Discover Vlog: Integrating Awakenings

By Kalayna Solais

Awakening experiences can bring you to the highest highs and the lowest lows. They offer openings and expansion of your consciousness and awareness of the world and the multi-verse. Yet, even with these beautiful and fascinating experiences, your humanity and grounding in your life needs to catch up and somehow become integrated with what you’re downloading.

In this video with me, you are invited to feel into the ways in which you can integrate your awakening experiences with your life in order to actually bring in more awakenings and a new experience of what’s possible in your daily life on Gaia.

I also share about my personal process with growing, healing, and integrating through my awakening experiences from an early age and what life has taught me about moving through life with your awakening experiences in tow… not put away or compartmentalized.

Much love! ❤️


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In These Moments Of Enlightening Mind, Awakening Soul, And Enlovening Heart

By Jelelle Awen


In these moments, your heart opens and whatever IS in that moment…it IS enough. MORE than enough. It is overwhelming actually, when its true essence is seen and felt by your heart.

The love ALREADY in your life through what your soul has so bravely chosen is overwhelming when let in more deeply. You could spend the rest of this life letting in more deeply what you already have and already ARE and still have MORE to let in.

In these moments, the filter raises and the essence of everything arises and dissipates. It is no longer whatever ‘name’ and ‘label’ it has been given, yet, rather magic in the form of energy. Nothing is ordinary or flat or common. Nothing is solid and static. It is ALL alive, pulsating, and constantly shifting. It is not actually the fear energies to which it might temporarily cling, but always sourced in and returning to love.

In these moments, the identities lift and the names, occupations, stories dissolve too. You are free then to BE beyond the labels, judgements, and boxes of five sense reality filtering. You have shed the false skins of your 3D conditioning. In those moments, you are bare flesh experiencing bare reality.

These moments of enlightening mind, enlovening heart, and awakening soul are the WHY of your incarnation here during this era of great ascension. These moments are a motivation and reminder of why you go into your own shadows to reveal the gifts they hide; why you go through death and rebirth and letting go of what no longer serves your expression as love.

Your enlightening mind is expanding beyond all it has been taught, conditioned in, and learned. You are seeking out resources to continue the re-education, the remembering of soul kNOWledge that goes much beyond the logical and rational boxes you may have previously felt trapped in.

Your enlovening heart is opening beyond the barriers and protections that it has needed in order to be around other defended hearts. You are increasingly choosing intimacy….with yourself, with others in relationships that allow an open hearted love flow based on compassion, respect….bonding but not binding, freedom.

Your awakening soul is spreading its angelic wings, unfurling beyond the limits of 3D reality. You are remembering you have stardust in your DNA and angels as ancestors and aspects too. Your multidimensional soul can live in your highest timeline even as it is fully present to your now.

These moments provide the juice and motivation to keep going, keep awakening, keep opening, and keep feeling. As you align your life more and more to your Divine service of love purpose here, so you experience these moments more and more AS your life and yourself as the Infinite Love in human form that you ARE.


This writing was inspired by re-reading my book, Keep Waking Up! about awakening journeys I experienced (kundalini, non-dual, Archon/Matrix reality, star BEings, travels to Avalon and Golden Earth/New Earth/5D, etc.) during an intense phase in 2015 on a remote, off-grid ranch here in Mexico. I am reminded reading it how these experiences greatly inspired and are the basis for all of my current writings and teachings. You can purchase it on our website here and my other book as well, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder:


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about a FREE intro session with a SoulFullHeart facilitator, group calls, videos, retreats, etc.

Speaking In Unknown Tongues As Instant Access To Your Higher Self, the Divine, and Kundalini

