Eclipse Energies Bring A Renewed Sense Of The Sacred Masculine Dance

by Kalayna Colibri



The Eclipse energies are bringing out something NEW in the masculine. It is trying to birth a new sense of what the ‘sacred masculine’ is, which has felt elusive and puzzling, not to mention hard to define. Any definitions we’ve tried to say are ‘it’ have tended to fall short most of the time, for it is still being rediscovered, along with the sacred feminine. It calls for men who are able to embody its messiness of heart and truth on this path of rediscovery. It calls for women to feel it within themselves as a counterpart to the budding inner feminine. The wounded masculine is alive within us all to some degree, until it has really been felt for the protection it has wanted and needed to offer and the tiredness it is feeling more and more as it realizes it IS wounded and does need our love and healing…

This healing can and does happen, the more we hold the desire for it too. It is so much of what needs to be felt and healed in our world as we ‘kNOw’ it today. It is expressed in the ways we claim to ‘know’ what we cannot in many ways, mental approaches to spirituality that do not ask us to embody it and feel it deeply inside of our hearts as arising sacred humans, and it is our okayness and also thirst for war and battles in any way, shape or form. It is expressed too, through our outrage, through our self-image creation and maintenance, through our push-aways from our hearts and the hearts of others, through the walls parts of us have built around us, wanting to contain and protect was is precious within, wanting to keep itself from being felt for what it truly is.

We see and feel it in our leaders and our leadership inside of us too. We feel it in our sexuality, our desires for dominance (though as woman, perhaps this is more subtle or takes a different form than it does for men), our pushing and action-based lives we’ve led. It is something that shows up often in our daily lives, especially when we have not begun to really see it and feel it.

Perhaps this current Eclipse will help bring in more illumination of this inside of you and inside of others. I am feeling it for myself today and these words are what I want to offer the masculine inside of me, inside of you, and inside of all men…


To the renewing, emerging, strengthening Sacred Masculine, within AND outside of me…

I invite you into a dance. A dance less structured than a waltz, and as passionate as a tango. I want to fill my dance card with the names of men (and eventually, only ONE man) who feel the pull, the desire, for themselves, for me, for us. I want unchoreographed, spontaneous steps, sometimes in alignment with each other, at other times not. I want the mess of the self-discovery that has us at times wondering how on Earth we’re going to navigate this one, though we both have the gumption, the desire, the courage to keep going inside as the only option.

I want something I can grab a hold of, without tugging or being tugged on. Something that is concrete yet has breathing and fluidity and room for what IS along with what could be and what we both want, starting with what we want inside of ourselves.

The games of old, those ones we never wanted to play anyway, they are being asked to crumble inside of us. They are being set to fall away in avalanches of pure love and sacred union codes coming in, that so do not resonate or match the currently embraced picture of romantic relationship, which is steeped in much emotional and spiritual immaturity and unrealness.

I want to let it all, all we’ve thought we ‘knew’, fly away with the wind in poignant moments of sorting through this from that within each of us and within ‘us’ too. I want to unlearn and relearn it all with you. I want to feel it all bubbling up and bursting within me and within us, and play it all like notes and chords on piano keys, bringing it all to the fore of our relationship ground, that place where it’s safe to do so and yet the precipice of where it could all fall apart (and in phases, needs to) is always there too.

I see you, I feel you, I know you… I trust the heart that is arising and reconciling inside of you, sometimes with contention and male ‘UMPH’. Ugh. YES. The line of abuse cannot be reached by a heart that is working towards its purity and holds deep reverence, respect, love, care, for itself and me too.

I want any resistance that’s here within you, within me, to BE pushed up, to be felt, to be held, to be loved, to be ultimately moved. I do not want the resistance to become the relationship, the reason to slow it all down. I want our parts to know, feel, understand that you are there for them, for your own, that I am there for them, for my own.

