model of reality will need to be set aside for new ones that do.

The idea of ‘you’ ‘overcoming’ an ‘unwanted’ ‘addiction’ and ‘getting it behind you’ for instance, is all a picture from the Single Personality Disorder parallel universe you are preparing to leave behind. Now, the concept and feeling tones of instead getting to know the part of you who needs the addiction along with getting to know the part of you wanting to overcome the addiction becomes the new reality.

All of this hinges on an emerging awareness and consciousness of an authentic self, rooted in your higher self who would be willing to relationally get to know all these varied parts of your being, their individual takes on reality with curiosity and love, without therapy agendas. This can be likened to a reparenting experience where we are receiving the water of heart open love that we are meant to flourish in.

It has become popular recently to speak of the need for self-love and even to see that without healthy self love, there can’t be a healthy love for others. But what this picture has not yet offered is a way to transact a love flow with the self because it is still rooted in the single personality picture. Love, just like in valentines, always flows ‘to’ and ‘from’. If we are going to deeply embrace self love, we are going to need a way to get to know and relate with every aspect of our being.

Only now, as we embrace our parts, can we return to the wholeness and essence that we always were and remain, but were forced to let go of in the experience of becoming human.

If these words resonate for you and you’d like to act on a profound next step that you can verify and self validate as you go, I’d like to personally offer you the session space and process of SoulFullHeart. You can read more about that here:

I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.

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