Removing An ‘Implant’ With Love

By Kalayna Colibri

I laid on the table my beloveds had set up for our energy healing practice, feeling in my heart that something was getting ready to move. Something emotional and spiritual too that was impacting my physical body as just the day before I was laid up in a deep self care space nursing intense head pain on the right side of my skull. I felt in moments like my skull was being split down the middle or like I had just been bludgeoned in the head. I could feel now that the pain had mostly subsided, some of the more emotional reasons for it could surface and I knew I had the sacred space to let that surface and be felt.

Gabriel saw the object first. He was holding his hands behind my head, giving me his soothing energy that I know so well now… and as he felt into my head pain, through his 3rd eye he saw an object sitting on it. Jelelle contributed then, offering that she saw a visor of some kind. I immediately could see it too and felt the weight of it on my temples. We felt together that it had become somehow more activated on the right side, my masculine side, but was shorting out, hence the pain. I felt how this visor was made of steel, was kind of rusty, had served its original purpose of filtering incoming Ascension codes when I needed it to but that it wasn’t needed any longer and I was now big enough to hold and integrate what wanted to come in.

We invited my Gatekeeper, Seerah, to come forward then. She immediately offered insight, validation, and was fully ready to help remove it, agreeing that it was time to move on without it. Together, Gabriel, Jelelle, Seerah, and I, unlatched it from behind my head and took it off. In that same moment, all of my head pressure was gone. I felt much clearer, lighter, and ready to let in — whatever that could mean going forward.

This object, some would say, was an ‘implant’. We could call it that, because that is essentially what it was, but I don’t relate to implants or objects in our fields or bodies as bad… they have had their purpose and have been there for a reason. Your own 4D Gatekeeper aspect or 3D Inner Protector part of you has kept these objects in place because it was the most loving thing to do. I needed for some reason to temper my own capacity to download the many light and love codes that wanted to come in and integrate, to help me embody them not just know about them in a mental way. I had to be in a place when my Gatekeeper felt it was time and that I was ready for that visor to come off. And so it did… with love and appreciation.

During phases of 4D awakenings and realizing what has been lurking and operating behind the curtain of 3D life (or the ‘Matrix’) often so much fear is understandably stirred up. This fear breeds judgements, a feeling of something being done TO you or parts of you, without consent or freewill choices or even your awareness at all most of the time. It’s intense to wake up to the reality that there are these objects or ‘implants’ in your field that have been influencing or impeding your awakening and in some cases your deepest capacity to heal. Yet the timing of even awakening to them is sacred and comes when it comes, as does the time to remove them. Every time I have removed an object from my field or body, I have felt first the reason it was there… felt the parts of me that have an aversion to it, and still found a way to love it for what it once offered even while loving myself into the next going on phase without it. I’ve found that doing this sort of process this way keeps me from feeling kickback physically or emotionally, as every step to removing the object is felt and held with love, not anguish, anxiety, or fear.

Becoming an ambassador of love even to these things that arise as you continue to heal is practice for the bigger picture of being a love ambassador to the many shadowy pieces inside and in the collective. It’s part of the bigger invitation to keep shifting from fear into love and to continue to feel the release and surrender into love as the bigger container and reason for everything you’ve walked out and been through… even and especially during those times when this feels like the hardest thing to do. ❤️

Much love. ❤️

This photo is of Gabriel and me removing the object, starting from behind my head.


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women age 25 and under, energy healer, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

INtegration Codes Through Sunlight; Chakras Changing Form And Shape

By Jelelle Awen


Grateful for these codes through the sun this afternoon as captured in this photo taken here in Puerto Vallarta….and the breeze, birds, finally cool enough temperatures to take in the sun again at the beach. Codes through sunlight, to me, are information, yet, also, they offer an INtegration of all these upgrades we are receiving through the ascension process. SO MUCH that our minds can’t track, yet IS happening in all moments it seems and gaining momentum too.

Feeling through energy can help, checking in with your energy body….not even tracking individual chakras as much as the swirls and twirls of vortexs that we are becoming as we move into more 5D ‘violetprint’ expression. I was offering energy healing to Kalayna and Gabriel in our group this morning and I was marveling at how the chakras are changing SO much. After many years, I no longer see funnels over the seven main areas…..there are now swirls of energy with multiple timeline overlaps coming up AND sacred geometric shapes showing up where chakras used to originate from (especially at the crown or ‘seventh’). There are portals too, some opened consciously through the Metasoul aspect connection process that we engage with in SoulFullHeart and some opened by guides.