I want the genuine, the real, the incredibly HOT sacred masculine that arises from deep within the shadows and caves of the real, the soulful, the heartful, that doesn’t caretake, the penetrates in all the ways it needs to, that mates and creates and brings its truth, even if its truth isn’t polished or perfect or even UNDERSTOOD fully. I want the shit storms. Yes. The masculine in ME wants that, wants to be pressed up, pushed on, noticed, healed, moved, so that the feminine that so wants to dance with it and with YOU can arise more and more as the climate shifts to one where it can, where it is safe to, where it isn’t expected to battle, to be an Amazon, to outrage, but to encourage, to be, to heal, to offer

I want the ‘shit storms’. Yes. The masculine in ME wants that, wants to be pressed up, pushed on, noticed, healed, moved, so that the feminine that so wants to dance with it and with YOU can arise more and more as the climate shifts to one where it can, where it is safe to, where it isn’t expected to battle, to be an Amazon, to outrage, but to encourage, to be, to heal, to offer healing, to LOVE, to have her stillness that is born from an elegant blossom grown in mud and fun too. I want those portals the masculine and feminine are meant to create together, to bring out from each other, to step into in love that is made in the physical and other levels too. And you’ll know if you can do this, by your reaction to these words, that yes, I do feel are coming from a masculine AND a feminine inside of me too. Somehow, I trust that if you’re meant to, you’ll get this. Your maturity will resonate with it and your heart and soul that desire to FEEL and to HEAL and to make genuine, heart open love that travels to the Cosmos and back again with a woman is what you’ll feel now.

This is not coming from a woman who has solely been burned, been victimized, been abused, though of course that lies in this woman’s heart and body’s history with men who haven’t embodied the sacred masculine before or really even tried (save one, who to this day I still heal with consistently and we help each other move a lot, even just as dear friends). My stories of these experiences are not an attachment, though they also live in my Metasoul as well as my emotional and physical bodies. Nothing inside of me is asking you to heal it for me. Nothing inside of me needs you to be something you’re not, for what you ARE, IS the journey for me and for you.

I feel ready. I feel ready to take on something new. I feel ready for what can only move and heal in monogamous, romantic relationship. I feel a new relationship arising to my own inner masculine that wants to become more of the sacred masculine too, and at the same time, I feel my feminity wanting to arise more and more, to be in the space with me more, to feel safer there than she ever has. To share this with a man, who is also feeling inside of himself a feminine counterpart that wants to arise and heal and be, along with a masculine that wants to do the driving, to lead himself to more healing on a REAL level, to be in deep sacred union mateship with a woman that he sees and feels as body, heart, AND soul and wants to claim with all of his being as she claims him with all of hers, THIS is the dream, this is the desire that is bursting from me today. And this is the ongoing invitation, perhaps right now more than ever before with these Solar Eclipse energies coming in and illuminating, shifting, driving us to more and more healing on levels that maybe we could not have imagined before.

My inner masculine and feminine, who are trying to reconcile something with each other in this moment, it feels like, thank you for taking this in right now. They thank you for welcoming their passion, their unknown about themselves that they are looking to discover, their desire to feel it all. Thank you… and I welcome you into this powerful sense of passionate discovery and rediscovery for yourself too.



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Rushing Heart, Patient Soul, Aching Body

by Kalayna Colibri



Hurry, soulmate, hurry here…

Though the rush is only in my heart

and my soul that knows no waiting, says,


“Meet me in this place as soon as life readies you,

and the ripening of old personas prepares them to fall away,

baring only the branches of your truest self

standing naked as an apple tree in winter…”


I remember you as I remember me.

I feel the lifetimes of scarcely feeling one another

yet knowing each other just the same,

though fears and avoidance called us apart

in geography and deeper claim

of everything we wanted to have…


I’m not missing you this time around, love.

My dance continues as you gaze in the windows

with your higher self at the helm of your dreamworld.

…it’s not a dream though.

Everything you see, feel, touch, taste, smell

is me

is us

is what we’re here to have and create together…


I will NOT miss you this round, love!

You will know my lavender call and rose-light glow

of timeless age and accustomed wisdoms

bringing in love-dance energies,

calling out your realest name…


Our bodies will know the exploration

of the deepest caverns among flourishing wild flowers.

