“Generation Me”: Love Yo’self

By Raianna Shai

Okay peeps, let’s jump back on that Millennial train! All aboard the Generation Express!

I’ve been feeling into this topic more and more and even decided to do a bit of research today to get a feel of how others perceive Millennials. The biggest thing I grabbed from this research that ties it all together is the label “Generation Me”. This feels interesting to me because it covers the perceptions of this generation being both narcissistic and open minded. There seems to be an agreement that technology and the Great Recession have had huge impacts on our generation as well.

That felt a bit like writing an essay but part of me (probably my masculine) wanted part of my digestion to be “informed”. Now to feel my feminine intuition and what the plights, struggles and desires are in general for people around my age.

Feeling into this “Generation Me” label, my first thought is that this feels true on some levels. I feel that technology has not changed anything about who we are, but it has ushered in a new wave of self awareness. How we present ourselves has become more relevant because more people can “see” us online rather than just in person. It’s impossible to say whether an entire group of people is self absorbed or just self aware – the important thing is feeling how this “Me” space can become emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Being self aware does not have to be a negative thing. In fact, nothing is truly “negative” when you feel the layers deep down inside. Someone who seems “materialistic” “narcissistic” or “entitled” really just has parts that are scared. Scared of failure, of losing what they love, of not being good enough or being abandoned. Of course, these parts need a mirror to be able to take responsibility for how they affect others, but they also need love and support. They don’t need to feel wrong or less than any other parts, they just need a boundary and a space to feel their fears. This in turn can transmute into more self loving feelings such as confidence, self acceptance, and trust in the Divine.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people at this age that are seen as tolerant, open-minded, and selfless. These are all beautiful things to be, but where does the self care come into this? The more narcissistic parts of you may seem “bad” compared to these other parts of you, but their gift is that they know how to put themselves first. Which does NOT make you selfish or unable to serve others. Putting your own process first just means that you feel worthy of love and understand that it’s so important to fill up your own love tank before you can fill up others.

Many of my own parts tend to be more like this and I find it so difficult to speak my truth. My parts don’t quite have the self love built up enough to express love in the form of boundaries and truth telling. They can feel like they’re being “mean” or “unfair” when in reality their truths can be beautiful enough to catapult someone into their next phase of bigness. Tolerance sounds great on the surface, but would you rather be tolerated by someone, or truly loved for the bigness you are?

I still have more to feel into this piece on “tolerance” because it is SO huge today, and I want to feel what my deepest truth is around it. My parts want to love everyone fully and completely and I do feel that I love everyone and every soul here with me in this experience. But this does not equate unconditional love. We have conditions in order to be in relationship. My conditions lie in a healthy and loving relationship to emotions and parts, an ongoing process of getting know and love those parts, and a self awareness that continues to lead to heart openings within and without. That doesn’t mean I don’t have love in my heart for absolutely everyone, that is the difference.

Maybe your conditions are just “don’t be a murderer” but it is a condition all the same. These boundaries show your parts that they matter. That they don’t have to be around any energy that makes them feel less than loved. Even contention can be full of love if it continues to move, flow, and be felt deeply. Boundaries do not make you a mean or selfish person, they show others that you hold them in the highest regard. It shows that you know they have the potential for such bigness and that that is all you can truly support for them. Boundaries held with your heart, are love.

So to “Generation Me” I say, whether you have parts that resonate with any of this or not, you are not wrong and your parts are not wrong. Living in self love and truth every single day takes time and work but it is SO worth it. YOU are worth it. Labels do nothing but hold you back from the absolute bigness that your heart really holds. You are not narcissistic, you are not mean, you are not even perfect. You are you. And THAT is perfect.

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What Being A Millennial Means To Me

By Raianna Shai

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what being a “millennial” really means. Part of me is still very attached to TV shows but sometimes interesting things can come out of watching them. Many of the current shows that are airing now mention current generations in some form or another – an aspect that is actually reflective of these generations. Millennials received much attention and analysis for some time but the attention is now shifting to Generation Z.

If you don’t know much about what these generations are known for, I’ll start by generalizing an entire age group of people (not a very millennial or gen z thing to do 😉 . These two generations have brought a rise in social media, selfies, technological knowledge, political awareness, social justice, political correctness, sensitivity, sexual openness and acceptance, gender fluidity, desire for self love, support of marijuana legalization, awareness of racism and sexism, digital nomads, etc. What first comes to mind when I feel into the connection of all of these things: self awareness.

When I feel into what being a millennial means to me, self awareness is what I think of first. This can be shown in so many unique and diverse ways and has given our generations mixed reviews. On the shadow side, self awareness can be displayed as narcissism, self-centeredness, finding love and approval through likes on a selfie or post, looking at magazines as a resource for how you’re supposed to look, valuing money and material possessions as signs that you’ve “made it” and that you may actually be worth something and so much more. You can see this in people my age and feel all sorts of judgement and anger about what they choose to care about, but what I see in this pattern is fear.

A fear that we can’t possibly live up to the expectations of generations before us. The generations that were lucky if they could land a lucrative career, get married and have a beautiful family. These were the things that everyone wanted, it was the American dream. But something has shifted in the collective consciousness around this. Houses got more expensive, relationships became more complicated, people were getting tired of not being who they really were or getting what they really wanted. Values changed, passions were different and it was hard for parents to understand. Happiness no longer came with the “typical” life but what it did come with was fear. The fear of not being accepted, of not being loved by our families because we wanted something different, even the fear of not being accepting enough of other people in our generation.