Speaking In Unknown Tongues As Instant Access To And Flow With Your Higher Self, The Holy Spirit, and Kundalini Life Force:
All of us alive on the planet are experiencing powerful ascension frequencies where we are naturally raising our personal vibration. A big piece of this is the personal growing awareness that what you and I actually ARE is energy in wave form frequency vibration. It turns out that reality itself is like a holographic projection field. Reality is still real, but not in the way you thought or seen it as real, which makes it all feel quite unreal.
How’s that for a predicament?
It is all made up and continually being made up. It’s time now to wake up to the fact of this and begin assuming responsibility for what you are creating. A big piece of this is seeing the lens that you are seeing reality through, and seeing how this lens itself is affecting what you are making up, and seeing then HOW you are in turn making it up.
Yesterday, I felt to connect with my guides and revisit the subject of the power of the tongue and language to create worlds. These teachings had been a big part of my earlier days in a particular variety of Christianity I embraced, but I felt the teachings had become so mired in duty and obligation, that the once clean waters of this stream of understanding became undrinkable.
I wanted to also feel into and connect deeper with another big piece of my early Christian experience around the subject of ‘speaking in tongues’ or what is known as glossolalia. If the tongue is a powerful member that lights entire worlds aflame, I wanted to feel where ‘speaking in tongues’ fits in. I fully left exoteric Christianity 12 years ago, but the ability to pray in tongues or to speak in tongues that I gained within Christianity remained. I believe now that this ability to speak in tongues is a simple birthright for each of us and is quite simple and easy to open up if the desire is there. Speaking in tongues is not the sole domain of Christians who hold it as their proof of being filled with their proprietary version of the Holy Spirit.
It’s all way gloriously bigger than that. Where did we get the idea that we could put God in a can or in a book?
Coming to see all of reality as a wave form in motion, or a wave form being broadcast, this makes the tongue a very interesting and compelling thing. The tongue holds our ‘lingua’, our wave form of expression. With it, we are ‘fluent’ or in flow. In fact, life as you know it and feel it today is simply a downstream expression of the wave forms you have set into motion from your (so-called) past, and all of that by none other than the tongue. The life you will know tomorrow, you are creating today through the agency of your tongue.
When we use our tongue to speak our native ‘tongue’, we speak and create from our conscious mind. Speaking in unknown tongues however is the pure voice of our supra-consciousness, or our higher self, and is the true force of the source field of the Holy Spirit (aka Kundalini life force) moving through you. You can see it as instant access and flow with your higher self, because it is exactly that. You can’t actually get any more miraculous and super-natural than yielding your tongue to what is called tongues. The only thing it requires to activate it in your life is your intention, desire, and choice. The universe cannot cross the free will barrier and push this on you. It very much wants to give it to you, but awaits your choice and desire.
At 17 years old, I set out to obtain this ability, but because I had it so wired up in a mess of conditioning and unworthiness, it took me two full years to receive this gift. In the end, it only took all of 10 minutes when I sat down with a person who coached me through a simple initiation of ‘stepping out of the boat to walk on the water’ as he called it. Dreaming of having something is not the same as actively receiving it into your life.
Recent scientific discovery is showing that the oxygen we breathe in is identical in formation in its atomic structure to the black holes in our universe, which are the portals to creating parallel universes. This is significant because in order to speak in known or unknown tongues, you must first inhale oxygen. To inhale is to draw in cosmic divine creative life force. This of course lines up with our cosmological creation stories. In the beginning was the spoken word, coming out of a formless void. This moment is no different. We are all vast and stunning creators waking up to who and what we really are.
Creative visualization is a conscious mind imagination process that is powerfully creative as many of us are discovering, but what sets this creative energy in flow is the tongue. Until you speak it, there is no flow to the energy. How cool to speak it in both the limited known tongue and then the unlimited unknown tongue that bypasses the mind and comes straight from source itself, creating perfectly.
I wanted to open out a discussion on this subject of speaking in tongues because I haven’t seen it referred to at all outside of pentecostal type Christianity in other spiritual circles. It so can be a place of new personal power in your personal ascension process. If you’d like to, and you feel ready to open out this gift and receive it into your life, I’d love to help you do that in a session over zoom. Every person I’ve ever set down to assist with receiving the gift of speaking in unknown tongues has easily received it.
~ Raphael Awen

A Preschool Beyond The Mind: Meditations With Kuan Yin Blog Series


By Jelelle Awen

I originally wrote this writing about a visualization visit that I had with Kuan Yin, (a female form of a Bodhisattva or enlightened, ascended teacher) in 2010. I began to experience visualization visits with different faces and energies of the feminine face of God after I received reiki energy healing attunement from a shamanistic healer. The transmission of reiki energy seemed to spark soul access in me related to clear communication and experience of the Divine Feminine. Not channeling, per se, as I remained conscious the whole time. I interacted with four specific faces of the Mother and one of them was Kuan Yin.

Before I began to connect with Kuan Yin in the visceral way that I describe below, I had never read anything about Her even as I had received some sagehood teachings from my former spiritual teacher, who had practiced Zen Buddhism along with many other things. It was later, after I read more about Kuan Yin, that I was touched to feel how I had seemed to authentically experience Her energy and guidance even without knowing much about Her. My experience went beyond what my mind could know to the place where only my heart and soul could access.