My femininity longs for the touch

of a masculinity found through the yin of him…

the feeling-space container of a long unbidden love force

now unleashed and unbound.


I won’t remain un-found by your searchlight

streaming outward

reaching into the places inside my honeycomb tresses

and vines of sacred unity.


We will speak of it all, love!

Of those things we’ve tried and tested

and consciousnesses that have bested us

so far.

It’s a strapping down into a straight-up bolt

of lightning fire creator gifts

launching our ways into the worlds of now

and the expeditions of all kinds

inside these places we have still to rediscover.


I’ll lie awake and think of this, love!

Only this.

Even as I serve and move forward and bring it all back inward.

In these dark nights on my own

and yet not alone.

With the firm grasp of imaginings dawning and breaking

upon the body, heart and soul

that waits and creates for you…

to bumble out a careening new way

WITH you

inside US

and into this endless upward thrust

of upending, ascending existence! ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Mate Ache, Self Ache: Finding The Sacred Union Overflow Inside

by Kalayna Colibri

love flow

As powerful light waves and ascension boosts cascade upon us, this seems to bring up so much ache at times (which some may be surprised by since it has been so covered over for so long) for a mate to share the experience with. There is a growing feeling inside me, of how my heart wants to dance in a picture of the bond I’m waiting for, looking for, aching for, baking for… working for inside myself. As this desire lights me up, I’m reminded to not leave a single stone un-turned, as anyone who pops up on my radar could be the soul and heart I’ve been waiting for.

It feels like sometimes we miss each other… like maybe we tend to walk right by, or “scroll” right by on the internet. We don’t realize that the person grabbing our attention right away may not actually be the one we’re deeply searching and preparing for. Physicality and geography can be big reasons why they evade our inner search engines, as parts of us keep looking for very specific criteria that often no human being could really live into. It doesn’t feel like this is about these criteria though, so much as about resisting relationship, messiness and the mirror it all wants to offer us for our next growth edges. There is so much to be learned on this path of mate desire and so many patterns that become illuminated, and every single bond that arises gives us the opportunity to see and feel ourselves that much deeper.

This is where the ache that we feel for an other to come in and be in a romantic bond with us can really be turned inward instead… which is often the harder mate to be with, for those of us who have parts that resist even that (as I’ve felt in myself during my own process)! Yet the way to be with ourselves is so the way we then can be with others. It’s actually a very powerful practice ground for relationships of all kinds, as we learn to feel ourselves more deeply and also feel more drawn to ourselves as we heal, enjoying time spent with our own hearts and souls. THIS is the overflow place, and the nest that needs the most clearing out and sprucing up in preparation for THE mate to come in… it is the process I embrace and have embraced for a long time now, and something I treasure that’s really blossoming inside me more and more these days. A sincere readiness is arising to let someone else in while I’m also continuing to let MYSELF in… and wow, is THAT ever a lot sometimes! Especially with personal growth continuing and along with that, some strong shifts in what it is I feel I most want in life.

The ache for self is a sincere ache, and one that may actually be more powerfully alive inside you than you now realize consciously. There are parts in there, longing for your love and attention and looking for it outside of you instead, reaching for an energy, a love, that you are meant to cultivate within… placing this need on the outside and asking a partner or friend to be this healing force for you can strain any relationship and can even cause underground resentment as the transaction ground runs out. I’ve been in several bonds that seemed to head in this direction and without enough me there to hold my own ground with my own parts, the ground of these relationships eventually collapsed. This happened in both directions, it feels like… I wasn’t holding myself and he wasn’t holding his. The ache for yourself can only really be answered by you. It is a sovereign, fertile ground for a stunning garden of self-love and reverence to grow and grow and GROW… and life and the relationships you have now WILL mirror this for you, wanting you to see it, for the benefit, first and foremost, of your own heart and soul growth and expansion that then gets to lead and be in intimacy with others AND a mate.