We connected to yin strength and power today….creating a column of yin through the laying of rose quartz stones (Mother Mary stones, I call them) down the middle of Kalayna’s body with Raianna at her feet giving energy (first time for Raianna to give energy and she WAS amazing, a total natural, no need for expensive energy attunements in my experience). I moved UP the energy coming in through this yin column and we ALL felt how new it is….we don’t really know as a collective what feminine power is that hasn’t been masculinized, isn’t coming from warrior or battle energy, that isn’t either a push away OR a fusion to masculine energy in some way. I am feeling this new feminine coming through in myself and those of us engaging in the SoulFullHeart process to feel and heal the masculine aspects of ourselves, so then the authentic feminine can arise and be revealed. It is so much about what it ISN’T until finally it can show what it is. It feels as soft and vulnerable as roses yet SO strong too.

It seems to help with the adjustments for the physical and emotional body if you are engaged in serving love with others and WITH yourself…..if you are consciously connecting with what is going on inside of yourself and asking your guides for help, your story, your why, too.

There is so much NOT to know right now with all this….to just feel, to just BE with, to just trust that love is moving it through.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Light Body And Expanded Aura During SoulFullHeart Energy Sessions (Photo)

By Jelelle Awen


This was interesting to me when I saw this photo taken of me offering energy healing to Gabriel Heartman recently. I’m back lit by the window behind me, yet, also I believe this photo captures the ‘here, not here’ state that we are experiencing more and more as the ascension process moves forward. Esp. when I am offering energy healing through our SoulFullHeart process, I am consciously calling in Metasoul/other lifetime aspects to ‘help’ me in collaboration with the soul I am offering it to. These frequencies illuminate my light body and aura, as reflected in this photo.

This session was with support from Archangel Metatron and Morgaine (high priestess in Avalon)…they BEcome me and I BEcome them, as a pipeline of Divine energies. This session involved some portal closing work as Gabriel has been working with his Soul Guardian and other aspects too. The whole time, I am connecting with and in negotiation with the aspects of the person as well….I am transparent about what I am doing, what I/we are seeing and feeling, making sure it is ok with the soul’s Inner Protector or Soul Guardian aspect esp. I believe this is what creates lasting results in SoulFullHeart energy healing, it doesn’t just ‘bounce off’…. because it is consciously negotiated with the soul and the aspects…and because I am a cleaner channel of Divine love with the parts work I have done myself.

Would love to do and offer more of this and we’ve started meeting weekly as a community for me to train everyone (as Raphael Awen and Kalayna Colibriare participating here) as this opens out for me with continual integration of Metasoul gifts around this and downloads after many years of studying, offering energy work. Some energy work can be offered remotely during SoulFullHeart sessions, yet hands on is best for our kind of energy healing. Here is more about our SoulFullHeart process we offer remotely (and locally if you live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) through weekly

Jelelle Awen

Holding Space For The Blocks To PURE Love To Heal

by Jelelle Awen


The Universal flow and glow of life inviting you to let go into it….to ride the waves of PURE love that are surrounding you at all times. Feeling, being with, holding space for the blocks and the layers that act as a ‘suit’ around your field to resist and repel these love frequencies at times and in certain ways. These blocks and layers have energy, they have story, they have feelings. They can be directly connected with and embraced with love and curiosity. They fall away and dissolve and heal AND integrate into the WHOLE you, higher self you, fractal of Divine Source YOU.

Direct connection with these defenses, these protections and projections, these wounds and bruises is what allows them to move and heal. These karmic playouts and results of so much energy building up without release inside of your soul and your soul group in all its expressions happening NOW as there are no past lives in that way…..These karmic playouts and unhealed emotional frequencies cycle over and over and build up in intensity influencing you in so many ways that the conscious mind cannot track yet the heart and soul feel the impact of them.

The symptoms of these playouts show up in so many ways – in dysfunctional and sticky relationships, in ill physical health, in emotional reactivity, in inability to manifest, in blocking of PURE love, in repeated patterns of suffering, in unworthiness, in shame, in anxiety, in SO MUCH suffering really.

Yet, in your tears are the answers for the healing as to feel them, to allow them, to be with flow from your heart and your soul is a washing away and a release of the built up energies. Your tears are the language of your heart that are telling you where your love is needing next. Your tears are the language of your soul sharing the story of your bigness and what you are missing in connecting with it and ALSO releasing reunion grief when the remembering and reconnection HAPPENS in response to your tears.

The light and the PURE love from the Divine, from Angels, from star family, from soul family connections….this love is water for your growing sacred human self, your becoming embodied 5D self, who holds the space for this exploration into the shadow, who allows the tears to flow, who offers a possibility end to the suffering cycles.