I am sharing this piece of writing again because I have very recently begun a renewed surrogacy time with Kuan Yin. I am engaging in daily meditation with her, inviting Her in for visits with me, and receiving Her guidance. My ultimate desire is to feel our union with each other; to feel how I am Her and She is Me. To feel how none of us is separate; no being is higher or lower than the other. I still feel a strong tendency in my soul history to feel I am the student related to such Divine beings, so this will take some practice. The meditation that I am engaging in is one offered by Martin Birrittella in his book, The Field: How To Experience The Field Of Love and it is based on a practice of Hindu saint Chidananda Avadhuta.

In this meditation, you find a quiet place to sit in comfort. Feel your breaths going in and out. On the inhale breath, repeat the mantra, “Ma” and on the exhale breath, the mantra, “Om”. Concentrate on the form of Kuan Yin in front of you or on another face of the Divine Mother.* Have your mind become as still as possible. Feel love and honor in your heart for Kuan Yin. See Her all around you, above, below, and beside you. Visualize that your body is merged with Her body while you continue to repeat the mantra of “Ma Om.”

Touch all parts of your body as you continue to repeat the mantra, feeling yourself connect with Her. Continue to touch your body as you repeat the mantra, over and over with love and trust. Feel how you are Her and She is you. As you walk around the rest of the day, feel your hearts merged and connected to each other.

For me, I also experience a dialogue with Kuan Yin during this process, where she guides me and offers reflections to me before the sense of unionizing begins. She talks more than I do, which suits me just fine.

Below is the experience I previously had with Kuan Yin:

Here is it and I am here. This “it-ness” has been called a “Monday” and each moment has been given a category of a “second” and then a label of a “minute” and “hour” and “date.” These are false to the true reality of the moment as there is no time actually, yet only the arising magic of the Divine exhale and inhale that is the uprising breath of the moment. This naming and categorizing every moment in a linear way is false food to comfort the mind, yet I have eaten this diet of dualistic thought forms my whole life.

I am in preschool again; a preschool that is the real school of life where there are no rules to follow, dualistic concepts to learn, or linear realities to accept. This pre-school is where the beginner’s mind is not educated and conditioned to become an expert in dualistic reality. It is where the beginner’s mind is celebrated and encouraged to become even more childlike and simple and unlearned.

I am guided by Kuan Yin. She tells me to move beyond past associations and we track lovingly my mind’s (led by my false self) wanderings together. We track together my mind’s seemingly obsessive need to connect and associate everything with something else from my past.

“Be in this moment,” she tells me. “Be stillness in this moment.”

This is helpful. I can be stillness again after finding myself wandering off into content and into thoughts that only clutter rather than liberate. She offers me the picture of a very still lake and we are sitting, lotus style, at the shore. Peace, quiet, stillness, depth.

Yet the most helpful to me is her repeatedly saying, “Arise and dissipate.” I see trails and streams of life and energy in these words, which repeated often enough cease to have any meaning at all. Yet, like any mantra used while meditating, they help to give the mind something to occupy itself so the not-mind may be revealed in the spaces in  between the busy thoughts.

I feel a purifying inside. I feel stillness. I feel liberation from the past, and I feel sleepy. I dose all day, in and out of consciousness and not in pure sleep yet somewhere else, somewhere “not here” and yet “not there” either. Repeatedly Kuan Yin asks me if I am ready to learn more and go deeper. She is a kind yet dedicated teacher, making it safer to explore this unknown ground, the one I have always yearned for. Repeatedly, I answer her with a “yes”, surrendering my day to spend in this place of not place.

When I take a walk in the park near my home later that night, the flowers arise. The irises in the garden unfold and wink at me. The birds fly very close, nearly crashing into me, and I feel how somehow I have become more of their substance and more of where and what they are. They do not feel separate from me. They feel more kin than the people busily walking by, people not being but doing, and that is ok. I forget words for things and the things become more alive and miraculous in the forgetting.

Arising and dissipating.

I am in awe of the bigger container and canvas of the Creatrix for which all of life is painted upon. I am in awe of the whiteness backdrop of Her genesis.

This is a gift; this no-place yet all-place place that I am in. I wish for it to last forever even as I am offered that, “forever is as it already is as I am and All That Is is.”

This makes my mind hurt and get confused in a good way.

The next “day” offers different spaces, different challenges, emotional turmoil, yet the feelings and memories and template of the stillness and arising place remain. They hold it all and She holds me, bearing gentle witness to all that arises and dissipates in my journey deeper into myself with Her.

Jelelle Awen is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator and co-creator. Visit SoulFullHeart Way Of Life for more information.