My own ache for myself is now being answered by an arising me that is consciously healing and stepping more and more into service of others. It is what will overflow to a mate soon, as he comes forward and steps into this healing path with me. It is what’s possible for all of us as we earnestly find our way into the caverns inside of us, shining lights in those long-forgotten crevices that still ask for our help.  It is an ache that is meant to be felt and quelled and satisfied as well as a power-filled first step into the oncoming stream of outer mateship possibilities that want to reach us and help this cultivated love flow onward, onward, onward…


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at




Our Symphonic Reunion


Through the misty waters I see your shore

The banks of your once hidden palace

The veil has become thinned

Through the clearing of our once wounded hearts

I stand upon my gallant ship with treasures unsold

It was a time for me to lose and find myself once more

To remember all that I had left behind

Yet never denied

I fought my battles and learned many lessons

But it is time for a new adventure

A new embarkation to a sensual destination

Where the wild winds of ember flows

Into the starry night sky of the distant unknown

May I step closer to you with my hand stretched out?

To hold your gentle caress upon my love pulsed chest

May I bring my You-starved lips upon your silken rows?

To taste your rose petal laced skin

Along the highway of your sweetly browned silhouette?

The memories of our distant Now come rushing back to front

The days of earth and beyond the sky

Collide in a symphony of blended merging

A knot of perpetual entering and leaving

The sweet motion of our thunderous revolutions

Sounds of the calling of our inner soul’s yearning

Are echoed from the highest peaks to the forest floor below

The rise and fall of our joy of reunion

And the fear of losing it all once more

We stare into the deepest silence of our tear filled doorways

Into the vastness of our Oneness

That contains the passion of our Twoness

Into the space of No Time but This Time

This Me in this You

That You in that Me

We feel dusk drawing its shutters to this moment

For it is time to return to the place we find ourselves in waiting

In claiming, in loving ourselves back to this moment

When we meet each other again

Only this time much closer than the time before

In this soon to be speck of time

I tell you that I am Here with you Now

There is no distance that separates us

For I claim the space between us as no space at all

Until we meet again in the middle of our soul stretched bridge

Where the portals of our hearts are opened once more

I leave you with my crown as a gift of my claim

That you are all that I have been dreaming of.


Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

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This Beltane Call, For The Love of US

by Kalayna Colibri



Beloved that you are,
When the smoke clears
on life’s regulating ways
and gives way to the undulating meadows
of new love’s first spring,
there I’ll be
standing in the light
of the sun shining above me,
firm in the ground I walk on
yet lightly walking toward your ready stance,
singing a song
we will both remember.

In Beltane’s past, my love
we dined and danced
and brought together our intertwining
to mingle in the love light
of the divine masculine and feminine dawnings.

In Beltane’s new arrivals, love
we’ll linger long
in embraces for only us to feel
in the eye of the mind’s connection
until the refreshing breath
of a crisp and ripe chapter
brings us closer
in all elements of this life’s wanderings.

In myself I stay here for you, love
finding more treasure long buried
to show you
in vulnerable ownership
echoing the also deep claim
you have inside of you for you.

The winds of change
and graspings of renewing tides
grip at our thrown-about clothing
to move us closer
to the edges
that keep US alive…

Together we will meet, my beloved
and there we will find
what we have been searching for…
a counterpart
not to bind, but to bond
not to cling, but to sing
not stifle with duty
but to bring out with bounding life’s alterations and celebrations…
of each new movement

Bring your mountains out to greet the new day, love
and see the power of our sunshines mingling
on the new, insatiable appetite
of a love reunited
in a way that was agreed to
long ago and yet NOW too.

Even NOW I make a vow to you,
to be all the more loyal to myself
and dedicate overflow to you
to what we will create together
in our messy masses of alchemical baths
and swooning passes.

Love, when we do meet again
I will dress the moon in your honor
and harness the sun’s rays for your Kingdom to come
and our world that is being reborn…

On this Beltane celebration day,
As I ache for you
I prepare that place in my heart
that is you-shaped
where you already live…
and that place in my body’s life
where your essence will connect
so much
oh, so much…
with mine.