In SoulFullHeart, we offer space holding sessions for this PURE love to flow. We offer a template of a growing and learning sacred human within a conscious community of individuated and awakening souls all connected to the same process and values resonance. We offer a space for the tears to be with another heart and soul to feel them AND to feel your sense of innate goodness about yourself growing organically and the light body growing and your soul gifts expressing more and more TOO. We ARE in this process too as it is our way of life that we live and breath every day together and so we are WITH you in it as you are leading it with your higher self more and more coming through. So many possibilities of where this might lead next and so much love available to hold and respond and BE with it all!

Make room and space for this transitional pain to move through, for the tears to offer you the story of your heart and soul, and love will be the response every time.


Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.


SoulFullHeart Approach To Energy Healing

Jillian feeling energy with a tree near Shannon Falls, BC
Jillian feeling energy with a tree near Shannon Falls, BC

By Jillian Vriend

The SoulFullHeart way of life advocates for integration of emotional and spiritual consciousness leading to holistic healing and that our experience as humans in a physical body is a sacred one. A key difference between us and other energy healing methods is that we offer that negotiation with our Daemon or soul guardian is what allows for our natural gifts as healers to express and be offered. If these gifts are coming through the pipeline of a wounded Daemon, which they are to the degree that someone doesn’t have emotionally conscious connection with them, then the person who is serving the healing is also sharing their wounding and congestion from this life and past lives and even from previous energy sessions with the person they are serving. For this reason, I wouldn’t receive energy healing from anyone that wasn’t actively in emotional connection and negotiation with their Daemon.

When I have met and even received healing from healers in the past who haven’t differentiated from their Daemons, I’ve experienced that they may be able to serve energy to others but they may not actually be very emotionally or energetically sensitive or embodied in practical ways in the everyday world.

After offering energy healing to anyone who wanted it for a period of time, I stopped doing that because I realized that I was taking in toxicity and emotional, spiritual, and energetic wounding from others who hadn’t felt their parts or negotiated with their Daemons in order to allow the loving energies (which mostly come from the Divine Mother for me) into their heart and souls. Their resistance would literally push out stuff at me and I would be left feeling tired and as if it did no lasting good. I also was left feeling that I had invaded parts of them that didn’t actually want the healing and might have very good reasons for feeling that way.

Now, I will only serve SoulFullHeart energy to those who are embracing the SoulFullHeart way of life and working with a SFH facilitator.  I also don’t just serve energy to them in one time sessions, I engage them and their Daemon in active collaboration over time with me, so that they are empowered to help and to deepen their own gifts in this area. I’m also very transparent about what I am doing, what I am seeing, feeling, and hearing, and I feel the parts and their reactions along the way. Since I’ve already established a trusting rapport with the facilitant and  their parts, this is an easy conversation with them and they help the energy to move much more quickly, deeply and effectively than I could have alone.

I feel that this collaboration and transparency allows the energy healing to have much deeper results as the parts and their Daemon aren’t resisting, or negating the movement. This is why I feel that many people go to energy healers and only feel temporary relief, but don’t experience lasting change and transformation on an emotional level. We store toxic frequencies and wounds and even objects in our etheric bodies, yet just moving them out doesn’t address the root cause of the wounds in the first place. It is our process and holding of our parts and our daemon in negotiation and cooperation that allows them to move out energies, but only after we’ve felt them first. In SoulFullHeart, we recommend a SoulFullHeart energy healing session to someone after three to six months of them working with their parts and especially if they have access to their Daemon.

My main sense is that we all have as sacred humans the capacity to offer ourselves and others energy healing frequencies which can heal and purify us. Connecting with and feeling our Daemons allows for these gifts to become more freely and cleanly expressed, especially if we have persecution wounds in our past lives, which most of us do. In another way, there is nothing special about being able to offer energy healing and I love feeling when others are empowered through connection with their own souls to be able to provide this (and intuitive, psychic and direct communication with the Divine as well) for themselves and others whenever they need it. This is what I’ve been offered by the Divine Mother is possible as we more deeply inhabit our sacred human essence through healing and feeling our parts and Daemons.

I feel a desire to serve others through the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life who have identified themselves as healers (even as we all have that capacity) as I feel their call to serve has noble roots and motives. I ache for them to embrace their own emotional and spiritual healing first and foremost and then feel what desire to serve comes from the ground of new self worth and love with the Divine which arises from embracing SoulFullHeart. It’s about offering them a new way of seeing and feeling it from the old way that feels like it is running out of ground and perhaps also not really working anymore. A new way that honors all of us as sacred humans with the capacities to heal, to offer healing, and to integrate our realities- both those we can physically see and those we can’t.

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