Superpower Initiation

By  Raphael Awen

The initiation into your superpower realization of your being involves getting intimately acquainted with all the parts of you who feel not-so super powered.

When you feel into it, the stark question arises if it would even feel that great really to be a superpower while having parts of you feeling separated, alone, insecure and afraid?

What would be the point of possessing and expressing some kind of superpower while at the same time still possessing parts of you who felt completely disempowered?

It seems like the only point of that kind of a superpower would be to mask and medicate the disempowered parts, and who knows all the pain that would cause?

What fun would there be in that really?

When I feel this yearning to express my superpower, if I’m honest and transparent about it, I must admit that it’s quite a rumble inside of me and really always has been on some level. Some aspect of me wants to change the world and be world renowned for it, and then go on to change it some more. It does feel like it has an ego aspect to it, and of course it does! How could I chose and surrender to being a being in individualized expression of the All and the Oneness that we all share, without playing with my own identity.

We’ve vilified the ego as the great deterrent to our spiritual awakening, when on a deeper level, it feels to me now, that the great deterrent to our spiritual awakening, aka as becoming a superpower, is actually more about our resistance to having an ego.

We left something behind to participate in egohood. We were completely without ego, one with the divine, but there was no you or I to appreciate that. Appreciation requires otherness, comparison and something more than oneness. All oneness is aloneness.

You can only increase joy and pleasure in your life if you are in acknowledgement and reverential in some way of what doesn’t feel like joy or pleasure. Joy and pleasure, like every other thing requires what is not that thing in order to know itself, to have definition, or in other words, to have ego.

Without ego, you are just plain boring to yourself and the world. When you are nothing but ego, you are just plain annoying to the world. You, the superpower you is the bridge between these dualities, creating dance, flow and magical aliveness.

In going inward this morning, I was invited to feel into these pieces some more, to see where they wanted to take me. We all have so much potential, that all of our wrestling and wrangling with ourselves and one another can be traced back to the challenge of integrating this experience of being both infinite and finite at the same time.

~ R ~

Raphael’s Photonic Transmission: 💚

This photo was one I took this week at sunset walking through our village. There is such a strong sense of culture and history here. It would seem more than half of the structures are no longer lived in, except by creatures other than the humans who built them. This couple in this photo express the goodness of being together at all stages of love and life. The cool thing was that the man had some music device in his pocket playing while they walked, like his inner teenager had a ghetto blaster!

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Realigning With The Infinity Of Our Being

By  Raphael Awen

(You can listen to this blog post read out loud by Raphael here:

Infinite anything is really quite scary to parts of us.

What do you do with all the flour in the world? Yet, with a cup of flour, you can bake a yummy cake?

How do we enjoy or find pleasure in the infinite?

We are in our essence Divine expressions of infinity, or said another way, and possibly, yet even more profoundly and simply as well as scary, we are infinity.

I find parts of myself having been so conditioned in the measurable kind of exchange; where you get so much of this, for so much of that, to be feeling disoriented and even unhappy at times to be emerging more and more into this new world of infinite beingness.

It’s really strange though, because this infinite beingness is something I have wanted and prized even, having seen it though through the eyes of commodity and comparison. Then, when this new relationship with life begins to materialize as more and more as a default way of living, it definitely (de-‘finitely’) calls for some integration!

Yesterday, I went out to do a few hours of painting for our landlord, something I did as a career for over three decades. It was easy, peezy on one hand, all too familiar, humbling on the other hand to be ‘earning’ a fraction of what I usually once earned. I had this strange feeling of not really caring what I earned or didn’t earn, like it made no difference to me, which is of course very different to the me of yesteryear who liked to sit in a coffee shop early in the morning, adding up and prognosticating on a week’s profits.

The energy for all of that was so built in then, it just seemed to come out of the woodwork. I had to discipline myself to leave room for other things in my life, and not be a workaholic. Part of me was willing to be balanced, mainly because this part of me realized that I actually achieved more measurable and fulfilling results when I did so. It was all about the measurable quantities, whether of money or of joy, and everything in between.

So how does, particularly the masculine aspects of us transition from this relationship with the finite to the infinite? What would the joys and rewards look and feel like in a world immersed more and more in the infinite, in the ‘indefinite’, the undefined?

Do things like ‘results’ even come into play, and how do we relate to them when and if they do?

Love without boundary, love without measure, love without condition, all speak to this essence of who and what we ARE. We are this infinite being that chose to have a simulated experience with the finite. Here is where the divine is literally having this experience and learning through us.

We relate to this as an initiation, to be initiated out of the finite into the infinite. And that’s a really good word for it, because it is very initial, a beginning all over again. We stumble and fall before we ever walk, and the parts of us conditioned to results and professionalism and expertise can feel very frustrated in the transition, the trans-initiation.

We have to be willing to span two worlds, one that gave us much reward, where we were able to readily and even effortlessly marshall our energies in service of a goal and reward, to a world where results just emerge without our finite wrangling and dealing, where the result doesn’t bring the same assurances and pleasures in the ways that it once did.

It often feels like falling as this new world arises and the old one falls away. All our instincts are to restore balance, but balance isn’t what it once was.