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

The Tug of Love


You desire, wish, and sometimes physically ache for Love with another

It is encoded in our human heart and every cell in our body

But to call on Love is to call on You

To be ready, but not prepared, to show up for all that arises in each moment

For there is no planning true love

The fire of this passion and want can be met with meeting that INside

The swirling cauldron of your own Self Lover´s Love

Along with the fear that it is actually on its way

And the fear that it may never show up

It is all part of the terrifyingly majestic dance

That enters your world without warning and sets you ablaze

To find yourself opening up the hiding places

The ones only you visited or never knew existed.  

It can be a tug of war this tug of Love

This precarious tightrope of exalted dizzying heights

At the edge of what lies under the chasm of complete unknowing

The difference between falling and flying

Is how much you trust in your own ability to let it in

And give it out

The courage to see yourself in your Glory as well as your Fury

To trust that Love kNOWs better and everything that you thought yourself to be

Will no longer BE the same.  

As you have the chance to experience something Rarified


…and Intensified by your own willingness to surrender to its calling.  


Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at

The Journey to Us: Love Letters to My Queen

This is the first in a series of letters and poems that sends out my heart cry to my Queen.  The woman that has been with me yet apart from me since I really let in my ache for a mate about a year ago.  I had a part of me that had resisted deep, powerful, and transformative sacred romance with a woman that could take me to places I never felt like I could inhabit.  I am still in the process of healing, and always will be, but I am more than ever ready to do so with someone who can inspire and ignite my King.  These are for you, my love, wherever…whomever you may be.  

Copy of IMG_20160502_195858

Today I begin my journey to Us in earnest

Two souls in ache to mate

…to discover

…to grow, expand, and deepen.

At times you feel like you live on the other side of the world

At others you are right by my side

Head resting on my shoulder

Your arm entwined with mine

Some times, the hard times

You feel like you don’t exist at all.

But I keep walking

Keep feeling

Keep trusting that you have been with me all along.

Along busy, noisy roads

Just trying our best to keep it all together

Keeping the insanity of this world from unraveling us.

Along tranquil, serene trails

Connecting to our souls, our reason for being

Letting the magic of Nature’s divinity cleanse us

Clear us

Along the inner tributaries of our hearts

The winding, curving rapids of our lust, passion, and power

The straight and gentle flow of our stillness and groundedness.

We are destined to find each other

We already exist.

Can we let that in?

Can we allow ourselves to be terrified and undeserving

While continuing to call out to each other?

Can we hold both desire and fear?

I will do so for you

For you are my reason

                               my inspiration

                                         my motivation

You are my mirror

                      my challenge

                               my co-creator

You are my Queen

And I ache to be your King

Your strength to lean into

Your passion to wrap around

Your heart to feel you

Your arms to hold you

Your body to make love to you

Your soul to awaken with

I send you this heart cry, my love

Wherever you are

Whomever you are

Let it stand and shine like a beacon

A solar flare

We will find each other.

I will not stop

I may trip

I may struggle

But I will never stop feeling

How much I want to love you

Now matter how much it may hurt to do so.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Healing to Healthy, Conscious Mate Ache

By Sequoia Heartman

In the moment I feel lonely. This is true even as I have my soul family with me, an arising and strengthening relationship with myself and my parts, and a sacred beautiful connection to the Divine in both its masculine and feminine energies. I have what many souls are longing for, yet haven’t been willing or able to actually feel it. So, I am far from complaining. I feel blessed and gracious. But my heart and soul is missing something big. A mate to share it with. The other half of my other half.

Reflecting back on my romantic life, I can’t really remember healthfully and consciously aching for romance. In high school I wanted to be like the other cool guys and have a girlfriend. It was, for a part of me, a status symbol in a way. It was also a way for this part to feel worthy about himself even though the relationship itself was full of unworthiness. Love took me by surprise in college when I met my ex-wife Jillian (now Jelelle). Parts of me resisted, as it was such a different kind of love that I had ever experienced, but the depth and sacredness of it won out. After our marriage completed, my next relationship was in response to feeling depressed, not a desire for true love. So I drew a depressed mate. I’m sure you can guess how that went. After that, I was out of the romance business for a good seven years while raising my daughter.