So some turned to the only thing they knew that could prove they were doing something right: likes, follows, subscribers. Sure, parts can judge this as narcissism and a heavy focus on looks as a means of receiving love. But what’s really interesting is that something amazing started to come from this. Likes and comments were leading to 16 year-olds making money from their passion for make-up artistry. Kids and teenagers were able to do what they loved, from their own home, while going to school and becoming well-known and sometimes even paid. Travelling was made possible through working online and making a living just by talking about their passion for their lifestyle.

So then we feel into the light side of self awareness. This leads to compassion, open mindedness, interest in political and social issues, noticing how we affect others, valuing how we treat ourselves, changing the way we use our words and shift our energy, reevaluating what our passion really is and what we want to do with it – more love and less fear. If I’ve learned anything this past week, it’s that you can’t have the light without the dark.

It feels like it was almost imperative to have a wave of self consciousness. From that blooms the awareness that the approval of others themselves does not lead to happiness, but that their support and your own confidence in yourself can lead to you doing something you really love.

When I see videos of young kids giving motivational speeches, high school students speaking out for their rights, and people my age loving others despite their appearance, race, or sexuality – that’s when I know something’s changing. Collective consciousness is shifting to a higher frequency, and the “evidence” is right in front of our eyes. Some of us are here to be lawmakers, rule breakers, and game changers but if I could feel in my heart one more thing that I want for this ever changing world? More real love, more truth, more heart and soul. We are not victims to our circumstances, we are given every single experience for a reason and we chose it. If we shift the way we see our lives and ourselves we could easily go from powerless to powerful and that – that would change us and the world.

If I could wish for anything it would be for us humans to lay down our weapons and our fists, to set aside our fears of not fitting in or being loved, to no longer need labels or defenses, and to go IN. Go into our hearts and feel compassion for ourselves and the parts of US that are scared, first. We can fight and even love on the outside all we want, but the biggest, brightest and most beautifully catalytic change that can happen is inside. We all so badly want something from the world and from others but what if we can find all of that and MORE right here at home in ourselves.

Raianna Shai is a SoulFullHeart facilitant and social media maven for SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, programs, Unity Meditations, videos, community, etc. Return LOVE in money form: https://www.paypal.me/supportsoulfullheart or visit our Patreon page to become a monthly supporter: https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.

The Love “Misfits”: Ascension And Healing For Indigo And Crystal Souls

By Kalayna Colibri


I come from a thing called “Gen Y”. I feel this name is apt, because myself and those in my age group ask the question “why” an awful lot! I’m not sure when exactly I started asking this question, but I’m sure I was pretty young at the time, maybe even just learning to talk… 

My sense is that we’re supposed to be the generation who does this asking questions thing, or at least get the ball rolling on it. Millennials have the chance to deepen this questioning even further, and so many of them are doing just that. When I see what’s going on with them and how they’re often marginalized by older/other generations, I get why they would be. They, and those of my generation too, are meant to be game-changers. Many of them feel drawn to activism, veganism, community, and/or just generally making different choices than anyone who came before them, with a deep knowing inside them that the systems in place now NEED to shift and change.

Early in my “seeking”years, which really began around age 14, I was labelled as an “Indigo” because of my age, my determination, my desire to share my soul gifts, and the things I was passionate about. I did really identify with this label for a long time, as it explained a lot about me and actually helped me understand myself a bit better. These days though, as I go inside and heal more and more, I feel a more crystalline essence coming through that is transmuting my passion into compassion, my anger into understanding, and my entitlement around sharing my soul gifts or having what I want, into patient gratitude and trust. Through working with inner-punishers and learning to love them, I’m finding that my judgments toward self and others is shifting into healthy discernment with love, helping to keep me from going back into the same frustration loops, that were only ever about making myself suffer anyways. There is much shadow to be worked in the archetype of the Indigo, it feels like to me, at least in the way that most of us have related to it up to now, and ascension is the perfect way to bring that all to light for each of us.

 I stand aligned with Mother Gaia in heart, soul and body and have felt that I am more deeply impassioned and aware of issues regarding her stewardship than some others, which is another trait we as Indigos and Crystals seem to commonly share. In meditation the other day, I connected with Mother Gaia and felt deep tears as she held me with her love, reminding aspects of my soul that worry about her, that she is okay and can take care of herself, ultimately. I feel her inviting us all into a space of feeling love with her in mutual care and reverence, and that all of the anger we have put out towards those who exploit her resources has actually been a negative output of energy that has been more warrior-like than necessary, even while standing in peaceful protest. She does not need an army, but she does need and desire for us to remember the love that we are and are here to offer as we ascend with her and help others do the same. Many of us have forgotten our true power and where it comes from, and have needed to do this for a reason. However, we all have much power to reclaim now and we have SO much support being offered to us to do so, even from Gaia herself!

 Coming into this life as Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds (or a little bit of everything, as it feels like we could be many of these at once), means we have come in to remember who we are and find our way back to the power and powerS we have always had access to in our home frequencies. So much in 3D reality has densified life with our permission, but we do have the choice to start lovingly recognizing this and pushing against it like a springboard. It’s my sense of it, that if this tweaks you, there is some seed inside of you that needs some love-watering and some wounding that needs to be felt and healed so that you can remember more of who you ARE. I don’t think that any of us were ever meant to remain in a long healing process, as we have the innate capacity to heal deeply in short periods of time whenever necessary. There is definitely pain to move through together though, and we aren’t meant to do it alone.

 If this lands in you, it may be that I am meant to serve you. If I am, there is so much heart ground I look forward to navigating with you as we work together to help you remember what you are here to remember! Regardless of the path you choose for your healing and growth, know that your soul and heart capacities are being seen and felt, and that your soul purpose will not go on without you, even and especially while you take time for YOU, to go inside, heal your heart, and express fully from that beautiful place you’re now re-discovering and uncovering!

In love,



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com