What the equivalent of walking even looks like in the infinite world is difficult to measure or describe or to name the price for. All of measuring, description and costs per measure kind of realities don’t have traction here.

What does have traction here is a feeling. This feeling is a feeling of homecoming, of being Being. Of being reunited with the essence of where you started out from. Some big relief to all of the above described dilemma shows up in feeling awareness that the infinite expression of who and what you are actually PRECEDED the more immediately recalled experience of your time in the finite.

You are this big of a being to have dialed in this full range of being.

Now, we are in a place of being enabled to hold space for the parts of us in transition, to feel every frustration, every fear or anxiety that surely will and does arise in the process of trans-initiation. You were fully initialized into one world and now a whole new world calls for your initialization.

This is a particularly poignant feeling to be feeling of the day of the Lion’s Gate cosmic portal where the energetic alignment is in full support of transitions.

What gifts are parts of you longing to receive? What things are they longing to let go of?

If things like community, healing, and soul growth are on your wish list this cosmic Christmas, you may want to find a closer orbit with our soul family. One cool way to do that is to join us for our monthly group call, which happens this month to be later today. There’s still time to join in if you’d like to, or you can also receive the recording to take in when the finity of time allows.

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New souls coming into community is really one of the magical alignments of this new arising expression of the infinite for me. It’s just a portal to more curiosity and cure all around.

~ R ~

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12/12 – 12/21 Corridor Bringing Clarities, Next-Level Invitations/Initiations

by Kasha Rokshana

There is so much support through this 12/12 – 12/21 energetic corridor and into the new year of 2021 as well, for our deeper awakenings and initiations to take root individually and collectively. It’s already been a FULL year and now we’re being led into 2021 with fresh eyes and heart, though the rawness of what’s been moving all year is still very present.

Sudden dawnings and realizations are moving through. It’s a time of deeper awakening and the rumbles that come with that which sometimes you can’t name. You don’t know what’s shaking inside of you, but something IS…

Yesterday on 12/12 here in Glastonbury, it was a full day of hiking up to the Tor for sunrise and sunset and responding to alchemy in between. I had much time with Jelelle and could feel on both our trips to the Tor that there was something ceremonial moving through, deep inside of both of us. Such is the soul connection we have in these lands of Avalon, yet also, I got the strong sense of being initiated into a whole new level of soul bigness and claim.

So it is that we are all invited into our next levels/places, letting go and letting in as we move into them. Being initiated into deeper service if you’re ready for that, or perhaps your initiation right now is into trusting love and into feeling any fears that live in parts of you about surrendering to that process.

There’s a strong invitation from the Divine, always, to open your heart… to truly feel the grief, the mourning, the letting go as you also let in what’s arising. This could mean that you’re completing relationships or beginning new ones or completing with a geography to move on into one that better reflects your soul/heart needs, purpose and mission at this time. It’s a time of endings and beginnings, which is typical for this time of year every year, yet this year feels especially powerful in this way!

2020 has been a year where we’ve seen ‘Peak Fear’ take hold in many ways. It’s been a highly reactive year where many souls have struggled to lean into Divine love and to surrender to what is. It’s been a year of learning to trust what feels real to YOU while putting away the mainstream sources that are there to stir up the fears that were already peaking and mislead you with many spins on actual truth. It’s been a sacred year of more questions than answers, of death and rebirth, of looking intently in the mirrors placed in front of you, to meet the parts of you that have been hidden, buried, or buried themselves out of fear of being seen and known, not to mention felt, loved up, and deeply healed too.

Our deeper awakenings into rebirth and love as a Sacred Human family was not promised to be pretty or neat, though it has been deeply meaningful and continues to be. We all have choice points, graduations, and next levels to arise into. If love is leading, we will be challenged, we will grow, but we will always, ALWAYS be held.

Much love,


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Initiation As A Rite Of Embodied Self-Realization

We are always in phases of initiation whether we consciously choose them or not. The cycles of initiation lead us to Realization. We may spend years in a cycle until we are ready to graduate and move on to integration, only to be met by another cycle of initiation.

The Initiations are varied, specific to your soul needs and wounding. Crucibles arise when we are ready to fully embody the lessons of the initiation itself. We face intimacy initiations, leadership initiations, truth-telling, boundary, and courage initiations. All of them meant to challenge our way to the next level of our growth and maturation as an ego and a soul.

Sometimes we choose our initiations and sometimes they choose us, all orchestrated by the soul. These are meant for the parts, or Metasoul aspects, of us still stuck in a suffering loop or pattern. These loops are centered around something usually very traumatic which makes it that much harder to go into to heal free from.

The emotional body is where you may find the biggest anchors, the largest obstacles to these graduations and self-realizations. We can all achieve temporal states of bliss and Oneness, but the bigger plan is to fully EMBODY Samadhi in the physical. To be walking, conscious Divinity in the Now.

So from here to there, we have work to do. Things to feel, trauma and fear to heal, desires to express, and dreams to manifest. We have initiations to attend to, graduations to celebrate, and integrations to soak in. This is a journey, not a rocket launch. Yet the more you let in what the heart and soul needs and wants, and walk out those initiations with self-care, the faster the healing and shifts can occur.

As has been said many times, it is not the product but the process, and that process is Initiation.

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