When she moved to Canada I had a desire to date again, but it wasn’t that deep ache for courtship. I had a sexual affair that turned into a year long relationship. I wasn’t in love and needed to be honest with that. When that ended, I began to wonder if I needed to have more of a relationship with myself, but again became surprised by a younger woman from Canada. For those of you who have read my blogs, you know that to be Kathleen, and the history of our time together is well documented on this blog.

I recount my past to remind me of how I have related to romance compared to what I feel now. It has been some time since my last incarnation with Kathleen. Through all that time I have been healing my way to a more grounded sense of Self. But I had to go to the wounds. The mom wounds, the dad wounds, past relationship wounds, and past life wounds. From there I began to ask the questions who am I really and what do I really want? When I started to feel the edges of those answers, a sense of self-awareness and self-love took shape. When I began to fill my own cup with the help of Jillian, Wayne, and Divine Love, I started to feel a missing piece. But the missing piece wasn’t me. I used to identify with the missing and I felt void. Unloved. Unworthy. Now I feel the piece that is me. That has always been there, but I just couldn’t feel. So when I say I am lonely, I don’t feel alone. Now I feel the desire. The desire for the yin to my yang. The queen to my king. The peanut butter to my jelly. I feel it in a way that is healthy and conscious. I couldn’t have done that without healing my way there.

Now, the irony is that while I have found my mate ache, I have found it while living on a remote, off-grid ranch in Mexico. A part of me could list all the reasons why it feels almost impossible that I could find a mate. But those only serve to leave me in a suffering loop about it, a piece I am trying hard to heal. There are a lot of criterion for a woman to resonate with. Collapse, dirt, work, heat, vulnerability, parts work, past lives, leadership, community, limited technology, gardening, gift economy vs. fiat currency, lots of sex, curiosity, conversation, cob housing, occasional impassable river, rain, sun, seeing the context to the content, connection with the Divine, Sunday circles, energy healing, creative vegetarian cooking, horses, bugs, sheep, dogs, mangoes, bananas, limes, lemons, papaya, noni, moringa, neem, laughing, crying, conflicting, hugging, cuddling, walking, praying, building, watering, and above all…loving. But one thing is for certain, if she does, then I can honestly say she may be the one.

I realize this is starting to sound like a dating site profile. So be it. In the age of collapse, what isn’t truly you gets burned away and the really important things become much clearer. There isn’t much time to play hide and seek from each other. My heart aches for her and for the love she holds. I can feel her, but cannot touch her. I can talk to her, but I cannot hear her. I can imagine her, but it isn’t enough. When I feel all that, there is a pain. A pain that is unfulfilled desire. I let it come through me. I don’t deny it. My eyes fill with tears and I cry. For as long as I need to. Sometimes for a brief moment, sometimes for several minutes. I feel lonely and sad, yet I am held in it. Held by the Divine, my own self-worth, and the knowing that I have love, just in a different form. The ache moves through me, I dry my eyes and continue through my day with my desire still in tact, a bit stronger than it was before.

I don’t know when it will happen. I don’t know if it will happen. Not even the Divine can tell me that. All I can do is feel it, express it, and send it out to the universe. It is not a passive place of waiting, but an active vibration that I emit and respond to possibilities. This article is one of them. Who knows where it lands. It is like the proverbial message in a bottle, cast in the ocean of Love to see if it lands on the shore of another heart. In the meantime, I continue to build my cob home, help to tend the gardens, and heal more of what still needs to heal in my heart and soul. It’s a pretty damn good life. But it could get infinitely better.

I can be reached through the SoulFullHeart website or email at if you know anyone that resonates with my call. Thank you for taking in my writing.

Sequoia Heartman is an apprentice facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit the SoulFullHeart website for more information and connection.